When you find that it’s time to move to a new home as you find Parc Greenwich EC floor plan just perfect for your needs, the first thing you often decide upon is how you’re going to get all of your stuff from one place to the other. On the one hand, hiring movers can make the process somewhat less taxing on your physical and mental well-being, on the other, moving it all yourself can probably save you a substantial amount of money.

There’s the major conundrum for anyone planning a big move, do you hire movers phoenix or do you do all the work yourself and the best way to reach a decision is by weighing the pros and cons.

Both options have distinct advantages and disadvantages which could have an effect on how you proceed with the task of organizing a major move. But other factors may also come into play such as your physical abilities for lifting and carrying heavy objects, your budget, your access to friends and family to help out, just to name a few.

People just like you and me move from one home to another every day and that might be the best option. However, you might not want to deal with the hassle of packing, carrying, and transporting all your worldly possessions all by yourself.

Well, here are your choices and why each one might be the right fit…and why it might not.

Hiring Movers

Think about it, you find a moving company online, hire them to come over, pack everything up and they lift it all on the truck and drive it to your new home. You do none of that work. After all, you’ve got a million other things to worry about as you wrap out of your old place and settle into the new one.

That’s the primary reason why people will hire a moving company. They let a professional moving crew handle all of the specifics of securing your belongings and picking up all of those heavy appliances and furnishings. Piece of cake.

This option also the most efficient as you can be assured that the whole movie will be finished in a day or two instead of piece-meal over a few weeks. You know you can rely on people who will show up instead of friends or family who manage to have something “come up” at the last minute.

In the end, the moving experience is, theoretically, less stressful than having to load all of your stuff into a moving truck or the backseats and trunk spaces of your and your friend’s cars and SUV’s over the course of a weekend or two. When it’s all said and done, the movers have brought it all over and placed it where you instruct in your new home.


Notice the word “theoretically” up top. That’s because the biggest drawback is that you’re putting your things in the hands of total strangers who may not have the same cautious attention to detail as you. That takes some modicum of control out of your hands and you’re at the mercy of your movers.

You can reduce the likelihood of something bad happening by doing your research and selecting a reliable and reputable company.

There’s also the cost. Hiring professional movers is almost never cheap and the larger your home and the number of belongings that need to be packed up, lifted out, put on the truck, driven (or shipped) to your new destination, and then off-loaded into your new home can get very expensive. Sure, there are ways to lower these costs, like packing your own stuff ahead of time, but it won’t slash the price that much.

Move Yourself

It’s all on your shoulders, literally and figuratively. You decide how it all gets packed up, the process by which it gets transported, and you’re the one lifting it all up and down off the truck. You or a friend of yours will also be driving that moving van or truck.

Just be sure to check your mirrors at all times!

Of course, the other major reason for doing the work yourself is to save you hundreds, possibly even thousands of dollars. In some cases, that’s not money saved as much as money not spent since some folks can’t afford to hire professional movers.


Well, it’s all on your shoulders…literally and figuratively, just like it says above. You’re doing all that heavy lifting, you’re packing everything up, renting the truck, going to pick up the truck, and dropping it off on time. If you’re late, you’re going to pay a late fee.

Not to mention all the variables that might pop up. The furniture won’t fit through a doorway, you accidentally make a hole in the wall trying to do it, and so on. Movers are insured, so their coverage will pay for that kind of damage. Your former landlord will expect you to pay if you’re the one who causes it as you’re leaving.

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