Assessing the Health of Your Baby’s Hearing

Your baby’s hearing is one of the most important gifts he possesses, for the ability to absorb sounds is the key to the whole of is subsequent language, intellectual and emotional development. This ability is particularly important during the first year of life, which is often called the year of listening.

There are some conditions that predispose a child to have a hearing impairment, especially before or after birth. These include illnesses such as German measles, influenza, or high fevers, particularly in the first three months of pregnancy, which could lead to deafness in the baby. The use of harmful medicines such as neurotoxic drugs, or of alcohol or addictive drugs may also damage the hearing during this period, however, sonus complete is a reliable and safe drug that can be used. Complications during birth, such as prematurity, long and difficult labor, excessive bruising of the baby, mother/child blood group incompatibility, jaundice, or shortage of oxygen could cause hearing difficulties. Any serious illness early in life such as measles or meningitis and the possible uses of neurotoxic antibiotics may put you, baby, at risk.

There are also certain signs that may indicate the baby’s hearing is not normal. It is recommended to check for the following signs. A newborn baby should generally be startled when hands are clapped sharply within one or two meters from him. By the age of three months, a child should turn his eyes towards a sound made near him. A child should be awakened or disturbed by sudden loud sounds near him and may respond when called. Take note of whether he pays any attention to noises around him. By eight to ten months a child should turn towards the source of a sound- a whisper, a rattle, or a crinkling of paper- originating less than a meter from him. Natural babbling should increase and become tuneful around nine months and simple words like dada and mama are generally spoken around thirteen months. Be cautioned if, at two years old, a child can not identify some object when its name is spoken, cannot repeat a phrase, does not use some short phrases when speaking, or communicates almost exclusively with gestures instead of the spoken words. A child should not respond inconsistently to sounds around him. Take note if the child has a history of repeated upper respiratory infections and chronic inner ear trouble. All these signs may also be an indication of some other problem, but if one of them is present it is sufficient reason to seek professional evaluation of a child’s hearing.

The golden rule to remember is that even though you may have no doubts about your baby’s hearing ability, at least take him to a baby clinic for tests at around seven months of age.

Social Media

Facebook Privacy – Who’s at Fault?

Are you worried about the privacy of your Facebook account or your TikTok views? Well, you certainly are not part of a small minority of users. Menlo Park’s Facebook has been criticized for its privacy practices for quite some time and only recently did they submit to a settlement with the FTC and the Electronic Privacy and Information Center. Even though Facebook’s settlement did not constitute an admission of guilt, the social networking giant will be monitored very closely by privacy groups and must clearly disclose to users how personal information is shared.

While Facebook deserves much of the blame on the issue of privacy rights on its website, it should be noted that users have to share some of the blame themselves. Consider the vast membership of 800 million users. Many of these members will be “like” this, share this, join this, invite this or play this, and so on. When members choose to do a specific function on the site, they are asked permission to access your personal information, eg joining Mafia Wars, Farmville, or some other popular app.

Do members realize the consequences when they allow access to their personal information? My guess is that many of these 800 million members don’t have a clue or don’t care. So if these same members choose to allow their personal information to be accessed by third-party advertisers, who’re a fault here, Facebook or the member? Is it Facebook’s fault if a member’s account is hacked? Yes and no. While Facebook continues to do what it can to ensure from hackers infiltrating the system, there are countless threats to the website from ill-natured individuals all over the world.

What members really need to do is not just sit there and spend hours upon hours playing a game or posting this or that. Members can still have all that but they also need to spend just a little more time to ensure that their privacy settings are to their satisfaction.

Facebook’s settlement with the FTC was a godsend for many users but at the same time, third party advertisers continue to solicit personal information for the purpose of marketing their product. Furthermore, it is fair to assume more and more new third party advertisers will pay Facebook for the privilege of touting their product on the social networking platform.

If users continue to complain that their personal information is still an issue, they really need to stop and think about what applications, status updates, or other features they use on Facebook. If they stopped for a moment, they might realize that they are partly to blame.


An Artist Tries Her Hand at Making Money Online


I am one of so many who dare to try their hand at making money online. While I’ve only been at it for 3 or 4 months now, I thought I would share my experiences on being a member of Zazzle. Zazzle is an online website that gives you access to having your own on-line “gallery.” ( It is actually tons of fun if you are a photographer, love to draw, or if you can create witty sayings to put on t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. The concept is brilliant! Whatever you create, you can put it onto one of their products. These products vary from mugs to t-shirts to U.S. postage stamps. You can create your own ties, Keds shoes, greeting cards, and baby onesies. The list goes on. It’s quite impressive actually. Did I mention its fun?

