The clothing segment is a complete and distinctive genre of the fashion industry. There are innumerable apparel creators with a unique style of their own. From cutting the chicest fabric to preserving cultural authenticity, from designing the most modern designs to reusing vintage looks, contemporary designers keep coming up with something new. But seeing the planet’s urgent need is raising the alarm to eliminate harmful fabric and encourage sustainable clothing. And Illya Shpetrik, a clothing enthusiast, is doing the same greenly.

What is sustainable clothing?

In the zest of inventing shiny and catchy clothing, umpteen boutiques are recklessly moving to fabrics made out of animal fur and leather. It is devastatingly threatening the existence of several animal species and disturbing the ecological balance. Hence, it is a dire need to take reformatory steps and reduce this threat.

Sustainable clothing is all about manufacturing, sewing, designing, utilizing, wearing, and selling clothes that do not cause any harm animals or the environment.

Not just the fabric, even the ornamental beauty or appealing packaging of the clothing line should be organic and harmless.

From the beginning to the end, everything should be done healthily to get the label of Sustainable Clothing in the true sense.

About Illyas sustainable fashion

Observing the need for planet conservation, Illya came up with a spectacular clothing venture. The brand does not only focus on environmental needs but also fulfills the fashion needs of the wearers. Hence, this clothing venture took the middle way and smartly blended the concept of organic fabric with stylish designs. Some of the revolutionary fabrics are:-

Pinatex- Usually, leather is extracted from animals’ skin like snakes, which endangers the relative species. But Illya encourages the use of Pintatex, which is a natural alternative for typical leather clothing. It is made from cellulose fiber that comes from pineapple leaves. It is eco-friendly and completely free from animal harm.

Koba- Popularly known as faux fur; it is probably the first commercial fur made from bio-based ingredients. Illya focuses on bringing about a positive change by using Koba fur instead of animal fur. This would help to deal with animal cruelty caused due to the reckless rearing of furry animals. It is also soft and longlasting.

Tencel- It is soft to human skin and protects animals as it is made from the wood of eucalyptus trees and not by harming animals. As a passionate fashion designer, Illya loves this fiber as it is biodegradable; and has wrinklefree and waterabsorbing properties. All these features make Tencel a worthy fabric for creating stylish outfits without causing injury to animals.

This emerging brand also understands the prevailing tough times of Covid-19. It feels closer to the people who were completely into office apparel and are facing demand deficits due to the work from home culture owing to the coronavirus pandemic. It encourages fellow designers not to lose hope and come with eco-friendly clothing solutions.

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