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Zero Water Vs Brita: Find The Better One Here!

Water is the basic necessity of human beings and extremely essential for survival; people drink water several times per day to survive and allow the body to function properly. However, merely drinking water is not enough. It is important to make sure that the water you and your family are drinking every day is clean and free from harmful impurities. This is why you should always put a good amount of thought into your water purifying system for yourself and everyone’s wellbeing and good health in your home. Learn about all the things you should keep in your mind before buying a good water purifier here!

What are the basic points which you should consider while buying a water purifying system?

Water is essential for a body, but drinking dirty and unhygienic water can create far worse problems for you and give deadly diseases. This is why it is always advised to always consider some things before spending money on a water purifying system. Some of them can be understood as mentioned below:

  • Quality of water:

No matter where you want to install a water purifying system, you must always check the natural quality of the water supplied in your area or locality. In also places the water is naturally very hard and has very high amounts of calcium and other basic minerals. If you intake this kind of water that is very rich in such hard minerals, it might be a problem for your physical health. You can clearly understand that drinking very hard water can give kidney problems and other physical ailments. If the water in your building is of this kind, you would have to keep that in mind and buy a water purifying system accordingly. You need to get a system that can ably and effectively reduce the number of harsh minerals from your drinking water.

  • Heavy usage:

If you want to install a water purifier system where drinking water usage is less, you would have to go for a light purifying system. You can do this if you live alone and need water just for yourself. However, if you want to install a water purifier system in a school building or any other similar public area where many people come for drinking water, you would have to keep that in mind. It would help if you then went for a water purifying system that can take the load of a very large amount of water and clean it effectively without leaving traces of dirt particles, hard minerals, and bacteria. 

  • Budget:

Before purchasing anything, you should always keep in your mind your budget and your preferences. You should know that purifying machines are available in every range of prices, so you should look into that range and buy the purifying machine if it matches your preferences. So, here you should try to find a kind of water purifying machine that has maximum features and serves the function of cleaning your water in the best manner, and it is also within the limits of your budget. It would be wasteful if you unnecessary spend your amount on a machine that does not serve your purpose well. 

  • Electricity and power:

There are several purifying systems available in the market, and each one of them has a different capacity of taking in the power or electricity. If you are looking for a machine which would not intake a very large amount of electricity, then you should opt for a water purifying system which is lighter than others. So, here you should keep in mind the frequency of using the water purifying system and the amount of water that has to be purified in a single day. 

What are the different kinds of technologies available in the water purifying systems?

With the advancement of technology, there are many unique methods available in your water purification systems. One of the most popular and effective methods is nanotechnology because it purifies your water on the very basic, atomic level. This is one of the best water purification methods because it deeply cleans the water and makes it free from harmful bacteria and parasites. Photocatalytic water purification is another deep cleaning process ad it uses ultraviolet rays to clean the water to the very molecular level. If you want to install a water purification system in a hospital or similar public places, then these kinds of water purification methods would be the best for people’s health. However, there are other lighter and less expensive methods of cleaning water as well. 

So, here, you can easily learn about all the best and effective water purification systems.


Brighten Kitchens with Bold, New Colors make the kitchen look impressive!!

Color schemes are important in most homes where homeowners choose color motifs and schemes for every room. Until now, the kitchen has been the plainest room with limited choices available for appliance color but that has changed and color has colorized the kitchen.

Forget drab white, basic black, or even the new, once trendy stainless steel. Kitchen appliances both large and small are now available in an absolute rainbow of colors. The new colors are vivid and bright, not the avocado green and harvest gold that were once popular in the 1970’s. Those colors have been long retired to make way for colors that range from a bright fire engine red to cotton candy pink, turquoise, hunter green, navy blue, and more.

Color offers a trendy, professional look that some homeowners crave but like anything of value, color enthusiasts will pay extra for increased color options. A full set of color kitchen appliances from the Viking company – which would include stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and range hood – runs about $10,000.

Washer and dryer pairs in colors that include cherry red and sapphire blue from LG Electronics are available in most areas in stores such as The Home Depot and Best Buy but like the other major appliances, the cost is higher due to the color. A matching washer and dryer in a trendy color can start around $3,000. A visit can be made at different online shopping sites for the purchase of the kitchen appliances. The preparation of the walls and theme should be there to match with the specifications. The spending of the amount should be from the budget prepared to get it under the funds available. 

Before choosing a bright, new color for major appliances, appliance manufacturers suggest that consumers consider the choice and the long range implications. The average time replacement time on major appliances can be up to twenty years so ponder whether or not two decades of a turquoise stove and matching fridge have enough appeal.

Another factor to consider is the style of the home. Older homes and traditional kitchens may be more suited to more traditional colors than bright, flashy tones. Since most major appliances are included in the sale of a home, keep in mind that a bright fire engine red stove that may appeal to one homeowner might be considered too much by another.

Since color can be viewed in many different ways (beauty IS in the eye of the beholder) it’s important to consider what side effects color might have. Red may be bold and beautiful but if it represents contention to some, all red appliances could result in more arguments in the kitchen area. Basic white might seem humdrum to some but others might actually like the traditional security or the illusion of cleanliness that white provides.

Make sure that both spouses or partners agree on a drastic color change for the appliances and that everyone in the family is happy before committing thousands of dollars toward a new appliance package.

Cautious buyers who would rather try out a color before laying out thousands of bucks on color coded appliances may want to try before they buy with a panel kit. Panel kits are available in most home supply stores and retail at around $70. This allows consumers to change out panels on many appliances and test drive a color before they commit to a new set of appliances that can’t be changed.

Another option is found with “U Design Kits” that allow consumers to base color schemes on team colors, a scrap of favorite wall color and can be readily found at several online locations. Just type “U Design Kits” into a favorite search engine to look for the best deals on these kits.

Or, start small. Most major retailers are offering a line of small appliances in an incredible choice of color. Pick up the current JC Penney catalog or visit the website to browse small appliances available in a sunny bright yellow, pastel pink, bright red, black, or a deep blue. At, type in “Colorful Kitchen” in the search window to view even more color options. Some of the small appliances available in the new colors include microwave, crock pot, toaster oven, 2 or 4 slice toasters, convection ovens, and coffee makers.

Kitchen Aid now offers their state-of-the-art stand mixers in twenty different colors. Choose from surf green, tangerine, grape, mango almond cream, apple green, cayenne, bronze pearl, majestic yellow, reef blue and many more. Kitchen Aid is also offering gadget sets (with utensils, measuring spoons and more) and 20 piece knife block sets in red, blue, or black while Cooks offers yellow, pink, red, and green sets.

Hamilton Beach now offers two slice toasters in pineapple, intrigue blue, sugar, licorice, apple green and Moroccan red and stand mixers in the same shades.

Color coordinating could include dishes, cook ware, and even cutlery.

With the new trend toward brighter color choices in the kitchen, it is possible to create almost any color scheme or any shade of the rainbow into the kitchen. Choose the color or colors and get started…..from top to bottom, small to large appliances and more. Only the sky is the limit and if you’re lucky you can get sky blue!