PoE or the Path of Exile is an action game created by hardcore gamers and is currently played on a tremendous level. Its amazing graphics and the role-playing module are what keep the players hooked with this game. The cherry on this cake is that it can be played for free. Every fervent player wants to master this game to seek to ace the skill of poe trade currency.

What is the trading of PoE currency?

The makers of PoE have inserted this remarkable feature, which is unique from other games. From the term ‘trade’ itself, it can be assumed that trading or exchanging something with currency from other players in the game. For illustration, if a player has extra shields but needs more swords, he would trade his shields for currency and exchange the currency for his desirable swords. Chaos orbs and Exalted orbs are the first major hits of the poe trade currency.

Pricing and selling of the items

The way the currency market keeps fluctuating, it is the same here as well. The price of the items in the game keeps going up and down. The regulating factors of the price are demand, supply, popularity, and updates. The dealing of preferred items is done over the trading chats, trading forums, and other Premium Stash Tabs.

Can you play without trading currency?

The designers of the game never intended to put restrictions on the players. Hence, they never made trading currency a compulsory feature. The trading option was inserted to give an oomph factor to the game. Rather there is an SSF or Solo Self Found league where the currency option is disabled, which has a separate leaderboard of its own.

To avail the best experience of the SSF league, it is recommended to focus on the build that doesn’t need many unique items. It is so because for gaining unique items, you will have to indulge yourself in trading currency. There are countless fascinating items through which you can have strong builds without trading.

How can you make the currency?

There are ample ways of making currency. The one-liner answer to the question would be that the more time you spend on the game, the more currency you can gain. Some common and basic actions that help to earn currency are:-

  • Across movements
  • Monster killings
  • Grabbing loot
  • Porting towards the map
  • Porting back from the map
  • Moving items in the stash
  • Trading with vendors
  • Trading with players
  • And many other simplest of the actions

The crux is that how well and much you manage your actions in the game will decide how much currency you will pocket throughout the game.

How can you increase map value?

The more map value you will have, the more currency value you will gain. Hence, players look for methods of increasing their map value. Some of the quick tips can be:-

  • Use prophecy to multiply the monsters.
  • Spend sextants to multiply the monsters.
  • Win master missions to multiply the monsters.
  • Use movement skills and increase their speed.
  • Increase AOE and focus on single target damage.
  • Reduce both the number of teleports to make a hideout and the time spent therein.
  • Reduce time wastage on interacting with the objects and on backtracking.

  • Reduce your time duration on grabbing the loot items by increasing speedy movements.
  • Design maps to increase the size of the pack or to enhance the quality/quantity of the items.
  • Use vendor recipes like collect rare items for chaos orb etc.

If a game has unique features, it surely enhances the gaming experience. You can try trading once and then decide if you wish to continue trading or continue playing in the basic SSF mode without trading. 

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