Aiming the target and firing bullet with highest accuracy without allowing the target to flee, requires lots of practices and a look for quality rifle scope. Being a hunter you might be using binoculars and rangefinders, but when you are hunting in the woods and need to cover long distance, it is suggested to use best rifle scope for highest accuracy in shooting.

Apart from having the best rifle scope, you also need to have the skills to mount the scope properly to achieve highest accuracy while firing the bullet. Below is the helpful guide on how to properly mount and use rifle scope for better shooting experience.

Mounting Rifle Scope

Mounting the rifle scope needs skills and right equipments. Most of the rifle scopes come as pre-drilled and tapped so that you can scope the base. It must have grooved sections with mounting attachments and this can be an ace for you. Most of the rifle scopes come with instruction and manual that would help you to know how to fit the hardware that comes with the scope. Tighten the screws so that the gun holds the scope precisely and securely.

The vital component of scope is the scope ring and it comes with two main parts. The body of the rifle scope is made within 1 inch or 30mm models and you need to precisely measure the scope size and ensure it fits within the diameter of scope tube.

Zeroing In

When you start hunting in woods with the help of rifle scope, you must mount it and then adjust the range to zero. It means that the target and distance must be adjusted so that bullet lands close to where you are aiming. It has nothing to do with elevation and wind speed, but almost all rifle scopes are zeroed to 100 yards and hence you need to adjust it before using. It is the most crucial part of scope that needs to be considered before setting the scope in static position.

You have to mount the rifle on the stand and adjust it precisely and ensure to use the best rifle scope as it allows you to take down the target efficiently.

Alignment of Reticle

The pointer on the rifle scope is called as reticle and based on the pointer to aim the target. So, it is very important to align the reticle before using it for shooting. The rectile usually points in middle of two crossbars and the points come as thin lines at centre of the scope and before shooting you need to bring the target at the centre of the rectile for better aiming.

Eye Relief

If you are a veteran shooter or hunter, definitely you will know about eye relief. It is the important part of the scope and helpful when shooting consistently on targets at distanced location. It keeps your eyes secure when shooting with your rifle as it minimizes the torque on eyes during recoil of the rifle. So, adjust the eye relief for better shooting experience.

There are more about setting up the rifle scope and you must visit the website for more details regarding rifle scope setting.

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