Reverse Type 2 Diabetes – Metabolic Surgery is Effective in 90% of the Patients

The total number of type 2 diabetes patients is rapidly increasing all over the world. The major factors which cause type 2 diabetes are an unhealthy lifestyle, eating too much junk food, obesity, and an inactive lifestyle. However, there is promising new research that shows that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with the help of metabolic surgery, a variation of laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery.

According to recent research, it has been found that more than 90% of patients who have undergone metabolic surgery have also successfully recovered from type 2 diabetes and have also seen a drastic improvement in blood pressure levels. The amazing thing about these results is that these health benefits occurred before surgery-related weight loss. Researchers at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons are currently working to explain exactly how metabolic surgery affects type 2 diabetes.

The Probable Reason for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes After Metabolic Surgery:

Laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure seems to provide rapid results after surgery. Most patients who have successfully undergone the surgery have been able to immediately stop taking the diabetes medication.

Researchers believe the most plausible reason for these results can be attributed to the hormonal secretion caused by the upper intestinal tract in the body. The foregut, which means the upper part of intestinal tract, plays a major role in improving diabetes symptoms. Research also found that unlike other surgeries such as custom nose reshaping, metabolic surgery is solely for health purposes and not for aesthetics. Hence, it is crucial to undergo this kind of surgery when needed. 

After the metabolic surgery, the gastrointestinal tract introduces nutritional elements to the lower part of the intestinal tract much more quickly. These nutritional elements, which also contain hormones such as GLP1, improve the functioning of beta cells, which produce insulin in the body. The increased supply of nutrients to beta cells can help improve glucose circulation in the blood, explaining why metabolic surgery is an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. 

Resolve Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension – Lower High Cholesterol

According to the website Type 2 Diabetes International, not only does metabolic surgery resolve type 2 diabetes and hypertension in 90% of the patients who undergo the procedure. Metabolic surgery is also effective in lowering high cholesterol levels in 70% of the patients undergoing the treatment.

If you have tried diet, exercise, changing your lifestyle, medications, and insulin injections to no avail, then perhaps it is time for you to look into alternatives such as metabolic surgery to reverse type 2 diabetes. It may just be worth your time and money to travel to Costa Rica for metabolic surgery. You will not only have a 90% chance of reversing your disease, you can save 50% or more of what you would have to pay at home for the procedure, and that’s if the procedure is even available in your home country!

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Cannabidiol Oil- Natural Therapy For Reducing Stress From Workload

 The world is evolving at a faster pace than anyone could have ever imagined and life itself has become a relay race where if you don’t run fast, you’ll get crushed and thrown out before you even realize.

Currently, things have slowed down drastically where economy is on the brink of collapsing at the turnstiles due to the pandemic known as corona virus, which has caused more havoc than a cyclone or an earthquake.

It is the deadliest pandemic to have come out in a century after the Spanish flu of the 1920s and has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people until now while the toll keeps on rising with each passing day.

Ailment Solution

Mankind was anyhow grappling with normal ailments like joint pain, heart ailment, liver problems and so on, which is quite worrisome because they are chronic in nature and only end with death, thereby keeping it at par with dangerous diseases like cancer or brain tumor, which kills slowly and painfully.

Keeping the life threatening ones aside, we shall discuss about a solution for the normal ones called CBD oil that has changed many lives for the better that had lost hope that they would have to deal with the pain for a lifetime.

Cannabinoid is the full form of CBD, which comes from extracts of cannabis/marijuana plants from far off hill stations where the climate is quite pleasant and hemp is found in large numbers.

CBD oil is taken from its extracts and made into a potent liquid solution that is pure and organic due to coming from natural sources that is impossible to find in big city life and other urban areas.

This oil is the perfect remedy for body pains that people go through by providing them temporary relief and respite so that they can go about doing their job, the likes of which have become scarce in current times.

For better understanding you can go online and check this site called where you can find various CBD oils for different issues that pertain to your health and would give you an idea of which one is the best for your ailment.

Best Examples

Let us take a look at some of the best examples of CBD oil for various issues and enhance our knowledge about this excellent product so that others too can know about it and try for themselves.

