If you’re on a muscle bound journey to pack on as many slabs of lean mass as your body allows, then you may have used, or considered resorting to supplements. Supplement companies make a fortune off of desperate muscle seekers willing to shell out their hard earned cash for the latest supplement. They desperately hope that this brand new supplement will be the magic pill that solves their muscle building plateaus.

You can understand the working of Best Testosterone Booster Supplements to solve the issues related to the problems. The building of the muscles is possible according to the needs and requirements. Many benefits are provided to the people to get the desired results. 

If you’re no stranger to supplements, then you know supplements can become costly very quick. A typical supplement provides a month’s worth of servings. As long as you use that supplement, financing your supplement use can easily become another monthly bill. If you’re a supplement stacker, meaning you use more than one type of supplement, then expect the bill to multiply.

I have dabbled and tried most supplements released on the market. The list is a long one and includes the basics like whey protein (both concentrate and isolate), creatine (both monohydrate and the many “enhanced” versions), to the more elaborate ones like testosterone boosters, arginine, glutamine, thermogenic fat burners, myostatin inhibitors, and the list goes on. I have even tried creating my own supplements.

So what were my results going through the trials and tribulations of all these supplements? First let me point out that I naturally weigh around 170, and after several years of lifting (on and off), I got as high as 205. Was this gain due to the afforementioned supplements? Can’t say for sure, but if it played a role, I believe it was a real small one.

I believe the vast chunk of my gains can be accredited through my dedicated efforts in the gym and eating real, whole foods. Even if the supplements did account for some of my gains, it was still not worth the heavy financial cost.

Through my many years of supplement use, it’s my conclusion that nearly all supplements fall way short of its claim. Even with that analysis though, I still believe supplements have a limited range of use, and therefore should not be disregarded all together.

Supplements, primarily the basic ones like whey protein, do provide convenience. If you’re on the go and don’t have time to sit for a meal, a protein or meal replacement shake could provide you with quality nutrients and calories while foregoing a prepared meal.

If you choose to use supplements, I recommend just staying with the basics. If cost is an issue, buy in bulk sizes, and look for clearance sales. Also don’t limit your supplement shopping to just one store or site. Lastly, if a supplement makes a claim that sounds to good to be true, that is a red flag. STAY AWAY FROM IT!

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