Does this scenario sound familiar?

You start a new “miracle” or Fat loss program. You are successful in following it for about a week and even notice you have lost some pounds. Then it happens! You start craving food all the time. Food starts to become an obsession and you start having good days (when you follow the diet), and bad days (when you give in to temptation). Food is the only thing on your mind and you end up gaining all the Fat you had lost and then some. You feel defeated and you give up, and it’s time to start binging again.

This is the typical vicious food cycle that Jon Gabriel describes in his book “The Gabriel Method”. He was a victim of “morbid” obesity; and it was only when he gave up dieting that he actually eliminated his obsession for food -especially high calorie, non-nutritious junk food. His body was trapped in what he calls the “FAT Trap”. His body was in constant fat storage mode, because it had not received the message that being fat was a health hazard for his body and in no way a safeguard.

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The Main Focus of the Gabriel Method

Your mind and your body need to be able to communicate to each other in a way that each one understands. Your rational brain understands things in one way and your animal brain understands things in another. The problem is that your animal brain is the one that calls the shots when it comes to the basic survival functions of the body. These functions include how much energy your body will burn, what it will store; it can make you feel lethargic or extremely active.

Your primitive brain interprets many modern day stresses as a threat to the body’s survival and certain stresses make it think that storing fat will protect you from harm. It is important to know what stresses are causing your FAT switch to stay on and deal with them to let your primitive brain know that it needs to eliminate fat to keep you safe, not store it.

Why the Gabriel Method Is So Different

The Gabriel Method covers everything from stress caused by nutritional famine to dysfunctional beliefs and much more to help you pinpoint the exact reasons why you are gaining Fat and not losing it. Also, the one thing Jon Gabriel stresses is the fact that you don’t need to be scolded for being overFat, because it’s not your fault. You are not lazy or lacking in will-power. There is a reason (or reasons) why your are obese; and when you have found the underlying reason and address it accordingly, your excess Fat will start to fall off your body. It is simply a matter of understanding how your body works and working with it.

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