  • Calm Peppermint- It is launched by the company Calm by Wellness and is taken from hemp extracts that are excellent for getting rid of insomnia to get a blissful sleep which has met with excellent reviews from people who have tried it out and experienced the effects first hand
  • CBD MD- Another one in the same category which has tackled insomnia and has a 30 day money back guarantee if not deemed effective
  • Green the Vote Ok- It is more versatile than its counterparts as it works not only on insomnia but also for anxiety, stress and depression apart from providing respite from joint pain. You can check green the vote ok online and ascertain the facts yourslef

Employment Essentials for People Who Are Hearing Impaired

Finding and keeping a job when you have a hearing impairment whether mild or profound requires a different set of nerves than in the typical population. Sadly, many hard of hearing folks stay in jobs that’s far beneath their intelligence. Studies on hearing loss put the most emphasis on prevention and technology, but very little is said about the psychosocial aspects such as not hearing enough to follow conversations in group functions especially in noisy environments.

Statistics from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission states that hard of hearing people encounter more discrimination in the workforce than other people with disabilities. This is because an untreated hearing loss can cause all kinds of communication problems such as not hearing the supervisor’s instructions. The problems of the disease will be improved after a visit at online search engines to check sonus complete reviews. All kind of communication will be heard through the person. The charges of the pills will be under the budget set for the purchase. The problems should be solved with the correct dose. 

Identifying communication problems on the job is the first step in overcoming the challenges of hearing loss. Three things to keep in mind include ackowledging the hearing loss; understanding the communication issues; and finding solutions. The worse thing to do is to request accommodations that you know nothing about, so educating yourself on the issues is the key to success.

Ideally, employers should provide accommodations for the hearing impaired employer such as a captioned telephone. In the real world, it is up to the person to come up with the solutions to accommodate his or her own communication needs. A good start according to a source is to formulate questions. Does the job require a specific function such as answering the phone? What degree of expertise or skill is required to peform the essential function? Could another person do the nonessential duties?

A person from a hearing loss email list quoted, “Dont’ assume a social safety net will catch you.” It is far more satisfying to take your career in your own hands and figure out how to make a go of it. One way to do this is to write out a plan and take small steps.

Analysis from the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center for Hard of Hearing and Late-Deafened Adults in San Diego indicate that it is the hard of hearing person who’s projecting the negative self-image, not the employer or anybody else for that matter. If the job-seeker or employee is comfortable about his or her hearing loss then chances are the employer will be too. The best thing is to use an upfront approach without stepping on everybody toes. In an interview, try to put yourself on the employer’s side of the desk. Lipreading, however does help, but try to focus on maintaining good eye-contact. In so doing, you will establish a mutually beneficial atmosphere that may possibly land you a job or a change for a better one!


Spinal Surgery- God Gifted Boon for Treating Back Pain

At a time when the entire world is fighting the deadliest pandemic to have come out in a century, we have seen a large number of changes in the living conditions in the past few weeks ever since the nationwide lockdown was announced to contain the disease.

Well, things were no better even before the word corona virus came into being as diseases were still ruling the roost by housing in the bodies of people with a weak immune system, be it normal or life threatening.

There was no dearth to the number of ailments that mankind was suffering from and today, we are going to discuss about a common one that instantly comes to mind whenever there is a discussion on this topic.

Chronic Analogy

Back pain is a problem that every aged person can relate to as most of them are falling prey to it when they are in their late 50s and don’t seem to find a solution to the problem anytime too soon.

You can find numerous articles from amateur writers who will lecture you about back pain and its treatment but most of them are of no use because they don’t provide any solution to the problem.

Chronic ailments are the most difficult to treat as they can only be suppressed but don’t have any permanent cure as a result of which most people lose hope and give up interest in life when they can’t bear the pain any longer.

Many readers would be surprised to hear that even youngsters are falling prey to back pain right from a young age because they are quite careless in the way they sit without keeping their back straight, which is how it develops a strain and makes way to issues.

In short, the analogy that can be gauged here is that back pain is not something that pops up suddenly but its roots go back to your childhood in how you used to treat your back and whether you really were able to take care of it.


