People love watching videos online on YouTube. One thing that irks about Youtube is that it does not allow the users to download the videos from their site. One cannot watch videos if there is no internet connectivity, as Youtube requires the internet to run. But, as the technology is getting more and more advanced, much software has been created which can be used to download videos. Basically, these videos are not downloaded, but they are converted into a different format and are then saved into the device. This means one can watch these videos whenever they want on their devices without the internet as well. Several software like clip converter youtube online can be found, which are known to convert YouTube videos to mp3 easily.


One of the best software out there in the market is clip grab. Using this software, one can easily convert any video into MP3 and download the same to the devices. All one needs to do is first install clip grab onto the computer. After the installation is completed, one can start downloading MP3s. Copy the URL of the video from YouTube, paste it in the box, and click on the download MP3 option mentioned in the interface. How fast the MP3 is downloaded depends totally on the internet connection speed and the computer specifications on which it is downloaded.

4K YouTube to MP3

This is another of a Youtube to MP3 converter that one can choose to convert the videos into MP3 tracks; this software is fast and is of great use for those who like to download a lot of many musk files. One will have to first download and install the 4K YouTube to MP3 software into the device. This copies the URL of the Youtube video and pastes it in the paste URL box. Now, click on the convert button the file will be converted. One can also choose the quality of the MP3 file that one wants to match one internet connection and the storage space available. Another feature that makes this software quite useful is that it can download MP3 rips from Facebook.

Youtube MP3

For those who do not want to download any software on their device or computer and want to directly convert the video, Youtube MP3 is the best option. This is a clean interface website that allows the user to download videos directly from the official website. All one needs to do is go to the homepage of the Youtube MP3 and paste the URL of the Youtube video. The best part is that one can choose among almost seven different MP3 formats, to match the device requirement. After choosing the format, click on the convert and download the converted video. One can download only one video at the same time, which is one of the cons.


Another useful website that allows the user to download videos easily in the Mp3 format is YTMP3. One can convert Youtube videos into high-quality MP3s using this website. This website’s usage is super easy, as one will not have to download any separate app on the device. Search YTMP3 on the internet, go to the official website, and change the language to English. Now, paste the URL of the Youtube video form in which the MP3 is to be ripped. Now, choose the MP3 option and click on convert. It is simple and easy and hardly takes any time. One should also choose the default convert option as MP3; otherwise, the file gets converted into MP4.

Many people like to download audios, podcasts, and music in MP3 formats so that listening to these tracks can be done using any device. The apps mentioned above and websites can come in handy and useful.

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