When it comes to skills and talent, each and every person on this planet has aplenty of it but sadly most of them don’t realize it until later in life while there are some that indicate it right in their nascent stages which is why they are termed child prodigies.

This is in no way to indicate that one lot is better/inferior to the other but just a generalized viewpoint on how certain people are because everyone is intelligent only just that some achieve success early while for others it takes its own sweet time depending on their luck.

The younger generation of the 21st century is much more evolved and straightforward in their thinking than what their predecessors were and are well aware of what to do in life aside from the steps that are to be taken to achieve their goals.

Social Media Influence

With the new millennium came social media revolution which took the entire world by storm and cast a spell on both young and old as people realized its power through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other platforms. 

As the common man now found a voice of his own to vent out his opinions and frustrations that were brushed under the carpet by the sold out media dancing to the tunes of the corrupt government.

It also gave an opportunity to learn new things like web designing where you could have your own website it and design it the way you want but let it be assured that designing a web isn’t limited to making and maintaining a website but a little more than that.

If you are a software expert, you would know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and graphic designing which is a prerequisite for anyone to become a web designer however learning it through an online course is a more preferable option in current times.

The social media influence notwithstanding, web designers have an innate quality of identifying different qualities in designing newer techniques that would make websites look attractive to other users.

However, the bounce rate comes into play that keeps a record of people coming and leaving any website alongwith the duration time that aren’t interested in other sites but are simply there for leisure.

Tips for Improvement

Here are some important points on how to improve your bounce rate:

  • There are some websites that load up within the blink of an eye while others are slow to do so therefore try to speed up the time of loading for your site as it would improve the bounce rate.

  • People are fond of taking pictures but the images have a large font size so make them smaller so that the bounce rate doesn’t fluctuate and remains steady as there is this website called internet marketing that has voice concerns over this matter.
  • If you have your own blog, then take care to add the ‘share’ option so that people that view your writings can share your work to others that might be interested in it.

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