If you are an expert in something or have some valuable information about a particular topic, then why not sell that information and make some extra cash?

Ether is a web based service that allows you to sell valuable information and give advice to other people for many via phone, email or a website. There are many people out there who have expertise or have a good amount of information on a particular topic. They can be accountants, mechanics, lawyers, business advisors or anyone who has expertise in a particular field. Ether provides you a platform where you can sell the valuable knowledge that you have to other people.

How it works?

When a person seeking for advice clicks on the profile of a service seller, that person can see the status of the seller (for e.g. Away or taking calls), rates of the service and descriptive information about the service. If the person seeking advice is interested, then he can make an immediate call to the seller if he is available or he can provide a time slot for a conversion.

The buyer can easily make a phone call with a click o a button. The buyer will be charged as soon as he starts conversation with the seller. Ether also provides ‘report abuse’ if the buyer is not satisfied or he is being abused by the seller. However, if the buyer is convinced and guaranteed before his credit card is charged, he will feel much more secure.

How to start selling a service on Ether?

  1. Get a free Ether phone number: In order to start selling information or services, you will need to sign up for free with Ether. After signing up you will get a free Ether phone number. The Ether phone number is unique for each user. After getting you number, you can set it forward to your landline phone number or mobile phone number. When the user will call to your Ether phone number, Ether will automatically forward the call to your actual phone number i.e. your landline or mobile phone number.
  2. Set your price: You can set your own hour and minute rates. Have a look at the rates set by other users to get an idea about normal rates.
  3. Set you time: This feature allows users to set the time when they are available.

These are the main steps that are required to set up your account with ether. Note that your Ether number is not limited to internet usage. You can market your self by placing your number on your business card as well. You can also sell digital content on ether as well.

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Overall, I think it is a great service and if you have got some valuable information then you can make a lot of cash as the traffic is very high on this website. Ether is totally free to join and you don’t have to pay anything for sign up. People seeking for advice should also checkout this service.

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