While the thought of a career in Hollywood is the official dream of almost every budding actor, the reality of the dream is less than encouraging. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 5% of actors will be able to make a living off of their acting income alone. With numbers like that, innovative thinking is necessary to make your acting career work. You can find it here how starting an acting career outside Hollywood is the best way to carve out a niche for yourself and give yourself the opportunity to make an income from acting that you can live on.


There are many ways you can start your career outside of Hollywood. The first step is to gain experience. You can gain experience and boost your resume in several ways.

  1. Take acting classes. As a High School or College student, your school may offer drama or acting classes. If you are not in school, your local recreation center may offer classes, or you may be able to find a private teacher.
  1. Perform in community theater productions. Community theater allows you to do what you love doing – act- while gaining experience, a following within your community, and learning.
  1. Put on your own shows. Nursing homes, children’s hospitals, and daycares are always looking for free entertainment for their residents. Why not choose a play, monologue, or one-person show and put it on for them?

Finding Paying Jobs

Once you’ve gained experience and prepared your resume’, it’s time to look for work.

  1. Craigslist.com. Craigslist is a fantastic resource when starting an acting career outside of Hollywood. Look in all the towns and cities in your area under the, “tv/film/video” category and, “talent” link.
  1. Free newspapers. Free community newspapers are the first, and sometimes only, advertising stop for film students looking for actors. Many competitors in annual film competitions (like The 48 Hour Film Project) advertise in free papers for actors.
  1. Job listing websites. Websites like actinginc.com serve as listing sites for acting jobs in your area. These sites are easy, one-stop shopping for those looking to start their acting career outside of Hollywood.
  1. Get an agent. I live in a metropolitan area, you may be able to get an acting agent. An acting agent will get you into closed casting calls- which cuts down your competition some.

  1. Local television stations. Keep in contact with local television stations. They always need actors for commercials of local businesses. Network with the advertising managers and producers of the commercials so you have an edge.

Ultimately, if you are not afraid to take a risk and work for it, you can start an acting career outside Hollywood. This career can be very fulfilling and can do more than just pay the bills.

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