With the ever-evolving gaming landscape, characters in popular online games are constantly being tweaked and balanced. In League of Legends, two particular champions have seen a rather unfair treatment: Braum and Bard. Despite their unique abilities, many players overlook them when forming teams. To illustrate just how powerful these underrated characters can be, we’ll provide tips on how to make the most out of their skillset – without resorting to league of legends hack tricks. 

Why brewers and minstrels are often overlooked

League of Legends is an incredibly complex game with dozens of champions. When it comes to team composition, some players prioritise damage dealers or crowd control effects over defensive support champions like the Bumblebee and Bard. Both characters also require a bit more finesse than other support characters, as they don’t have direct offensive abilities or healing spells to keep allies alive during team fights. 

Using Braum’s defences for maximum effect

Braum is a tanky frontline champion who specialises in disrupting enemy attacks with his Frost Shield ability and Unbreakable passive shield. The key is to stay close enough to your teammates to protect them from incoming damage, while positioning yourself near the center of the battle to intercept enemies trying to break through your group’s defences. Additionally, Braum’s Stand Behind Me ultimate allows him to stun nearby enemies while granting bonus armour and magic resistance to all affected allies, making him one of the most reliable crowd control tools available in League of Legends. 

Minstrel: An Underestimated Support Hero 

Often thought of as just another ranged support character, the Minstrel has much more potential when used properly. His passive ability gives him extra movement speed after collecting chimes scattered around the map, giving him unparalleled mobility and allowing him to reach team fights faster than anyone else on his team. In addition, Bard’s Cosmic Bond skill gives him excellent crowd control potential when used in conjunction with the Tempered Fate ultimate – allowing him to temporarily incapacitate enemies within its radius while shielding allied structures from damage. 

Harnessing the power of synergy with these champions 

Both Braum and Bard offer amazing defensive abilities that can greatly improve your chances of winning team fights – but what really makes these champions special is the synergy between these two heroes when played together in a duo lane (or even a triple lane). By combining Frost Shield with Cosmic Bond, or Tempered Fate with Stand Behind Me Ultimate, teams can create powerful combos that can quickly turn any battle in their favour, as long as they manage the cooldowns effectively.  


Overall, both Braum and Bard are excellent choices for any team combination due to their amazing defensive abilities, which allow them to not only protect allies but also effectively disrupt enemy movement without the need for any League of Legends hack or exploits. So next time you’re building your squad, don’t forget to include these incredibly powerful yet underrated characters!

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