The trend of adventurous and thrilling games has become popular in the gaming industry. Gamers love playing battle or role-playing action games. The PUBG, COD, Fortnite, and other battle arena games favor the present generation. These types of games have dominated the gaming market.

The players can build their strategies for gaining maximum wins or kill ratio in the game. The PUBG mobile involves solo as well as squad mode. One can opt for the best gaming options as per the needs and tactics of the game.

This Battle arena consists of 100 players that jump from the jet with the help of a parachute. The players need to survive in the game until no extra opponent is left. It is vital to enhance killing and survival instincts in the game.

The game perspectives

When you are playing PUBG, there are two perspectives of playing, Firstperson and third person. And there is a forever ongoing debate about which one is the best. It depends on the player, which perspective is he comfortable with, and which gets him to play better. One can easily switch between the two by going to Select Mode available in the main menu of the game.

The first person mode is better when one needs to aim our shots with perfect precision, while the third person is better with spotting nearing enemies, landscape awareness, and stealth amount.

The difference between both perspectives

TTP or the Third Person Perspective

This perspective enables the players to experience the game entirely. It is more common as it is the default one and is usually seen as the normal playing mode. However, it requires some exceptionally well skills to master and has its positives and negatives.


  • Bigger and clearer view from the camera
  • Feels safe to play as allows a bigger segment of the screen to be visible
  • Better for defensive players
  • The camera can be easily manipulated to get corner views


  • Other players also have the option of manipulating their camera, which can result in increased chances of getting killed

FPP or the FirstPerson Perspective

This playing mode is known for being the harder one as it requires some vigorous gameplay and extreme focus on the game. If you want to succeed in this mode, you should be fully aware of how it works. Usually, the pro players use it a need some amazing skills and a good focus level.


  • Good for sound awareness and indication of characters
  • Less aggressive for the gameplay
  • Good for the players who are good at attacking
  • Improves the precision and aim


  • Can be negative for the squad versus solo games as you wont be able to notice the enemies
  • Not recommended for the amateur players

Tips for switching between perspectives

Here are a few of the tips that can help you decide which mode is better for the game:

  • If you are short on time, go for FPP to climb mountains and to leap rivers quickly.
  • TPP is better for throwing a grenade as players can use the eye button used in throwing it.
  • If you want higher ratings, go for TPP, and for building player skills, FPP is the one to opt for
  • It is better to go towards the game end for TPP as the smaller view helps notice smaller distances.
  • Inside a building, TPP is a better option for defending yourself as here you can preempt hurdles in a better way, and you can ensure your safety from all angles.
  • In FPP, you can jump and take a look at your surroundings.

What else can you do?

  • Training

The way of gaining high kills requires intense practice. The player can increase their shooting and aiming skills in various modes available in the PUBG game. One can play in war mode for practicing, as it leads to enhancingthe player’s skills and strategies.

  • Opting for a steam alternate account

The trend of making multiple accounts has traditionally been enhanced. Many players opt for a steam pubg accountby making a second account on the pubg game. One can fool around with the basic steam account without any impact on the main account statistics.

This game requires practice as well as smart planning for changing the dynamics of the game. Moreover, the key to deciding to switch between the two perspectives depends on the player, their playing, comfort level, and their skills.

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