The use of bunk beds has become really popular due to the ease and lesser space that they occupy. It is a good decision for people to choose for bunk bed after taking a look at different options to make the right choice.

To narrow down the options, we have classified bunk beds into category of material and design for better understanding.

Types of bunk beds!


Wooden: wooden bunk beds are the standard bunk beds that most people choose to go for. The puidust lastevoodi make the bed really safe for the kids, so you don’t have to be concerned regarding their safety standards as well. You can find a variety of them in versatile shapes, color, and styles; they are rich and have sturdy construction.

Metal: since the last decade, metal material has become favorable. Metal bunk beds are light weighted and have an open structure.


Standard: the basic wooden design is great to choose for yourself that one atop the other design. This design is more suitable for the twins. You can even separate the bed accordingly when renovating the house.

Treehouse bunk bed: the treehouse bunk bed is a really convenient and preferable choice for the kids. A twin mattress at the bottom and a tree house on the top make it a great choice for the accommodation of kids. However, it has a lower length as that’s what makes tree house design possible.

Built-in bunk bed: who doesn’t want some fascinating in furniture? Well, a built-in a bunk bed is a captivating option not only because of the grand look but large size. This type of bunk bed is more popular for vacation houses or farm houses.

So, these are some of the great options and categories of bunk beds that you can consider to choose for yourself.

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