Training a dog to be a sled dog is much more difficult than the other types of training that most people are familiar with. Sled dog training requires an incredible amount of discipline and patience, from both the dog and the trainer. Sled dog training normally begins once a dog is about 8 weeks old and it never really ends after that, you will continually have to reinforce your sled dogs’ training year in and year out. Needless to say, deciding to train one or more dogs to become sled dogs is not something you should decide to do without thinking it through. Training a sled god is a lifelong commitment and you should weigh the pros and cons of that decision before you move forward. If you don’t have the time or the patience to adequately train a sled dog you won’t be doing you or the dog any favors.

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One of the most important aspects of training a sled dog is teaching it to socialize with other dogs without being defensive or aggressive. The very nature of dog sledding dictates that multiple dogs have to work together and a dog that is aggressive around other dogs will be almost impossible to train in that type of environment. If you plan on having a dog sled team the best thing that you could do is to train all of the dogs at the same time so that they can be allowed to grow up with one another and you can avoid issues of dominance and aggression with groups of dogs that are just thrown together. When training your sled dogs you must make sure that socialization with other animals and humans becomes a part of the process. This can often be as easy as taking them to a dog park once a week or introducing them to strangers every now and again.

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