With online games gaining popularity and being played by individuals in large numbers, it becomes important to know every game better and survive in it for a long time. In this way, a person expertises in a game and learns it even better with time. Some tricks are mentioned online and allow people to win very easily. The alts minecraft has a detailed guide for both beginners and veterans and ensures that every player gets the most of the world. The success of Minecraft worldwide has brought some tips that the players have followed worldwide in having a smooth and easy gaming session altogether.   

Most used tricks

Some alts minecraft tricks that are secret yet most effective are the following:

  • It is always mine intelligently: it is the most important part of the game and should always be done with better tools made of iron, coal, diamond, and even Redstone. Grabbing an axe and randomly carving is not the correct way. A player should ensure that a mine is not dug straight down as it increases the chances of breaking a block or ending up in a lava pool. It is thus good to dig diagonally or in a spiral way while going deeper. Besides, it is advisable to use the system of branching when looking for materials. From the centre point, always mine in the straight direction, further creating a branch after two blocks from the first branch. 
  • Knowing water and lava: both water and lava are deadly and can bring out exciting surprises for the players. Many times, both cracks open the roof and sometimes release lava. It is advisable always to have a backup plan and be ready for these situations. A hole can be dug up on the block even if there is lava, and a stack of the bar should be kept with the pickaxe to swap it in no time and in place of that, keep a block. Keep a torch down towards the ground for water to create an air pocket, and further, the oxygen can be refilled so that there is no need to swim. 
  • Make use of the recipe book: a recipe book should always be kept handy to know about the ingredients that have been discovered. It also explains how crafting is one and how it should be crafted in the best and right way.
  • Spawn should be set: once the base of a new building is set, it is good to build a bed using three types of wools and planks and further set the spawn directly to that point in the bed. Besides, it should be ensured that it is a safe space and it is not destroyed in any case because then the layer will be sent back to the original spawn space they were in. A strong weapon and good food supply are needed for a good game and to become the master of alts minecraft
  • The game setting should be tweaked for brightness: by doing this, there is no need for lighting a torch in a game and, further always the players to see everything. It changes the game setting by clicking on the “brightness” option for a clear vision. 
  • Getting ready for zombie-proof: making an iron door is advised to keep all the zombies from entering inside the house and keep the players safe. For additional safety, a block should also be kept on the door or a lava trap for the zombies to face if the door gets broken. Also, sandtraps made of plastic make a good trap for the zombies as they can fall from the door and even kill them. 

So, alts minecraft is a game of strategy and knowledge that can bring the players a long way if played well.

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