Immediately you are the owner of your own gallery. Not only that, you can sell your art for free. Zazzle does not charge for anyone to be a member. You are paid a percentage of what you sell your art for. This percentage is chosen by you and is anywhere from 10 percent up. The more of a percentage you collect, the higher the price of your product is. With this system, Zazzle gives you the opportunity to make money while guaranteeing that they will always make money. It’s up to you to decide what you’re worth and to factor in what people might be willing to pay for your creations. Personally, I started at 10 percent and worked my way up to 20 percent for most of my items. Some of the items are quite pricey. For instance, the Ked’s shoes are approximately 55 to 60 dollars and up! That, to me, is crazy! I think I will go lower my shoes to 10 percent after I write this article. Most other items are quite reasonable. The stamps are my favorite. They are the price of a normal package of stamps plus 10 percent and up. I chose 20 percent. I’m proud of my art, but I want it to be affordable to many. At home, free download Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 facility is provided to the fashion learners. The advantage of the course can be taken in the personal computer or android mobile phone. There will be no missing of classes with the feature of free downloading the classes from online search engines. 

Am I incredibly successful with my Zazzle gallery? I feel I am successful because I enjoy the creative outlet and the comments I get from other artists in the Zazzle community. However, I will admit I have not earned one dime. There, I said it! I still have hope I might sell something. I might even sell more than one something! I’ve learned from other members that in order to be even a little successful you have to network. For instance, go through the website and leave comments for others on their art. It’s fun and is a good way to become a part of the community. Pick out some favorites and join their fan clubs. This will let them know that you appreciate their art while giving them a link to visit your gallery. Most times, people you favorite or leave comments for do visit and may even favorite you as well. If they like you enough they can choose to link you to their gallery, so you will get more exposure. Also, Zazzle has many ideas on how to make more money. They advise you to put a link to your gallery on your web pages and email signatures. They also have something called an associates account where you can promote other’s art and make 10 percent off of it if someone visits them from your link and buys something. Does this sound confusing? I won’t lie and say I have it all figured out. If you don’t, you can consult their tutorials and their forums. Overall, this site is very easy to understand.

My advice to you is to give it a try and see if you enjoy being a member. I can almost guarantee that the creatively inclined will enjoy it, money or no money. It is a thrill to have your own art gallery and look at other’s galleries. I love having my own products up for sale and expressing myself through those products. If you have a moment, check out my gallery, “Pomeranian Dream Clouds” at .

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What Is The Prominent Mattress For Orthopedic Patients? Essential Attributes To Comprehend!!!

Having poor health can have a huge effect on your lifestyle, as well. It is essential for people to understand the necessary changes that they have to make for correcting their health conditions. Orthopedic patients having a condition of arthritis and bursitis have to make certain changes in their lifestyles to deal with health issues even better. 

We are here suggesting to you with a guide what is the prominent mattress for orthopedic patients.  Mattresses play a prominent role by providing the correct level of firmness and support to your body. If you are also an orthopedic patient, then consider reading essential details mentioned below. 

The prominent mattress for orthopedic patients!

The condition of arthritis and bursitis affects the musculoskeletal system; most commonly, bones and joints cause pain and dysfunction. These conditions affect your daily life by making your routine tasks difficult than ever before. It is necessary to pick for the necessary changes for correcting the arthritis situations. 

Picking up the right mattress for orthopedic patients can help in faster recovery from their condition and helps in sound sleep. Not everyone is familiar with the orthopedic mattresses that are specially designed for patients with features like firmer sleep surface, targeted support for back as well as for joints. These orthopedic mattresses were actually introduced in 1950 as the benefits of orthopedic support became prevalent. 

The functions of the spine and other joints are specifically taken a look for orthopedics, and these mattresses are specifically used for people suffering from back problems. With the developing time, these mattresses have developed into something more supportive and comfortable. 

Choosing the right mattress for the orthopedic condition can help you attain numerous benefits like maximum support, even weight distribution, correct spinal alignment. Healthy posture, etc. For keeping the condition in check, it is better to pick for the right quality mattress that can help with better conditions.

Top picks of orthopedic mattresses!

We have dug a lot about orthopedic mattresses that how using them can help you with credible benefits for your health and correcting your health conditions. Let us look into some of the top picks of the best mattress topper for futon and others for orthopedic patients. 

