I first smelled this perfume in a Sephora catalog that was mailed to my home. It was the only one that caught my attention out of the ten samples. There are very few scents that appeal to my selective taste. What I generally seek is a fragrance that is not flowery because I am allergic to many of the strong flowery scents plus they just smell horrible on me. What I need is a fragrance that is more oriental with base notes of vanilla. There are very few scents that agree with my body chemistry. Angel by Thierry Mugler is one that I love and there is another called Flowerbomb by Viktor  amp; Rolf. This L de Lolita Lempicka is pretty much in the same family as those. The good thing is that this fragrance is less expensive.

Angel costs $160.00

Flowerbomb costs $150.00

L de Lolita Lempicka costs $89.00 almost half the price


The marketing concept of this perfume left me a bit confused but that is the only questionable trait of this perfume. Let me explain. The perfume is supposed to be based upon a mermaid and the sea. When I think of the sea I consider smelling something like Sand and Sable (an old perfume that smells like the beach) If not that then perhaps something with coconut. I really don’t know that much about marketing a perfume but I surely wouldn’t link a woodsy oriental to the sea.


The bottle is supposed to look like a pebble but I think it resembles a whimsical heart. The aqua blue bottle is embellished with a starfish caught in a golden net and a gold letter L charm. I believe that the actual perfume inside the bottle is what is colored bluish-green, I am pretty sure the actual bottle is clear. The bottle comes packaged in an orange box which is not very pretty in my opinion. As I mentioned earlier it is not what I would expect the bottle or packaging to look like. I don’t think I would even consider this to be a negative it just leaves me with a huge question mark, that is all.


Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Orange Flower, and Cinnamon

Mid Notes: Immortal Flower and Vanilla

Base Notes: Woods, Amber, and Musk

This fragrance is delightfully well blended. The smell just works, it is a tad spicy but not overpowering. It flirtatiously lingers without being nauseating.

The scent lasts for about 8 hours without having to reapply.

You can smell each layer clearly and they are all perfectly combined. The orange smells more like an orange blossom than the actual fruit it is subtle but it still there, The vanilla smells sort of like a toasty marshmallow sprinkled with cinnamon. I just love how each of the notes are obviously present but none of them dominate. It is perfection, they really knew just when to back off of certain smells to create the ideal composition.

I would most often wear this in the winter during the daytime.

Where to buy

You can purchase it at Sephora but I have recently found it at Amazon.com and Ebay for much less than the retail price. You just need to make sure that you are buying the real Eau de Parfum and not a tester. The difference between the perfume and the tester is that the tester wears off much quicker. I like my perfume to linger so I don’t have to reapply. You will also see a lot of old bottles on Ebay in which the scent has turned. These are easy to spot because the perfume will change color. The old ones turn into a greenish-brown you will want to go for a more green/blue color. The less brown the better and fresher.

There is no dearth to the brand of perfumes that you get to find in the market but most of them are expensive and people too are spoilt for choice as they get many recommendations from friends that relieve their own experience of having tried out a brand new perfume that came out in recent times.

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