Bear in mind that the spine is an extremely delicate part of the body and quite sensitive to sprain or injury so take care to put as little pressure on it as possible otherwise it can prove harmful to you.

While chronic back pain has no cure, spinal surgery is an excellent outcome to be on the safer side so that atleast the pain can be mitigated to an extent if not cured and the spine fellowship program in the US largely supports this fact.

If your back pain persists for a few years, then it can be taken as the danger signal that it is in a precarious position that demands a surgery so do take it so that the already serious situation is not aggravated further.

There are times when back pain doesn’t require going under the knife so try out meditation and yoga every morning because natural treatment does wonders that modern day treatment can never do, which in any case is diluted and has many side effects in the bargain.


Spa Treatments for the Pregnant Woman

Many spas today offer services specifically tailored to the pregnant woman, and most commonplace traditional spa activities will still be doable by the pregnant woman well in to their second and third trimesters of pregnancy. There are, however, two main things which must be avoided by a pregnant woman at the spa, activities which will raise the woman’s core body temperature, and contact to chemicals which are known to cause birth defects or any unwanted side effects. If you follow these simple guidelines and listen to your doctors’ advice, you and your new baby will be fine spending the day at the spa.

Saunas and hot tubs must be avoided altogether; these activities will raise your core body temperature to a point where it is unsafe for the baby. To make sure the you do not ingest harmful chemicals the manicure and pedicure are the main things to be avoided as phthalates such as formaldehyde and toluene, which are known to cause birth defects are both found in most nail polishes; luckily neither of these chemicals are absorbed into the body through the fingernails. You do however ingest the fumes of these chemicals during a manicure or pedicure, so if you go for either of these two treatments it is advisable to ask for a nail polish which is free of any of these chemicals. On a less serious note aroma therapy should be avoided due to the fact that basil, cedar wood, clay sage, fennel, juniper, marjoram, myrrh, rosemary, sage and thyme are all known to cause contractions. For pregnant females, Medical spa is the code term for a cosmetic treatment. There will be no requirement to go to any other place for beauty treatment in pregnancy. Proper care and affection will be provided to the patients to get the best results. Online checking of the ranking can be done to know about the services. 

Although you may be unable to take part in your favorite spa treatment because of your pregnant state, you will still be able to do many beneficial and relaxing things which will be good for not only you but also the baby. Sea salt scrubs are a great and baby friendly way to ex foliate your skin while you shed the days stress. Massage is also in yet while you are pregnant the abdomen should not be massaged, if it is it must be done only in a very light touching manner. If your spa does not advertise a special maternity massage make sure to ask the massage therapist if he/she has been trained in maternity massage techniques. Many spas offer a special table to accommodate your belly so your spine and body can be in a more relaxed and natural position during massage or any other treatment, be sure to ask your esthetician about this and the many oils which can be used during massage to sooth your stretching skin and possibly hinder the formation of stretch marks. Hydrating facials are another favorite of pregnant women as the skins chemistry can change dramatically during pregnancy, yet a chemical peel should be avoided as the chemicals can be absorbed into the body through the skin. Wraps are also in. Mud wraps and oil wraps have been deemed safe by most if not all doctors yet they do slightly elevate your core body temperature, not nearly as much as a sauna or hot tub might but they will elevate the body temperature so if you have any reserves about these two don’t do it even if every doctor in the world says it’s OK.


Lose Your Baby Weight like a Celebrity

Celebrities seem to magically melt off the pounds and regain their figures in a matter of weeks after giving birth. In interviews they always say that their lifestyles and fitness programs are not possible for most people. They say that it is their job to look good. We mere mortals wish that we could achieve the fitness that the celebrities seem to come by so easily. There are a few ways to adapt their programs into your busy life as a new mom. It will take work, but it is possible.

  1. Eat like they do. Especially if you are nursing, you know that you cannot cut too far back on calories. You don’t really have to if you are nursing, simply cutting back on junk and eating right will make all of the difference. You can eat lean protien, friut, and salad. This will allow you to nourish your baby and still take off pounds. If you are not nursing, you can follow a simple meal replacement program and watch the pounds melt away painlessly while still getting the vitamins that you need. To add support to your diet, you may also consider some dietary supplements that help you to lose weight more effectively. There are several brands and products that you can see in the market but it is advisable to always go for the most trusted ones. For more information, you can check some resurge reviews.

