Your back pain, according to the most recent studies, is most likely caused by damage to a disc or discs in your spine. In the past we all considered the cause was muscles… NOT true! It’s your discs and 2nd cause is joint capsule (joints in your back).

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The bones (vertebrae) that form the (spine) are padded by little, round, flat discs. When the above mentioned discs are damaged from an injury, normal wear and tear, or ailment, they might bulge unusually or break open prodding out into your spinal cord or into your nerves that pass between your bones. This is called a herniated or slipped disc.


  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Leg Numbness
  • Leg TIngling

Herniated discs press on delicate nerves and your spinal cord it can cause major back ache and radiculopathy (nerve pain) that travels into the front of your thighs, sides of your legs, down the sciatic nerve.

A considerable number of times pain travels into the hips and knees and can confuse you. You would feel like you might have a hip situation and following visits to your doctor and x-rays or MRI pictures of your hips just to discover there is nothing off with your hips or knees.

The damaged nerve or spinal cord in your back can create the pain, burning, numbness, and whatnot, to make a trip to your knee or your hip which illustrates why your doctor found nothing on examining your hips or knees. Treatment

This problem might be avoided, impeded, stopped, or even reversed depending on where in the process it is treated. Also spinal conditions, which were once accepted to be permanent damage and thought to require surgery, can mostly be reversed or at the very least improved non-surgically with breakthrough technology in which we specialize.

When your knee pain or hip pain is a straight outcome of a herniated disc, non surgical spinal decompression is a very effective alternative to unsafe and dangerous back surgery.

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