  • Saatva classic: when looking for a firm option, then saatva’s unique coil on coil design is the suitable one to pick. It is ideal for dealing with back pain irrespective of height, weight, or sleeping position. One of the primary features in this mattress is the euro-top covered, followed by layers of polyfoam and memory foam along with pocketed coils. To help with the prevention of sinkage at edges, durable springs at the core for reinforcement of the entire bed is available. It is a breathable bed and appropriates for sleepers with back pain due to airflow through coil layers. 
  • Fuli traditional Japanese futon mattress: this futon mattress is reliable for people out there as it weighs less than 30 pounds. It is made with a legitimate Japanese craftsman along with three layers for surprisingly good thickness. The mattress is widely known for the high-grade mattress that is made up of durable material. The Japanese pay closer attention to futons making unlike us standards of cutting corners. Getting this mattress for yourself helps you to attain comfort primarily. 
  • Nectar: the nector mattress is made up of all-foam mattress with three layers of memory foam for creating incredible pressure relief along with the high quality of orthopedic patients. Additionally, it is provided at a comparatively lower price than any other mattress. 


Hence, these are some of the prominent mattresses for orthopedic patients that they can consider for their comfort and getting relief from painful situations due to orthopedic conditions.


Steps which will help you to buy the best trolling motor

Today a lot of people love to go fishing. Fishing is not straightforward, so you need to know some tips to catch your prey. When you have the right quality boat with the best trolling motor, then fishing becomes easy. With the help of link, you can learn more about trolling motors. You should always go for the best trolling engine because it will give you the best results. Choosing the trolling machine is not an easy task, so you need to consider some points. Buying the right role in a mechanism for your boat is the most challenging task. The experience of fishing in rolling motorboats will provide you a fantastic journey. 

There are different types of motors available in the market to choose the engine according to the voltage. It starts from 12 volts and ends up to 36 volts. Choose the energy according to the size of your boat. The price varies according to the power voltage. If you are buying a 12 Volt machine, you should also compare its price with 24 Volt motor. In modern technology, the board’s steering is now controlled electronically, so you need not put any effort to manage. The coordination of footwork with hands becomes a hard job when the weather is not beautiful.


The technology is increasing; likewise, the electronic trolling motor is updating its model every year. The recent model of the trolling engine provides the automatic function of controlling the speed and handles the steering.

 Let’s discuss some of the features of the trolling motor.

 Today we live in a technological world where every gadget is becoming modern. Earlier, there were limited options in the electric field. But nowadays we have thousands of choices for one product. Choosing the right product with all features is not an easy task. To buy a product, you should know about its qualities in advance so that while buying you cannot face any problem. When we talk about trolling motor, there are different types of engines available in the market, having various features. The electronic trolling motor has made fishing simple as a fisher does not need to control the boat. With the speed of the boat and steering function is managed automatically.

 So there are many features you should consider before buying the motor.

Automatic system

 The first and foremost point you should check in trolling motor is that either it is self directional or not. If your engine runs with the help of hands or feet, you cannot perform fishing while sitting on that boat. The automatic motor system provides comfortability to the boat ride as they need not concentrate on riding the ship. Always prefer the ships which move without involving the operation of foot and hands. No doubt, an automatic trolling motor is expensive, but they provide far better results than manual engines. 

The weather sometimes becomes unstable when you are rowing the boat. So if you’re both have the capability of high rating terrible weather, it’s a plus point for you. Nobody prefers buying manual motors in today’s time because the price difference between both is not much. Electronic gadgets that have automatic system acts wonderfully without involving human efforts.

Battery power alert

 If your motor indicates battery alerts, it will provide you with an additional benefit. Whenever your automobile battery is low, it will tell you by showing the light so that you can charge. It is an essential feature because sometimes the boat rider forgets to charge the battery. Riding a boat without charging causes several problems if you are inside the sea. With the help of a battery gauge, you get to know the percentage of the current battery. It will help to see the status of your battery when you are busy doing fishing. When you have a sensor, you need not spend your brain on checking its battery repeatedly.

 All in all

 To conclude this article here, we have mentioned the features of the trolling motor. We should always purchase electronic gadgets with full concentration and research. Choosing the right trolling machine for your boat takes time to make your decision by comparing it with other models.


Habitual Weight Loss

Everybody has habits; we are built to have habits. Sort of like a car is built to run on four tires, and if one of them is missing the ride is seriously off. We humans are similar, we have habits, and if one of them is missing, we do not function correctly.

