After 18 cumulative years of bodybuilding, World Champion Paul Catrina and his friend and personal trainer Andy Aftene decided that a new approach was necessary when it comes to health and fitness, one that fits into today’s fast-paced living, where people barely have time to get out of the house, let alone study about nutrition and training principles. 

Working and helping hundreds of people has thought them a valuable lesson; possibly the best result that comes with better health and fitness is the happiness that comes along. And don’t we all want to be happy? It would seem that taking care of the body is mandatory and a lot of people are freaked out about the amount of information they believe they will have to study, but the reality is different. 

You don’t need to know every little detail, find more info here and see how all you need is a better understanding of the relationship between the spirit, mind, and the body that holds them both. Helping the body creates better communication between these three, and that is what this book is about. This approach is about working smart, instead of working hard, while feeling great about it and about the results which are guaranteed to put a smile on any face, regardless of age or gender.

Integrating the spirit into the equation will not only bring a healthier body but a higher quality of life. What good is looking good if you’re not actually feeling good? The key to that is having and maintaining a relaxed mind, something that would seem like an achievement to some, but is in fact achievable by anyone who takes just a little time out of their day to invest it into their bodies, with help from Paul and Andy’s simple approach.

To spare the average reader from feeling like they’re back in school, all charts, formulas, and graphs have been removed along with all the unnecessary details that one might not have the precious time for. Such time should be used by actually working out and seeing results.

Everything is boiled down to the essential: What to do, how much and when, what to eat, according to each type of person, and how to relax the body and the mind, while gaining mobility and strength.

This book is intended for beginners and intermediates, and includes workout programs and techniques, and diets for every type of person, whether you’re a woman or a man, a vegetarian, or an elderly person. Every type of metabolism is covered, with its own workout routine and diet, specifically fitted to suit the needs of each individual depending on his somatic type, which is explained in the book.

Experienced athletes will also find advanced training programs with advanced training techniques and diets, as well as a lot of tips and tricks, but the best is yet to come, as the authors are currently working on the second part of this book which will be catered to the advanced athletes who enjoy a challenge and are looking to step their game up.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or gain more muscle, this book will get you in the most aesthetic shape possible, looking as harmonious on the outside as you will be feeling on the inside.

It is only when the spirit, mind, and body are in tune that we can achieve that ultimate state of bliss and this book is here to help.

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Chris Bennett is a travel enthusiast who wishes to publish his travel experiences someday. He is here to learn more about what people think about the different trends and happenings across the globe.