MacBook users always look for an automated mouse with a wireless connectivity so that they can use it especially during their travel from one place to another. If the mouse works smoothly then only the MacBook tasks can be easily and efficiently done without any obstacles. Since not all mice are compatible to MacBook pro therefore you should get the right one out. 

Five best MacBook Pro mouse: 

  • Apple Magic Mouse2:

It has been recognized as a perfect mouse for using MacBook Pro. It is fully based on wireless connection. It can be easily connected only with Bluetooth and thus there is no necessity of using any wired connection. Neither USB receivers nor dongles are used here. It is has got a fully touch-sensitive surface without any wheels or buttons. The surface can easily maintain sync with the trackpad’s touch gesture of MacBook. Both acrylic and metallic materials have been used for making this mouse. On the other hand, both horizontal and vertical scrolling is possible. 

  • Logitech MX Master3:

This mouse can be used conveniently for long hours especially when you are busy in gaming or any other computer tasks. It is ergonomic and highly comfortable in nature as a result of which you can receive a user-friendly experience while using it. It has a completely professional look and it is very much versatile as well. It has a diversified control scheme along with customized two-side buttons. You can easily get a perfect grip over this mouse. Both gesture commands and two-scroll wheels are available in this mouse and these features make the mouse more flexible. 

  • Corsair Harpoon RGBWireless:

So far it is the most compatible mouse that enhances the experience of MacBook Pro to a great extent. It has a lower click latency of 16ms. Its rechargeable battery is great and it is also quite light-weighted in nature. Its CPI range can be adjusted well and it is also well-known for its mind-blowing performance. Six buttons can be reprogrammed and on the other hand RGB lighting can be adjusted perfectly as per the need. Its design is unique and its portability is simply amazing and thus you can even carry it along when you are travelling outdoors with your MacBook pro. 

  • Razer Atheris:

Are you looking for any travel-friendly option for operating MacBook Pro? Well, in this case nothing can be the best option other than Razer Atheris. It can be controlled easily and the best part is that its power will go on for long as it has got AA batteries in it. You can hold the mouse in your grip easily and can carry on with your work easily. This mouse is extremely better-performing and thus you can use it for years after years. It has been tested several times before its launch.

  • Logitech Pebble M350:

It is quite an affordable option amongst all therefore if you have a low budget then you can definitely go for it. It has a simple pairing system with a comfortable grip. Since it is comparatively smaller in size therefore it easily gets fitted in any laptop-bag. In this case, you can get multiple colours and thus you can choose the most decent one for your usage. Though it is not that much good in quality like that of the other options but you can use it for your regular usage for sure.

These are the five best mouse options that are found suitable for the users of MacBook Pro. If you want to know about the recent updates then you can go through their reviews in details. For best info you can click at

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