Weight loss is one of those habits we need. There are a lot of people out there with weight gain habits right now. They are overweight and out of shape because they have adopted the wrong habits.

You cannot quit a habit

As I was alluding to before, you have a set amount of habits; this is the way you are built to function. You have good habits and bad habits, and will always have habits. You can no sooner quit a habit than you can quit having skin.

To change your life you have to change your habits. This is especially true for weight loss. You have a bad habit of eating too much of the wrong stuff, you cannot quit, as it is a habit. The only way to “get rid of” a habit is to change it. With the consumption of the products, a visit at the resurge pills reviews will be effective. The information should be real and accurate for the person. It will form a habit of the person when there will be regular intake of the pills. The reviews will reflect the right image of the products. 

You have to make an effort to change your habit in order to be successful at weight loss. This is true in all areas of life, but is especially effective in the weight loss area of endeavor. To lose weight, and become fit and trim, you have to change your current habits to healthy habits.

What is a habit?

A habit is something you do, and have done so many times that you don’t even think about it anymore, you just do it on automatic. It could be something simple and harmless like always putting your right shoe on first, to something that is a bit more dangerous and harmful such as eating too often and too much.

To experience successful weight loss you will need to focus on your current habit, and then change it to a good habit. Let us say that right now your habit is poor diet, you eat too much of the wrong stuff. Another habit that is a major player in people being overweight is you have a habit of not being active, that is you find something non-active to do, like watch TV.

Replace your habits to improve your life

Therefore, to improve your health and your happiness you need to improve your habits. Start small by making it a point to start eating only nutritious foods, after a few weeks it will not be so tough and will be starting to become second nature. You will even see a few pounds have left you; this is a sign that you are successfully changing your habit.

Next, add some activity into your life. If there is a repeat on TV instead of watching it, go outside and go for a walk. Again, after a few weeks of going for a walk you will find that you enjoy them and they are becoming a part of your life. You also will notice you have lost some more weight and are starting to feel better.

Keep eating reasonable meals, keep being active, and soon you will find that you have replaced your bad habits with good. You will feel right as you still have the same amount of habits, but you will be getting healthy and that will lead to having a long and happy life.


What are the five latest MacBook Pro mice?

MacBook users always look for an automated mouse with a wireless connectivity so that they can use it especially during their travel from one place to another. If the mouse works smoothly then only the MacBook tasks can be easily and efficiently done without any obstacles. Since not all mice are compatible to MacBook pro therefore you should get the right one out. 

Five best MacBook Pro mouse: 

  • Apple Magic Mouse2:

It has been recognized as a perfect mouse for using MacBook Pro. It is fully based on wireless connection. It can be easily connected only with Bluetooth and thus there is no necessity of using any wired connection. Neither USB receivers nor dongles are used here. It is has got a fully touch-sensitive surface without any wheels or buttons. The surface can easily maintain sync with the trackpad’s touch gesture of MacBook. Both acrylic and metallic materials have been used for making this mouse. On the other hand, both horizontal and vertical scrolling is possible. 

  • Logitech MX Master3:

This mouse can be used conveniently for long hours especially when you are busy in gaming or any other computer tasks. It is ergonomic and highly comfortable in nature as a result of which you can receive a user-friendly experience while using it. It has a completely professional look and it is very much versatile as well. It has a diversified control scheme along with customized two-side buttons. You can easily get a perfect grip over this mouse. Both gesture commands and two-scroll wheels are available in this mouse and these features make the mouse more flexible. 

  • Corsair Harpoon RGBWireless:

So far it is the most compatible mouse that enhances the experience of MacBook Pro to a great extent. It has a lower click latency of 16ms. Its rechargeable battery is great and it is also quite light-weighted in nature. Its CPI range can be adjusted well and it is also well-known for its mind-blowing performance. Six buttons can be reprogrammed and on the other hand RGB lighting can be adjusted perfectly as per the need. Its design is unique and its portability is simply amazing and thus you can even carry it along when you are travelling outdoors with your MacBook pro. 

  • Razer Atheris:

Are you looking for any travel-friendly option for operating MacBook Pro? Well, in this case nothing can be the best option other than Razer Atheris. It can be controlled easily and the best part is that its power will go on for long as it has got AA batteries in it. You can hold the mouse in your grip easily and can carry on with your work easily. This mouse is extremely better-performing and thus you can use it for years after years. It has been tested several times before its launch.

