The idle hero defense is an adventurous and multi-player game. Here you can invite your friends to play this game so that it will become interesting for you. There are lots of strategies as well as tricks one player needs to consider in this game. You can easily download this game in an android device or in ios operating system. It is very interesting to know all the tips and tricks of this game. As a reason, by acknowledging all the terms, it will become easy for you to win and earn more scores. There are several basic terms one should consider, such as getting the free passes, and gems so that you can increase it easily. There are several options as well as features available such as beginning the game, changing avatar, scoring points, getting free pass and gems, etc. you can consider all the things in this article, which will become helpful for you.  

The pve heroes required some extra skills for getting all the features and up-gradation of the system. It is not easy to play this game because this game contains lots of variations. It is quite challenging, as well as difficult to consider all the things here. You can collect free gems and 5-star heroes in this game. As for this, you need to watch free videos so that you can easily attain all the gems in this game.

What are the tips and tricks one needs to consider in this game?

For playing idle hero defense, it is important for you to reach out on all the aspects wisely so that within a short period of time, you will become a professional player. As a reason, it is important for you to extend your levels so that you will get more resources and quality points here. For this, it is necessary for you to be on a higher level, and you must clear up to 30-40 levels for getting a higher number of gems. The pve heroes consider some special hacks and strategies for becoming a professional player. For these things, you can watch free videos rather than skipping the ads as it will provide you with free points as well as gems through which you can easily unlock other things.

Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read all the beneficial tips and tricks through which it will become easy as well as beneficial for you to earn more gems and scores here. List them according to your requirement and focus on them wisely so that it will become advantageous for 


Tips and tricks listed as:

  • You need to find out more and more opportunities so that you will get free points, gems as well as a 5-star hero. For this, you can view the videos and try to avoid the advertisements. Make sure that you don’t always skip videos because it is the only way through which you can earn coins and gems for free. By watching one video, you will get at least 20 gems, which is beneficial for you to open rewards and to transfer gems to your friends.
  • Whenever you are playing this game and if you have got rewards, then it is mandatory for you to always disassemble all the rewards after playing the game. As a reason, if you have started with 4-star heroes, then disassembling the rewards will become a roaster for you. And by considering this, you will get more options as well as rewards in the next tier. For buying a 5-star hero, it is required to disassemble the rewards for more options as well as buying avatars. 
  • There are several recommendations of heroes have been found for the players through which they can buy stones and become a professional player. For considering all these things, you can consider stones, which are names as Walter, Gerke, iceblink, dark arthindol, and demon hunter. These are the precious stones which are only attained by a professional player. If you want to buy them, then it will require a lot of gems as well as scored for accounting. You can buy them once you have reached on a higher level by playing this game. 
  • If you have found any arena battle while playing the idle hero game, then it is important as well as beneficial for you to skip the battle. As a reason, by considering this, you will get more options such as you don’t have to wait a lot and look around the screen. As a reason, this battle took several minutes to start, so it is better for you to save time by ignoring and skipping this battle. It is boring as well as time taking to continue to watch the screen for a long time so for avoiding such things you can consider skipping the arena battle.
  • It is beneficial for you to find a friend or a pve heroes while playing the idle hero game. As a reason, it will bring more opportunities for you. As a reason, by considering a friend, you can share your costumes as well as share your gems with your friend. Despite this, you can also ask them to send you gems as well as an avatar. 

In the above section, I have listed all the important information through which you can easily play this game and learn some crucial tips and tricks for playing and winning the game. 

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