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Office Cubicle Decorating Ideas

Many professional office settings are created using cubicles that look very plain and in most cases very boring. Most people that work in these types of settings often hang small items such as family pictures or anything that will give the setting something to look at, so it’s not so dull and dry. But there is another way to bring a bit of excitement and appeal to your workstation, and that would be working with office cubicle decorating ideas.

You see, your workstation cubicle doesn’t have to be a dull and boring place to be while working. You can decorate your office space with items that will reflect your personality. This will not only make your area look more comforting, but studies have shown that a worker that is surrounded by comforting items will outperform a worker that doesn’t have anything.

In this article, we will talk about ideas for decorating your cubicle without going overboard and making it a distraction instead of a workstation. Making your cubicle comforting will ease tension, relax you, and increase productivity. When speaking of decorating your cubicle, this is not intended to bring in novelties or distractions as said before, this will only be for reflecting your interests and personality.

Accessorizing your office cubicle:

The first thing you will want to do is find some very cool accessories for your cubicle, these types of accessories are available at any office supply store and online.

  • “ Everyone needs a nice attractive calendar
  • “ Lights or lamps
  • “ Cork style bulletin board
  • “ Pen stands
  • “ Plants are ideal
  • “ Mouse pad and wrist rest for your PC

Decoration ideas:

Before putting up your very first decoration you will need to get approval from your office manager or the kontraktor interior jakarta that you hired. Once you get the approval you can start by thinking of a theme for your area. It’s your personality so it’s only fitting to have a theme that will suit you. Some examples could be your children, animals, sporting, outdoors, sophisticated, elegant, or whatever you feel you can look at every day. Other ideas for your cubicle are:

  • “ PC screen saver with slide shows work great.
  • “ Clip-on lamps for your cubicle.
  • “ Set up your bulletin board, normally on the outside of your cubicle with events, deadlines, upcoming news, and other items of interest.
  • “ Plants are elegant and pleasing, but not so many that they get in the way.
  • “ Photographs of your children, vacations, or events are always pleasing to look at.
  • “ Large calendars always work the best for setting schedules, marking off days, or countdown to vacation time.
  • “ Cubicle wall coverings in different colors and designs.
  • “ Posters for covering your cubicle walls.
  • “ Cubicle shelving that comes in handy for plants and other items.

There are so many items that can be brought in to change the look and feel of your cubicle, and simply make it a very comfortable place where you can work constructively, perform better, and increase overall productivity.

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A Cleaning Mold On Suede

Cleaning Mold on Suede Cleaning mold on suede is something that you do need to be careful about, whether it is a suede sofa or a suede jacket. Finding mold on a suede jacket is quite common if you store it in a closet and cover it with plastic. The suede has to have room to breathe and covering it with plastic will cause condensation to develop, thus causing mold and mildew. There are products available for cleaning mold on suede, but you do have to follow the instructions very carefully.

When you start cleaning mold on suede, you cannot take the articles into direct sunlight for the UV rays to kill the mold spores. Therefore you do have to do the cleaning inside. When you are cleaning mold off of suede jackets always remember to try any product you intend to use on an out of the way spot first. This way you will know what effect the cleaner will have on the suede and you won’t spoil the whole jacket. A good place to try might be the inside hem on the tail or the sleeve. You can hire Moldxerts online by giving a call over the number mentioned on the website. choosing a licensed one is extremely important so that they do their work clean in a professional manner.

One of the solutions you can try with cleaning mold on suede is to use an art gum eraser. However, this would be tedious project if you have a lot of mold to clean on a suede sofa or jacket. Another cleaning idea you could use for cleaning mold off of suede jackets is to use undiluted vinegar on a damp cloth. You do have to make sure you blot the spots of mold until you get them off. You will spoil the suede jacket if you start rubbing vigorously on the spot of mold. When you have all the mold off of the suede jacket, use a shoe brush to rework the nap of the suede.

One thing you do have to make sure of when cleaning mold on suede is that you thoroughly dry the area. If you don’t let it dry completely, the mold will only regrow. Damp and wet areas are the prime breeding grounds for mold, especially on suede. You can also take your jacket to the dry cleaners. This way the cleaning mold off of suede jackets is done properly and with the correct tools to preserve the jacket.

Cleaning mold on suede is possible, even though it may be a tedious task. You should not automatically assume that your suede jacket is ruined when you notice that it contains spots of mold. Careful cleaning will remove these spots and make it possible for you to wear the jacket again. Once you accomplish cleaning mold on suede, you will have to look carefully at how your store your jacket in the future.