  • Logitech Pebble M350:

It is quite an affordable option amongst all therefore if you have a low budget then you can definitely go for it. It has a simple pairing system with a comfortable grip. Since it is comparatively smaller in size therefore it easily gets fitted in any laptop-bag. In this case, you can get multiple colours and thus you can choose the most decent one for your usage. Though it is not that much good in quality like that of the other options but you can use it for your regular usage for sure.

These are the five best mouse options that are found suitable for the users of MacBook Pro. If you want to know about the recent updates then you can go through their reviews in details. For best info you can click at


How to Earn Money Online by Giving Advice

If you are an expert in something or have some valuable information about a particular topic, then why not sell that information and make some extra cash?

Ether is a web based service that allows you to sell valuable information and give advice to other people for many via phone, email or a website. There are many people out there who have expertise or have a good amount of information on a particular topic. They can be accountants, mechanics, lawyers, business advisors or anyone who has expertise in a particular field. Ether provides you a platform where you can sell the valuable knowledge that you have to other people.

How it works?

When a person seeking for advice clicks on the profile of a service seller, that person can see the status of the seller (for e.g. Away or taking calls), rates of the service and descriptive information about the service. If the person seeking advice is interested, then he can make an immediate call to the seller if he is available or he can provide a time slot for a conversion.

The buyer can easily make a phone call with a click o a button. The buyer will be charged as soon as he starts conversation with the seller. Ether also provides ‘report abuse’ if the buyer is not satisfied or he is being abused by the seller. However, if the buyer is convinced and guaranteed before his credit card is charged, he will feel much more secure.

How to start selling a service on Ether?

  1. Get a free Ether phone number: In order to start selling information or services, you will need to sign up for free with Ether. After signing up you will get a free Ether phone number. The Ether phone number is unique for each user. After getting you number, you can set it forward to your landline phone number or mobile phone number. When the user will call to your Ether phone number, Ether will automatically forward the call to your actual phone number i.e. your landline or mobile phone number.
  2. Set your price: You can set your own hour and minute rates. Have a look at the rates set by other users to get an idea about normal rates.
  3. Set you time: This feature allows users to set the time when they are available.

These are the main steps that are required to set up your account with ether. Note that your Ether number is not limited to internet usage. You can market your self by placing your number on your business card as well. You can also sell digital content on ether as well.

It is not enough that you just get information from anywhere that you find online. It is also advisable to get insights, tips and strategies from reliable sources like Evergreen Wealth Formula by James Scholes. This is one of the highly and indemand tools online. 



Overall, I think it is a great service and if you have got some valuable information then you can make a lot of cash as the traffic is very high on this website. Ether is totally free to join and you don’t have to pay anything for sign up. People seeking for advice should also checkout this service.

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How to Help Friends and Family Cope with Your Dramatic Weight Loss

That extra layer of flesh you carried with you for most of your life literally became a part of your identity. Family and friends were comforted by your appearance, and you likely allowed yourself to conform to one of the many stereotypes used to label those who are less than healthy.

When that weight finally does come off, a part of your identity goes with it. Some will be ready to accept the new you, some will downplay your accomplishments in order to keep the stereotypes alive, and some will become self conscious and perhaps even a little jealous. Regardless, there are steps you can take to make sure that everyone you love joins with you in celebrating your success. Consider the following tips on how to help friends and family cope with your dramatic weight loss.

Step #1: Address the issue openly. Acknowledge your new look, and don’t be afraid to discuss what made you decide to tackle your weight. Whether for health reasons, for a new job, or to fit into your old jeans again, let those you care about know what made you decide that you weren’t happy with your old self. Letting go of the old you may be a difficult process if your family and friends can’t come to terms with why exactly you were dissatisfied with yourself when they loved you exactly as you were.

Give them a bit of insight into the decision making process that prompted you to make a change for the better. For the purchase of the health supplement, leptitox review should be considered through the customers. The decision for the selection of the health supplement should be correct for no side-effects on the body. The loss in the weight is recorded every week. The ingredients of the product should be secure and safe for consumption. 

Step #2: Emphasize the reasons you and your loved ones have always been so close. “Skinny” friends are often labeled as hip, sarcastic, flighty, dense, and even self-absorbed. Just as you were beginning to let go of the stereotypes that accompany being heavier (warm, funny, relaxed, forgiving, comforting, low self esteem, self-sacrificing), the new stereotypes will begin to set it. Help friends and family see that you are the same person, but now perhaps the real you has an even better chance to shine. Defy all stereotypes and remind your loved ones of all the reasons they really loved you all along.

