I saw the ads for Smooth Away on television numerous times. I couldn’t believe that something so simple and inexpensive could work so well. Guess what? I was right!

I didn’t just order the product blindly. I’m too thrifty (cheap) to stream roll into something without getting some type of feedback. Unfortunately, none of my friends had tried it. So I had to rely on the testimony of strangers to convince me. I Googled testimonies.

Shockingly all of the testimonies were positive. Everything from the shipping to the removal process – positive. Well, maybe I am the only person on this planet who has had a beginning to end bad experience with this company. So I thought I would share it just in case I have a kindred soul hiding out there in fear of seeming mean.

My first hint that this may not be the best of experiences was when I first placed my order. There was a glitch with the website. So after several tries my order finally went through. Then I noticed the fine print statement – MAY TAKE 5 TO 7 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. They were not lying. By the time I received the product not only had I forgotten I ordered it. But I could braid the hair under my arms into the hair on my ankles. No, not a pretty sight.

Since I was already looking like a distant cousin to Chewbacca I immediately opened the product, read the instructions and began trying it on my legs. I recall the ad mentioned how the crystals would “exfoliate” the hair away. Well, I decided to stop before I hit marrow. I rubbed in the gentle circular motion with slight pressure as suggested. I even rubbed clockwise 3 times then counter clockwise 3 times in the same area as outlined in the instructions. I was supposed to repeat this until the hair was removed.

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But by the time I finished rubbing the bejeezus out of my leg I felt my carpal tunnel flaring up. Needless to say, I would not recommend using this product. I’m not sure who those jubilant people were who gave it an A+ rating. But their enthusiasm means my article will not cripple this company in these touchy economic times.

Oh, I’m not done.

It took well over a month to get the product. I ordered it at the end September and received it shortly after Thanksgiving. To my dismay I got another package for the same product Dec 16th. I immediately called their customer service to see if I had been charged the $57.40 being shown on the invoice.

My first call was passed to an automated system suggesting I call back later in the week because they had a high call volume (I wonder why). I began my second call with, “I would like to speak with someone about this potential charge to my account before I contact the Attorney Generals office with a complaint.”It was like magic. A supervisor was on the phone immediately. “Just send the product back and we’ll refund your money immediately.”

So, now I will wait to see if I am actually credited for this little snafu. I guess that will be around St. Patrick’s Day.Disfunctional hair removal systemhttps://www.getsmoothaway.com/ver3/index.asp?refcode=smooth3

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Chris Bennett is a travel enthusiast who wishes to publish his travel experiences someday. He is here to learn more about what people think about the different trends and happenings across the globe.