Owning and able to ride a motorcycle feels quite liberating and marvelous. But to make sure that it stays in its best shape, regular maintenance is necessary. And to carry on with maintenance, one will need the right tools. The brand and quality of tools are very important and, everyone seems to have a brand that they prefer. 

Whatever may be the preferred brand, the below-mentioned tools should be a must-have for every motorcycle owner or foldable bike brands.

Hex keys

Hex keys are an important tool to reach and work in the tighter spaces in a motorcycle. This tool also goes by Allen keys. One can have imperial or metric hex keys, whichever provides a good range for bike maintenance. There are many types of hex keys:

  • Foldable hex keys:

The best feature of this tool is that it is foldable. Motorcycles usually do not have much storage space, so one can easily fold this hex key and store it away. It is also good for some extra torque.

  • T-handle keys:

These T Allen keys are the most efficient tools for quick screwing bolts. Because of this feature, many competitive tournaments use this hex key for quick maintenance.  

  • L-style hex keys:

This is one of the most common and easily available hex keys. Because of its L-shape, it can reach anywhere on a motorcycle.

  • P-handle keys:

It is like an L-Allen key but with an elongated grip. It is very handy to use and gets the job done quickly. It is also very easily available in workshops.


Pliers are a needed tool to cut through cotter pins and wires. It has many varieties based on their size and requirements. For example, ring pliers are very good for needlenose, nitpick, snap and slip lock. The small-sized electrical pliers are helpful for electrical work or cutting zip ties. Dome good pliers can make the job of cutting wires very easy and comfortable.


Ratchets are a very useful tool in the toolkit. It allows one to easily and quickly loosen and tighten motorcycle straps. It works somewhat similar to wrenches. Also, the sound it makes when in use is very satisfying, best among all the other tools. This tool is available in multiple shapes and sizes. If possible, it is advisable to own the basic three ratchets, one-quarter, three-eighths, and half-inch ratchets.

If one is purchasing ratchets, they can also spend some more money and get some sockets. It pairs well with ratchets.

Precision picks

Precision picks works to justify its name. It is a tool that helps in holding thin wires and other small things under the case. It is a very cheap product but does wonders for a person with fat fingers! It comes with different tips, points, and angles to catch different things.

Torque wrench

Torque wrenches are one of the essential tools in a toolkit. This wrench is needed to apply the right torque when fastening bolts and nuts. The tightening done by this tool is essential to finish maintenance and repair work.

These tools mentioned, apart from the screwdriver sets, are a lifesaver for repairing motorcycles. With these tools, one can do the basic maintenance without reaching out to the repair shops. So, if one is going to or already own a motorcycle, make sure to familiarize oneself with these tools and add them to the garage’s toolkit.  

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