As people grow old, their views of life increasingly grow negative. Their hopes and dreams become dissolutions. Their anticipation of life continually diminishes as their used up and shrinking futures become evident. They lose the capacity for experiencing joy and happiness as the inevitability of death draws closer.

This is a huge mistake and a terrible loss to suffer. You do not have to lose the ability to experience pleasure in your life. As a matter of fact you can and should enjoy all life has to offer every second that you are alive. The only valid reason to stop experiencing joy is death. Once you are physically dead your body will no longer be able to feel anything. So until you are actually all the way dead, you can still enjoy life.

Age is not a factor in psychological growth. As one grows and widens your experiences, values and knowledge, you can increase your ability to experience joy, prosperity and happiness. Your psychological growth can outweigh the so called effects of aging. Emotional as well a physical pleasure can increase indefinitely for any honest and productive individual.

Many people are adversely affected by negative philosophical information. These are great lies against humanity. Things like older people should sacrifice their careers to make room for younger people, or that people should sacrifice their future for others. Once you make that surrender, your happiness fades. You become all too aware of the shrinking reserve of years and become bitter. With this you begin to grow old and suffer the effects of being a geriatric.

You do not have to suffer with age. More age makes you wiser just through experience alone. Despite what many physicians erroneously advise, no free, productive person has to decline with age. People erroneously give too much trust to physicians, make them seem infallible and all knowing. So because of this people expect doctors to make them well, but their advice can often cost you your well being and happiness. Doctors are people too, and as such are always learning, but never knowing it all. Health, well being, and happiness are not the responsibility of the doctor, but rather it is your individual right and responsibility.

According to, all free and productive people can continue to experience pleasure and happiness. As we age, we get to experience a lot of things both the good ones and the bad ones.  There is no reason for your happiness to decline with age. The quality of your life should improve with age, not decline. You can slow down the aging process and increase your quality of life by simply increasing knowledge and experience. The more you know and do the better your life. By remaining active and productive you continue to be able to enjoy life.

People age differently. I am sure you have seen the eighty year old who looks and feels good and is fun to be around, still lives on their own and goes dancing every Saturday. Then again you have probably also seen the crotchety sixty five year old who looks really old and is in a wheelchair in a nursing home waiting to die. While no commercially viable means of physical immortality yet exists, you can still live a long and happy life just by staying productive.

Increasing age is an asset of growth, knowledge and experience. Using your skills and abilities as often as you can, and you will see a long and prosperous life. You can live as long as you want to. It is when you stop living that you die. When you cease having hopes and dreams that bitterness creeps in and causing the aging process to accelerate, robbing you of many years you could have had.

You cannot avoid the inevitable, some day we will die. However we do not have to focus on that. We can focus on today; did you wake up alive today? Then you still have a chance to do something. So get out and make a difference, be productive, enjoy what you have, dance the dance of life, and live happily ever after.

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Chris Bennett is a travel enthusiast who wishes to publish his travel experiences someday. He is here to learn more about what people think about the different trends and happenings across the globe.