You’ve seen pre-planned suburban communities-now imagine a pre-planned 57 mile long strip of Caribbean coastal paradise. Just as planned communities are built with the purpose of providing the ideal suburban living atmosphere, the Mexican government has plans for the Costa Maya to become the next great ecotourism spot in the Caribbean. Similar project in Cancun and Playa del Carmen have already proven wildly successful for both Mexican tourism and real estate investors. Already in the early stages of the game, the Costa Maya is showing all signs of the same level of success.

The reason that this picture perfect tropical paradise has remained untouched by human development for so long is that prior to the government renovation there were no area-wide resources such as electricity and sewage. Like other now popular places in Mexico, what was needed to spark growth was a government initiative to bring power, water, sewer, and telephones to the entire area. Banks in Mexico don’t provide generous, low interest loans for property as they do in the US, meaning that most of the population was unable to afford the land or develop on it. Today, the Costa Maya is the last 57 mile stretch of virgin Caribbean coastal property anywhere in the world.

For investors, the fact that this project is currently in its infancy means massive opportunity in terms of Mexico real estate investment. Plots of raw, Caribbean beachfront property that are today selling for around $60,000 are expected to reach the $1million dollar mark in 15-20 years. Like Cancun where property values rivaled that of the average American car just 30 years ago, the Costa Maya region needed only a kick start to begin its surge or growth.

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It’s not common in real estate investment to come across so much undeveloped territory-especially untouched, coastal property on the romanticized Caribbean Sea. To put things into perspective, the Costa Maya has more miles of beachfront than Orange County in California and just 13 fewer miles of beachfront than Los Angeles County. Such types of real estate investment opportunities are no longer available on the densely populated coast of the United States. When it comes to Mexico real estate investment, the opportunity to own a residential beachfront lot in a developing area is, for now, still a real opportunity.

In just the past several years since the government put its revitalization project into action, the price of real estate in the Costa Maya has already doubled. Those keen on the trends of Mexico real estate investment got in early, but with so much raw and undeveloped land, there still remain pristine coastal lots up for grabs. High end resorts and businesses have already begun to crop up around Majahual, a once sleepy fishing village just north of Belize.

Additionally, cruise ships are porting in Majahual, the road running south from Cancun has been repaved and the local airport has been renovated. Now flights come in directly to Majahual from Cancun, meaning the once four hour drive south from Cancun is just a short plane ride. It’s not only Mexico real estate investment that is exploding here. Entrepreneurs that want to tap into this growing tourism hot spot can pick and choose a slice of the market right now in this early stage of development. A Mexico real estate investment in the Costa Maya means essentially following the investment strategy of the Mexican government and it’s proven success in building entire, thriving tourism centers from the ground-up.

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