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Three Vital Points First Time Homebuilders Should Negotiate into Their Contract

First time homebuilders almost always become expert advisors to those who follow them down the path to hell. Those whose path that ends in a newly constructed home rarely consider that route to have given a glimpse of heaven. The reason?


Now, I’m not saying that building contractors are the minions of Satan. Not all of them anyway. But you may well think your home building contractor was in league with devil unless you learn beforehand how to avoid common problems. It is all a matter of learning that you need to get as much as possible written into any contract to which you sign your name.

It is impossible to own a home without a contractor to take care of the finer points in the trade for it is he that looks after everything so that there is no scope for problems that every new home builder is wary of.

Unless you love the art of negotiation, this process can also become a boulevard that gives you a tourist’s vision of the fiery pits of the underworld. Take an assertiveness training course before you settle in for negotiations with a building contract. Trust me: it will be money well spent. Then it’s time to know those special things to negotiate ahead of the home construction process. While many other elements are also important, here are three absolutely vital things you want to make sure you negotiate into your homebuilding contract.

Brand Name Estimates

Get as detailed an estimate on possible on building materials to ensure you get what you paid for. Demand it! Make sure your contract requires the contractor to list not just the materials that are going to be used, but the brand name of those materials. This way you have leverage if you need to sue for use of off-brand products of lesser quality.

Firm Start and End Date

The start date is usually not where the big problems in home construction can be found, but make sure you get it in writing anyway just in case a sudden delay of a month or two cramps your plans. The biggie here is really the end date. Firm end dates come with a built-in negotiation for weather conditions and other reasonable delays. What you are really negotiating here for is not a day on the calendar by which your home will be built whether for good or bad, but a written guarantee about what happens if the schedule falls behind to such an extent that completion is going to continue well past any estimate date. Here are the words you want to hear and get written into the contract: construction that falls hopelessly behind schedule guarantees that the contractor will hire more workers or pay current workers overtime on his dime to make sure the home is completed by the ending date window.

Contentment Clause

It’s not really called a Contentment Clause, but that’s the effect you want. Do not walk away from your negotiation with a home contractor without an agreement that upon completion of the house, you will inspect the result with the contractor in tow. During this walk you will make a list of all problems you want resolved with the understanding that final payment will be delayed until you are content.

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8 Things To Consider While Choosing Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Choosing furniture for your office is a really big and vital task as the ambiance of your office can significantly improve the productivity of your employees. Considering that, we are here with some of the best tips given by that you can follow in order to get the best furniture for your office.

  1. The first thing that you should consider as you choose furniture for your office is your budget and your future plans with your office. It is really important that you choose the furniture that is perfect for your office needs so that as you grow your office over time, your office furniture remains perfect for you.
    Moreover, the durability of the furniture in your office is another really important factor that you keep in mind if you are willing to invest a hefty sum for your office furniture. This is where the quality of the furniture plays a vital role. Here, you would like to avoid low quality furniture that might get damaged while shipping.
  2. In order to get furniture that can complement your office space, it is really important that you pay attention to your needs first. You can start by analyzing the different locations in your office and thereafter look for the best furniture for that space that is within your budget. In this case, you can take help from professional virtual design drawings to optimize your office space efficiently. 
  3. As you start looking for a furniture supplier make a list of the furniture that you need for your office. Here, you can also get in touch with your staff and learn more about their needs. If you have any employee that is physically disabled, it is really important that you pay attention to their needs as well. Once you are ready with your list, you can start looking for a supplier in your area and get a quote
  4. Now that you are ready with your list and quotes from different suppliers, you should compare that and look for the best possible options. You can also look for cheaper alternatives to some of the furniture in case things go out of your budget. In such cases, you can consider refurbished furniture as well. 
  5. It is recommended that you choose a supplier that is close to your office so that you can get timely delivery of your furniture. This will also help you in minimizing the shipping damage as well. Once you are satisfied with the delivery time and date you can plan your further steps accordingly. 
  6. You will be surprised to see how new and refurbished furniture are similar in their quality. That is why, if you are short on your budget this is a really great and effective way to get really great piece of furniture for your office. For that, you can also try out auctions and yard sales as well.
  7. In order to determine the quality and build of the furniture, you can get a good look at the warranty card of the furniture. That will give you a fair amount of idea about the quality and the durability of the furniture that you are interested in. Moreover, you should keep all these warranty cards handy in case you face any problem with the quality of your furniture. 
  8. Lastly, buying furniture can be quite expensive for some of us. This is why it is recommended that, if possible, you can also look for different financing options. You can also lease your furniture but it is important that you read all the leasing terms and conditions carefully as you might end up paying a hefty amount in end. 

These are the 8 most vital things that you should consider as you look for perfect office furniture.