  1. They work out like crazy. The sheer amount of time that most celebrities put in at the gym can make most of us queasy. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Most of us do not have the money to go out and hire a personal trainer. If you need someone to kick your butt into shape, rent or buy DVD’s. The moves that trainers sell to the public are the same kind of moves that they teach you in person. If you really want to see a major change, do one 30 minute aerobic video in the morning, a weight lifting video during nap time, and a pilates or yoga video in the evening. Yes, it is a lot. If you work out three times a day, you will put in an hour and a half a day! That will yield celebrity like results!
  1. Fake it. Buy some amazing undergarments and you will be able to hide some of the flab until you can work it off. Sunless tanner helps to make you appear slimmer. Buy some black outfits to disguise your body until you feel comfortable showing it again.
  1. Sleep. I know what you are thinking. Sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons that we eat too much and have a hard time losing the weight. If you can find someone to allow you to sleep in or watch the baby and let you take a nap, you will find that in no time you will stop the stress eating. You will also heal faster and metabolize fat easier if you are getting enough rest.

It may be their job to look perfect even after childbirth, but all of us have that same desire. The secret is that there is no secret. They eat right, cut calories, and exercise like crazy to see results. Work at it but do not kill yourself. Constant exercise over time and good nutrition are the real answer to looking amazing after childbirth.


The Importance of a Good Hydration

Water is the principal component of all living beings, it takes part on vital processes in our organism and it constitutes between 40 to 60 percent of our weight, which loses between 10 to 12 glasses of water daily through the skin, lunges, kidneys and intestines, without counting what you lose doing exercises which can duplicate or even triplicate those numbers. Despite this, people generally tend to ignore the importance of water and they even tend to replace it for artificial drinks.

What happens if we not consume water for a week?

Water is considered the most important nutrient of all, because even though there are another nutrients that are essential for life, you can live longer without them; one week is without a doubt the longest you can live without water.

Benefits of a good hydration

There is no doubt that a good hydration is very favorable and necessary for everyone, not only for sportsmen, but also for everybody who wants to have a healthy life. First of all, kidneys are responsible of filtering all the waste products of our organism using water, and obviously, without water, they can’t do it correctly, causing the liver involvement in this process which is not favorable, because one of the most important functions of the liver is to convert fat into energy (in a process called lipolysis), and as the liver can’t work in a right way, the production of energy get lower. An appropriate hydration helps on keeping a good digestion; when the body doesn’t get enough water, it takes it from other sources, generally from glands, including the colon, producing constipation. Water, essential fats and minerals, restores health and strength to the skin. In the other hand, it cleans the body from waste products caused by an unhealthy nutrition, reducing, for example, salt in concentrated forms. It also is characterized for eliminating impurities and toxins from the body through the urine and faeces.

A normal amount of water reduces the probabilities of suffering colon, breast and bladder cancer in about 70 percent. That’s not all, a person can eliminate about 50 percent of his illnesses by consuming an appropriate amount of water. For knowing the amount of water you should consume, you must multiply your weight in pounds with half an ounce.

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the best ways to remain healthy because water is an essential component that comprises nearly 70% of the human body, a testimony of how significant it is for all living beings but just make sure that it is limited to 8-10 glasses per day and never exceed it to something like say 5 gallon spring water.

The importance in Sport

The biggest mistake in athletes and sportsmen is to wait until they are thirsty to consume water. By only feeling the sensation of thirst, you are dehydrated in a 3 percent, which means that your performance at any sport will decrease in about 15 percent.

From the other hand, water is one of the main factors in loosing fat and muscle construction; when water is consumed, the muscularity gets bigger, causing an increase of the metabolic rate which leads to fat burning. Also, as it was mentioned before, with an appropriate amount of this liquid, the liver works properly leading to energy production through lipolysis.

