Cute and beautiful, the distinctive Shiba Inu puppy often grabs the attention of strangers and onlookers. The fox-like stature, Shiba Inu is the smallest and oldest dog breed from Japan that looks similar to the wolves and more so than most of the breeds of dog in combination. Dating back to 6000 BC in Japan, Shiba Inu has been considered the oldest dog breed globally. Resemble the other large breeds, like Siberian Huskies and Akitas, Shiba Inu is the smallest counterpart and native breed of Japan. The dogs were bred for the hunting of small animals, bores and wild animals. With keen eyesight and an enhanced sense of smell, the breed can efficiently sight the prey in the middle of the undergrowth of Japan’s dense forest floor and chase for the hunt. 

Post World War II, the dog breed was almost gone extinct. However, after wartime reparations, the breed has again emerged as the leading companion animal, making an adorable home keeper. Earlier, the breed was sighted in 1954 in the USA, and American soldiers raised it. With passing time, the breed increased in popularity, and it was officially registered in American Kennel Association back in the 90s. For more facts and details about the breed, you must Visit Website of the breeders.

Shiba Inu – Important Facts!

  • Size – The small adult males reach the height of 15-17 inches and 14-15 inches for females. The males weigh around 23 pounds while the female breed weight around 17 pounds. 
  • Characteristics – The fox-like breed was bred to be the hunting dog, and it has a keen sense of sight and enhanced smell abilities. The breed is muscular and active with deep-set of dark triangular-shaped eyes and ears that remain erected. The breed has a dual soft coat usually tan or honey on tone on the top of the black and white neck and stomach skin. You will also find black and red varieties in this breed. It has the signature curled tail that erects high and curls above the back.       
  • Personality – Shiba Inu is a good looking and active dog breed. They are independent, confident and high in energy and never demand consistent attention. They live to case small animals and hunt them for breeding. Pet owners must ensure to keep their Shiba Inu puppy in an enclosed environment that is leashed and properly secured with gates and doors. They are hyper-focused and may get easily out of your house when they get a chance. The breed is known for its unique one-of-a-kind communication style. 
  • Health and Grooming Need – The dog breed has a thick double coat and shreds excessively. They shred twice per year, and the major seasons for shredding the coat are springs and fall. The dog needs no regular brushing unless the dog has longer coats. Brushing your dog during the shredding months is important to reduce the number of furs around your house. Trimming of nails is essential and must be done when the puppy gets used to it. The dog is prone to different skin allergies. With a vacuum or blow dryer, pet owners can help the dog get rid of fleas, dandruff and dirt. Before bringing the puppy to your home, ask the breeders if they have checked for any eye disorders, patella luxation and hip dysplasia. 
  • Training – Shiba Inu dogs are notorious breed and tend to escape when they get a chance. Despite their training, they tend to escape when they find an opportunity. So, you must always leash them and train in enclosed areas and socialize with other pets in confined areas. They are easily housebroken, and with proper training, they learn to go outside for bathroom and toilet. 
  • Activeness – Shiba Inu dogs are active and energetic, and they demand consistent training and workouts. You must take them as your jogging companion or on a walk daily. They enjoy playtime indoor regularly and feel alone or suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone for a longer time. 
  • Lifespan – Shiba Inu dogs have a lifespan of 16-15 years on average.             

Getting a Puppy of Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is best suited for cooler and warmer climates and the thick, soft coat shred to thinner summer coat. They are a clean and tidy dog breed that avoids getting dirty or playing in the mud. They can adapt to city or urban lifestyle and good for single people or families. Whether you want to adopt or buy a Shiba Inu puppy from a breeder, you must know the important facts about this dog breed. There are many resources online that can help you find a rescue or breeder that can source you healthy and original breed of Shiba Inu puppy. You may also Visit Website of breeders to adopt or buy a Shiba Inu puppy online. 

Knowing what you need, or looking for when you get a Shiba Inu puppy is crucial in being a responsible owner. Whether you plan to adopt or find a responsible breeder, get ready for a friendly and energetic addition in your home. 

How to Find The Shiba Inu Breeder?

Adopting a puppy of Shiba Inu dog is possible, and many pet owners are adopting it from certified rescue teams and organizations. As per AKC, most of the Shiba Inu breed rescues report that most of the rescue dogs come from individual owners who surrender for different reasons, like a change in lifestyle or the breed is not suitable for them. It means there are many Shiba Inu dogs out there looking for a new home, and you adopt one to have added into your household. 

The only difference between the breeders and rescue is that the rescue team may not have a younger puppy of Shiba Inu. But the benefit is that most of them are mandated to only adopt the puppies that are having spayed/neutered or micro-chipped. So, you will settle with a dog that is already housebroken and need no further medicinal procedures.

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