There are different countries in the world where people have different religious beliefs. Some places have a majority religion because more people follow it, while some choose their religion because of their beliefs. Different religions are inter-related in some ways, which makes them unite at some point. The temple that has been stated in the Bible has been made in real life. The exact detail that has been discussed in the Bible about the temple has been brought to life as Shincheonji temple.

What is the reason behind the different treatment towards one member of this cult?

After the advent of coronavirus, people have been experiencing new changes in their lives. People from different places have come together to find coronavirus solutions. The scenario in South Korea is very different because one particular group is getting targeted for spreading coronavirus. The government is also blaming the group for having close contact and living in a tight situation. They think that this might have affected the level of coronavirus among people other than the Church community. South Korea is experiencing a surge in the coronavirus number and is in the third rank globally. Due to the highest number in Daegu, where many people are following the group, people outside of the Church are getting blamed. The representatives or the group officials have also come forward and apologized for not co-operating with the medical officials. 

How did the Shincheonji temple contribute to saving lives during coronavirus?

After the people from Daegu have received the right coronavirus treatment, they have planned to contribute their plasma. The role of plasma is very important in the treatment of coronavirus. The people following the Church are getting appreciated for their deeds during such a tough time. They have decided to contribute a large quantity of plasma to get better from it. The necessity of new ways of treating coronavirus has become higher in South Korea because the cases have reached a higher number. The opposition in South Korea has also contributed to improving the coronavirus cases. As compared to the Church cases in Daegu, they have created more mess and complicated situations for the people. When the news came about the rising number of coronavirus cases in Daegu, medical authorities immediately reached the location to get the situation in control. 

What is the condition of this religious movement in South Korea?

The temple, which has been referred to in the Bible, was made in 1984. People who are interested in joining the movement can register themselves. The religious movement is divided into 12 tribes that people choose according to their interests and policies. The tribes hold different principles and follow a certain path to invite members. 

The members have also faced a lot of negativity which made many families refrain from joining the community. People consider this movement very important because of the events that have taken place in the past. The corruption in the Church has also prevented many people from choosing this particular movement. 

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