About Water Retention

Contrary to what most people think, consuming water helps on losing fluids that are accumulated in the body. When not enough water is consumed, the body, thinking on a probably shortage, begins to retain fluid as a reserve. These are stored on extracellular spaces making the skin to look a little bit flabby. Many times people think that it is fat, when in reality it is only water retained. A common cause of this is the overconsumption of salt; consuming foods like French fries and a variety of meals loaded with sodium is not favorable to your health. Sportsmen should at least consume a gallon of water daily.


Surviving Outpatient Surgery

Some years ago, outpatient surgery was almost unheard of. If you had surgery for anything, you would have been in the hospital until you had somewhat recuperated. Today, many surgeries are considered outpatient surgery, which may make you feel the procedure is minor.

Whether you are going into the hospital for a tonsillectomy, or rotator cuff repair, there is no simple surgery. Most doctors will tell you anytime anesthesia, and/or a knife are involved, it is serious.

Then why choose to have a surgery as an outpatient? In many cases your insurance company will tell you that your policy only covers certain procedures for you as an outpatient. It has been determined that in most cases a patient recuperates quicker at home than in a hospital setting. And, if you were to stay in a hospital, you could be exposed to a considerable amount of illnesses, and wind up with a second scenario to deal with. Spine Surgery that makes Spinal Surgery much safer should be opted through the patients. It will save the cost and efforts of the person to remove the problem. The treatment will be conducted after providing proper information about the problems and solutions available. The process of surgery should be performed through complete skills and expertise. 

Find out as much as you can about what you will need to have others do for you once you have had your surgery. Even if you are told it is no big deal, and you will be fine the next day, prepare for things that could go wrong.

Learn what medications you will be taking when you return home. Research what negative reactions you could have with this medication. Inform anyone who will be with you during the days following your surgery what they should expect, and when they should be concerned.

Determine who can be a health surrogate for you should you need one. This is a person who is allowed to speak for you when you can’t. In many states a spouse, or adult son or daughter can talk for you if there is a medical question during, or following surgery. Be sure you do not need a legal form stating who your health surrogate is. If you do, the forms are easy to find at an office supply store. You also can type a form yourself stating who you choose to speak on your behalf if you can’t talk. Be sure to have your signature notarized on these forms.

Choose who will take you to and from the hospital. Be sure you have someone who has the patience for a long wait, and you know can take what you may put them through in the days following your surgery.

Make sure you have food, and supplies of any sort you may need or want before you go to the hospital. Plan enough for an extra person so that a helper will not feel too put out.

Get someone to take care of your pets, your mail, and anything else that may need attention the day of your surgery, and the days following. Choose someone who is related, or a close friend, just in case things become a little more complicated than you planned for.

Think about doing a dry run: Most hospitals have a separate parking lot for those who are having outpatient surgery. Drive to the hospital, find the parking area that is for outpatient surgery, and get a feel for the area. If you think it would make you feel better, walk through the hospital common areas.

You will need someone to drive you to the hospital, and to bring you home. Think about having that person with you when you check out the hospital, and parking lot.

Prepare yourself mentally for how things will be the first few days following your surgery. While everyone wants to have the best attitude they can when getting ready for a medical procedure, realize things may be different than you expect them to be today. Having a second plan is always a good idea. For instance, what if the person you are counting on has a change of plans? If you have forgotten to take care of some important details before your surgery, will you have someone who can take care of things for you?

As for the date of your surgery, this could change, too. The doctor may have to change your procedure date for some reason. Or, you are may have to change the date due to some personal circumstances.

It is definitely a new world, with many things changing for the better. In the end, you may be happy you were able to be treated as an outpatient, rather than having to be confined to a hospital.


Am I Still a Man? Dealing with Sexual Dysfunction and Aging

In the conversations about sex and seniors, few people talk about a big problem in aging and that’s impotence. The causes of impotence are many, from prostate problems, circulatory difficulties, movement disabilities, and lack of confidence because sex takes more time and patience and isn’t like the good old days. Still, it isn’t talked about the way it needs to be.

Disgusted employee being victim of harassment and a colleague watching her

Sex problems cross all generations but the hope of solving them is lessened with age. While a man still thinks about women with lust in his heart, as Spencer Tracy so eloquently said in the film Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner when talking about his continuing love for Katherine Hepburn who played his wife in the film. Older men have memories, but they would rather have the continuing sex experience and they may say kissing, talking, and holding hands is enough, not quite so eloquently as Tracy did in the movies, but they worry nonetheless and need to talk about it.