Step #3: Avoid creating a divide between your healthy lifestyle and the lifestyles of friends and family after your weight loss journey has ended. While you certainly have the right to insist on ordering what you like at restaurants, try to resist the temptation to let everyone at the table know just how clogged their arteries will be if they choose the bacon-cheese fries.

While you likely learned a great deal about calorie amounts, portion sizes, and so on during your weight loss period, sharing your knowledge without being asked can be offensive and turn others off. On that note, not every social outing has to revolve around a marathon or hiking trail, either. Make room for the interests of others along with your own new, healthier preferences and avoid ostracizing your loved ones. As long as you enjoy being together, what you do should be of little importance.

Step #4: Don’t go into hiding after a few awkward initial meetings. If you find yourself running into family and friends who haven’t seen you since before you began losing weight, you may find yourself facing a few less than tactful remarks. While they may be well-intentioned, some individuals will inevitably mention your past weight problem openly rather than simply complementing your new look.

If you can’t bear the attention and the public discussions about past weight issues, try to maintain a bit of perspective. First, accept the comments as compliments if you possibly can….that’s usually what they are, regardless of how they come out. Secondly, remember that the sudden attention will pass. Enjoy the well verbalized compliments, and endure the rest as merely a part of being so successful in meeting your weight loss goals. Remember that the more time you spend showing off your new figure, the faster those around you will begin to accept your new look with ease.

Step #5: Let negative “new” relationships go. While most of the “problems” above are trivial in comparison to a weight problem and are welcome “difficulties,” it can sting to find out after a dramatic weight drop that some relationships are simply beyond repair.

It isn’t uncommon for successful dieters to find that some of their friends and family simply kept their friendship before to comfort themselves or make themselves look better in comparison. When you are suddenly on the same playing field, things may take a turn.


Signs to watch out for include downplaying of your accomplishments (both in public and private), jealous remarks, and refusal to discuss your weight loss. If you find yourself having to play the part of the heavy friend regardless of your new look, it may be time to let the relationship go.

Remember, helping friends and family cope with your dramatic weight loss is about you and your comfort level. Doing so can help you ease into your new lifestyle with fewer roadblocks. Take the initiative and help those you care about celebrate your successes right alongside you.

Home improvement

Home Improvement Tips for New Home Owners

Almost as soon as most people move into a new home, they start thinking about ways it could be changed or improved. Here are some home improvement tips to consider for your new home.

Asses your house ~

Think abut the ideas you might implement. Walk through your home with a critical eye, and build your wish list. Rank your list in order of importance (i.e.: aging pipes more important than upgrading the tub to a Jacuzzi).

Establish your timetable ~

Think about how long you plan to be in your house. If you’re not planning to be staying in your house very much longer, you should concentrate first on the items that potential buyers will be most likely to look for. With a registration at the online search engines, a check over the blaux portable ac reviews should be done. The importance of the air conditioner should be great for the purchase of the potential products. An establishing of the timetable should be great to crack the deal. 

Stay Flexible ~

Both your timetable and your budget are likely to end up higher than you planned. That’s just how these things work. You can give yourself a buffer by adding an arbitrary percentage to your plans (i.e.:assuming +10% means a $10,000 and 60 day project will cost $11,000 and take 66 days), but even then, you may get surprised. The more flexible you can be, the less stressed out you will be along the way.

Look for ideas ~

Check out friends’ houses, design magazines, and project sheets at your local home store to get ideas. Be sure to ask for sample cards and swatches to bring home and look at in your home’s own lighting. Some of them will look very different than they did in the store.

Make a Budget ~

Making a budget is part of the planning stage of your home improvement project because planning ahead means you can work out better deals. Try to handle as much of your budget as you can without resorting to credit cards, because the interest rates on those is always extremely high.

Enlist Help ~

Do you have family or neighbors that might be willing to lend a hand? You don’t always need skilled labor. Sometimes you just need a few extra willing pairs of hands. Even if you’re not paying them, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them by feeding them when the work is done, and/or volunteering to help with their projects in return.

Get Permits ~

Check with the city or county (or both!) offices in your area to see whether you’ll need permits for your home improvement project. Be sure to budget the costs of those permits into your plan.

Be Safe! ~

Remember, you want to live to enjoy your upgrades. Make sure you read and understand the manual of any tools you will be using, and that you don’t get in over your head. Embarking on your own home improvement project can be very rewarding, but sometimes you really do need a professional for the job. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help.