There are many options open to holidaymakers who will be jetting off from Palma airport to arenal as they head off to more exotic, faraway locations. Some choose to take advantage of one of many airport parks and ride schemes, where they pay a fee to park their car for the duration of their trip and then take a shuttle bus to the departure terminal at London-Gatwick. This option sometimes includes a valeting service too and ensures the safety of the vehicle. It is also cheaper than waiting until the day of travel and parking in the long term car park.

Navigating National Express

However, a more viable option for some is taking the National Express coach service from a local departure point (located all throughout the UK) straight to the airport. This option alleviates the problem of parking the car at the airport and incurring fees for the parking privilege. Start off by visiting the National Express site here and then choosing your departure and arrival point by clicking on the “from” and then the “to” options.

Ticket Type

Once you have made your initial selections by choosing your departure and arrival points, you will need to choose the type of ticket you require, such as one-way (single), return, or open (return ticket for a future time).

Date of Travel

The date of travel is very important. National Express ticket prices fluctuate depending on the time of year and even the day of the week you choose to depart and return. Enter the date manually (day, month, year) or use the calendar as a guide to picking the relevant dates. Then choose whether you wish to leave in the morning (am) or later in the afternoon or evening (pm). Click on “find coach times and fares” to navigate to the next page.

Times and Fares

Once you reach the times and fares page, you will be able to pick the departure time that suits you. Remember that National Express coaches often pick up along the way, so factor this into your travel plans so that you arrive at London-Gatwick in good time to check-in and make it through airport security. Pick the time, number of passengers, and so forth until you have made all the relevant selections. The next page will tell you the fare and give you the option of adding a £1 insurance cover. Uncheck the box if you do not want insurance cover and then proceed to the next page, where you will be asked to enter your payment details and choose the best delivery option (e-ticket, post, etc).

Booking your airport coach seat with National Express takes away a lot of the worry of travel and ensures a smooth, comfortable ride to the airport.

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