So here are several suggestions. Don’t wait for the problem to get so bad that it can’t be discussed, moreover, after consulting your doctor you can start with medications like hyper male force that can help you tackle this problem. If sex remains difficult for an extended period of a month, that’s ample time to figure out that the problem isn’t going away. The best time, however, to talk about sexual dysfunction is even before it begins. Talk about it soon and cover the “what ifs” One of the “what ifs” is the difficulty in performing. A couple needs to face what that might mean and talk about options once they reach late middle age. Visit a doctor and talk about the issue as a team. Talk about possible solutions with a trained specialist who has special education in sex problems and is able to provide counseling and deal with seniors temperamentally and through experience. 

Finally, seek comfort and moments of physical sharing where both the man and woman can hold each other and feel that physical connection that may be resisted when the issue is sex and the problems of performance. Take the stress away as much as possible from physical performance and instead cultivate physical affection. Assure one another that love continues with physical contact even without the great highs of arousal because of the emotional satisfaction that comes from physical contact. Men have trouble talking about sex when they have difficulties, so grandma needs to initiate activity, when necessary, as a first step to see what other actions need to be taken.

Medications for impotence can make a difference with some men, and for others, they might not work after a while. So along the way the conversations need to continue with plenty of support to discuss feelings. If a man feels angry or frustrated, these are natural responses to the loss that is felt, so this is the test of patience in a relationship. After awhile the conversations will be enriched with physical contact that doesn’t threaten either the man or woman with having to prove anything.

The decline in sexual function is difficult for both the man and woman, however, the replacement of affection that takes place when each supports the other and talks through feelings, recognizes options, and maintains close physical contact can maintain a solid relationship for seniors. The loss needs to be managed with understanding and compassion through which great love is always enriched.


What is TMS Therapy?

Perhaps you’ve heard of this revolutionary treatment, or perhaps you are wondering what is TMS therapy and is it a reasonable option for you. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a new solution to treat many different types of diseases and disorders. Dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, tinnitus, migraines, depression, strokes, and hallucinations are all on the list of viable conditions treatable through TMS therapy.

This is not an invasive therapy and has thus far shown some serious promise in treating the symptoms of the diseases and disorders listed. The brain responds to a stimulus that is designed to create activity within the neurons through the introduction of weak electrical currents. Not to be confused with electric shock therapy, this treatment offers only a very slight dose of electrical current. It’s really just enough to get the brain’s neurons to respond. Besides this therapy, you can also try Sonus Complete by consulting your doctor.  You can also read Sonus complete reviews here.

Electromagnetic induction, which is fast and introduces changes within the structure of the magnetic fields, stimulates the brain’s response and therefore “kick starts” the responses that are similar to those found in brains of complete health.

This type of therapy can be used just once for the purposes of studying the reactions within a particular patient’s brain. However, for long term changes, repetitive treatments are necessary.

The introduction of such therapies is slow as there is enough public and medical disapproval of the past abuses associated with electric shock therapy, and by definition, they both sound rather similar. The massive difference between the patient’s point of view is comfort. The dose of electricity that is introduced is minute and causes “minimal discomfort.”

Many patients who have participated in small scale studies have felt no discomfort whatsoever. This differs from the electric shock therapy practices that surge the body with enough electricity to induce spastic muscle contractions. Single treatment patients tend to have less discomfort than those who undergo rTMS, or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Hearing protection is recommended for anyone undergoing TMS therapy, as there is an associated risk of hearing impairment, especially with repeated therapies. The coil of the TMS unit clicks loudly enough to cause permanent or temporary hearing loss.

In some cases, although rare and considered especially severe, using the TMS system in conjunction with EEG electrodes has proven to cause heating on the scalp. In a few reported cases, this led to burns on the skin.

The FDA has submitted limited approval for the use of TMS therapy in patients with “treatment-resistant depression” as well as for clinical research and compulsory presurgical testing for patients with neurological or psychiatric disorders.