Just answer a simple question. Can people nowadays imagine life without a tripod, selfie-sticks, pictures, and social media? The most probable answer is No. 

In an era where every conversation, every trip, every family meeting involves pictures, videos, and involvement with social media, the impact of what people see on the platform also matters. For the same, the business presence online is very crucial. Platforms like Instagram, where almost 80% of the audience search, browse and explore different kinds of stuff, a brand needs to change its marketing policies and incorporate it as Number1 Golden Marketing Strategy to boost traffic and promote brand awareness. 

Instagram can drastically impact the profit domain of your business. The cute aesthetic feeds, flat lay pictures, latest reel feature, and all that visual representation involved with Instagram can easily help your brand represent and convey your product’s pros and cons to the target audience. 

Now is the time to capitalize on this growing craze of socials and harness the power of such pictures and reels and channelize them for marketing purposes. 

Guide on How to Set-up a business online 

It could be a daunting task for some when it comes to using social media to involve people. One crucial thing a business firm needs to know while trying to make an online presence is Instagrammers are consumers, and all they need is correct guidance and information about the product. The post, stories, and reels are substantial components, but before that, you need to understand how one can use this ultimate platform for 10X better traffic in less time.  

Setup business account 

Setting up a business account is the first step to get started with. The benefits offered by Instagram for a business account is many such as – 

  • Conversation with followers is quick and easy
  • Easy Contact
  • Publish ads without any tool
  • Insights- a powerful Instagram analytics tool provides all necessary information about reach and impression

Once you have an account in place, the audience will pour in if you use good strategies to optimize the metrics by understanding the target customer base. 

Understand the Target audience and Creating content around that

Audience-specific content and posts are crucial factors that determine your success. Targeting a particular genre and creating content around that would be the best strategy to follow. For instance, memes for the funky audience, reels for teenagers, and cute affordable posts for the girly audience. Also, one can put their creative minds to use while posting appropriate content on the feed. Some additional things to keep in mind- 

  • Stay consistent with profile picture and brand name on Instagram – This will help people know your brand and search for it whenever they want. 
  • Include the link of your website in the bio – Link in bio will give direct access to the customer, and they can view products from your website with just a single click. Unique and different bio is also crucial. It will attract customers to lure more into what you provide. 
  • Posts and content should be Relevant but aesthetic- In the era of Instagram, the brand with aesthetic feed and relevant content hooks customers quite easily. So, design the feed properly and align things neatly for it to look eye-appealing and presentable. Avoid blurred and low-quality images and post premium quality pictures that truly reflect what the product is all about. 
  • Editing tools are your spear – Use Editing tools provided by Instagram to make your posts stand out from the crowd. Research what type of filter, size, caption, and hashtags would describe you better. 
  • Offers, Bonuses, Giveaways – The best thing to get customers to your page is by announcing the giveaway and some offers. It engages more customers and creates a good relationship. 

Drive People to your website

The golden rule is that people come back to your website: quality products recommended by their favorite influencers. People with a huge following review the product and display them on their feed to tell customers about the pros and cons. Use quality influencers to attract a diverse base of the customer to your page. 

The numbers displaying engaged traffic represent your success. More traffic, More audience, More profits. 

Communicate and Provide Best assistance to customers

Communication is the key component to build trust in the audience. One can build strong relationships by 

    • Replying to the comments
    • Shout out to real instagram followers
    • Repost stories of customers using your product
    • Like the content of your active followers

A strong customer base behind you is all you need for better profits and the best traffic.

Summary: All you need is an account to Boost your sales!

The Instagram audience feels the content, lifestyle, and comfort associated with the picture. This is why many renowned firms are shifting to marketing strategies that target Instagram’s audience. The aesthetically pleasing content hooks people and makes it a top-notch advertisement. 

  • A plethora of features available on Instagram like –
  • Diverse filter options for stories
  • Everything according to what you need – Polls, gifs, and music 
  • Posts and feed management quite easy 
  • Convenient and affordable

This is the era when people watch less TV and surf socials more, and capitalizing on this situation by using the best strategies and engaging people is what firms need now. 

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Chris Bennett is a travel enthusiast who wishes to publish his travel experiences someday. He is here to learn more about what people think about the different trends and happenings across the globe.