Everything you see around has an angle and dimensions, which lead it to a perfect shape, Right? However, have you ever wondered what makes these things perfect and gives just-right fit and angles? There are several tools available in the market, but in ancient times or, say, the traditional method of molding any wood, a saw was being used. Saw was the tool used to reshape the furniture, and the traditional carpenters were the masterminds of the measurements; they never missed out on any inches. However, now the engineers have made many things easier and have developed so many tools, which makes the work easier. 

The tool that makes cutting easier

The tool mentioned above is a miter saw, the tool used to reshape a raw piece and is used effortlessly. If you want to cut the raw material at various angles, the miter saw is the perfect machine. The saw structure is quite strict and heavy; however, it is used for cutting heavy boards only. You can cut door frames, photo frames, window casing, etc. 

If you are Looking for the best miter saw, then you will find these three variations:

  • Compound miter saw: this variety of saw works in a single direction only; it is useful in designing strict patterns or designs, such as photo frames. It tilts in only one direction, either left or right. Through a compound miter saw, you can access only one axis of the board. It has its benefits. 
  • Dual compound miter saw: This type of saw is nothing much different from the compound miter saw. It can be tilted in both directions, left and right at the same time. The cutting pattern works on both the axis. They can create a level at any point of the angle. This tilting property makes dual compound different from compound miter saw. 
  • Sliding compound miter saw: It is a combination of double compound and single compound miter saws. However, the main advantage of this is that it provides cuts in both directions. 

Features of the miter saw

The advancement of the saw and the new mechanical saw is itself an achievement. The features of the miter saw which makes it different is:

  • It has amps, which measures the power of the motor. The higher will be the amps, the higher will be the cutting power of the saw. 
  • While selecting a saw, blade size is the factor, which sizes the deal. The common sizes are 8 to 12 inches. The larger the diameter of the blade will cut the larger circles. 
  • You might need to adjust the blade’s height if you want a deeper cut or say the thickness of the board is extreme.

Another feature that makes it a promising choice is that it contains a dust bag that automatically collects as the bag is at the top of the blade, isn’t it cool? Miter saw even has a digital display that shows up the marks’ readings and cuts for your convenience. 

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