L De Lolita Lempicka, a Perfume Review

I first smelled this perfume in a Sephora catalog that was mailed to my home. It was the only one that caught my attention out of the ten samples. There are very few scents that appeal to my selective taste. What I generally seek is a fragrance that is not flowery because I am allergic to many of the strong flowery scents plus they just smell horrible on me. What I need is a fragrance that is more oriental with base notes of vanilla. There are very few scents that agree with my body chemistry. Angel by Thierry Mugler is one that I love and there is another called Flowerbomb by Viktor  amp; Rolf. This L de Lolita Lempicka is pretty much in the same family as those. The good thing is that this fragrance is less expensive.

Angel costs $160.00

Flowerbomb costs $150.00

L de Lolita Lempicka costs $89.00 almost half the price


The marketing concept of this perfume left me a bit confused but that is the only questionable trait of this perfume. Let me explain. The perfume is supposed to be based upon a mermaid and the sea. When I think of the sea I consider smelling something like Sand and Sable (an old perfume that smells like the beach) If not that then perhaps something with coconut. I really don’t know that much about marketing a perfume but I surely wouldn’t link a woodsy oriental to the sea.


The bottle is supposed to look like a pebble but I think it resembles a whimsical heart. The aqua blue bottle is embellished with a starfish caught in a golden net and a gold letter L charm. I believe that the actual perfume inside the bottle is what is colored bluish-green, I am pretty sure the actual bottle is clear. The bottle comes packaged in an orange box which is not very pretty in my opinion. As I mentioned earlier it is not what I would expect the bottle or packaging to look like. I don’t think I would even consider this to be a negative it just leaves me with a huge question mark, that is all.


Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Orange Flower, and Cinnamon

Mid Notes: Immortal Flower and Vanilla

Base Notes: Woods, Amber, and Musk

This fragrance is delightfully well blended. The smell just works, it is a tad spicy but not overpowering. It flirtatiously lingers without being nauseating.

The scent lasts for about 8 hours without having to reapply.

You can smell each layer clearly and they are all perfectly combined. The orange smells more like an orange blossom than the actual fruit it is subtle but it still there, The vanilla smells sort of like a toasty marshmallow sprinkled with cinnamon. I just love how each of the notes are obviously present but none of them dominate. It is perfection, they really knew just when to back off of certain smells to create the ideal composition.

I would most often wear this in the winter during the daytime.

Where to buy

You can purchase it at Sephora but I have recently found it at and Ebay for much less than the retail price. You just need to make sure that you are buying the real Eau de Parfum and not a tester. The difference between the perfume and the tester is that the tester wears off much quicker. I like my perfume to linger so I don’t have to reapply. You will also see a lot of old bottles on Ebay in which the scent has turned. These are easy to spot because the perfume will change color. The old ones turn into a greenish-brown you will want to go for a more green/blue color. The less brown the better and fresher.

There is no dearth to the brand of perfumes that you get to find in the market but most of them are expensive and people too are spoilt for choice as they get many recommendations from friends that relieve their own experience of having tried out a brand new perfume that came out in recent times.


Boiler Services- A Fine Kettle of Fish for Heating Things Up

No one can claim to have all the learning and knowledge of each and every topic in existence as that is impossible to do and yet we have numerous so called experts who claim the exact same thing of having learnt so much that there is nothing more left to learn.

Well, all one can say is god bless them and may they prosper for eternity but a true expert in anything would not brag the same as such people are more humble and modest in their approach for they know that exaggeration of one’s own credentials only indicates arrogance and conceit.

Today’s topic is on the same lines as although you may have basic or even sufficient knowledge about it but the experts that utilize this object all the time never claim to know everything about it.


Boiler is the topic of discussion for this article and it is defined as a large container type vessel that stores liquid fluid for heating so that it would come in use for studying the different aspects of heating applications that come into play here that need to be analyzed.

You don’t need to be an expert on vessels to know that boilers have been used for heating purposes for a long time since the 1800s when it was the original terminology for the vessels that could handle low or medium pressure.

Now we have a more updated version of boiler that can take up high pressure of heat for which it is also termed as steam generator because of the involvement of steam into the picture.

So for an object that has such a long history it is only but natural that the current generation would have little to no knowledge about it due to lack of interest but people that are using it each day in factories would be in the know wouldn’t they?

Well, it isn’t always the case as certain people are still ignorant about its maintenance as it requires regular hauling that is also called boiler servicing at regular intervals.

Service before Self

Let us take a look at some important points on how to keep your boiler working fine by keeping it in maintenance from time to time so that it would be clear for those people that know little about it.

Whenever you purchase a boiler from the market, you are sure to look at the warranty period before buying it so if you want a replacement, then you have to have it serviced at the end of each year.

You need to have adequate knowledge about the best boiler installation in town so that you would know where to look so make sure to research about it online because it would be dangerous to give this task to engineers that aren’t qualified to handle them because it is illegal.

A good boiler service should know what its job is that mainly involves checking the boiler thoroughly to ensure that the pressure valve is in working order and all the controls are effective with perfect working condition.


First Person: Can I Make Money with Coffee News USA?

In a previous article, I talked about the considerations regarding becoming a Coffee News USA franchisee. In that article I briefly mentioned the basics on the costs and potential sales revenue for this business. In this article, I wanted to get into a little more detail on how to maximize your revenue with this business and maximize your profits.

What does it cost to publish an edition of Coffee News?

There is a weekly content licensing fee that you are charged on a per franchise basis. The fee for your first franchise is $85 per week. If you own additional franchises, those are billed at an just $25 per week. I was told during my experience with this that they generally bill these fees on a monthly basis, but it is recommended you account for these fees weekly to avoid a massive unexpected deduction at the first of each month from your account. In order to earn money from coffee delivery singapore, the person should have all the information available about the requirements. The publishing of the news will be done at the news channel to offer the correct knowledge about the products. In the first month, various exceptions will be provided to the person for the benefit. 

There is also the cost associated with printing the weekly publication to be accounted for. For your first year, Coffee News requires that you use a printer they are affiliated with in Maine who is well versed in the layout and printing requirements of this brand. The average printing cost with UPS Ground shipping to most parts of the United States will come to about $0.10 per copy. When you start running larger editions with more copies, you can expect that rate to drop to as low as $0.06 – $0.08 per copy. The average edition has 2,000 copies printed, making this an estimated weekly cost of $200.

In short, a weekly publication will have an upfront cost of about $285 if you have one franchise with just one edition printing. This is the number we will use for our example here.

What should I charge for my Advertising Space?

There are 32 advertising spots available on your editions of Coffee News USA. The rate you could charge per space will vary greatly and is based on number of locations and consumer traffic. For a simple basis, the recommended lowest weekly rate for one of these ads in most cases is $20 per week.

If you get 32 advertisers to commit to a space at the $20 per week rate, your gross income would be $640 per edition per week. After your expenses of $285 you would net a profit of about $355. This assumes that you run this route yourself and that you do not have to outsource any of the process (sales, distribution, etc.). Granted this may not seem like a lot of money for the effort that goes into the development of a single edition. Be aware that there are nearly no limits to how many editions you can publish within a franchised territory and that you could own up to twenty franchises in total as you grow your business. There is a franchisee in my area of residence that owns five franchises and distributes nearly a dozen editions each week. Even with the cost of hired help, just imagine the potential for net profits from all those editions you would have as you grow your Coffee News USA franchise.

Cbd Guide Pets

The Best Cbd Oil Tinctures For Your Dog

CBDistillery Pet Tincture

One of the most popular and highly effective CBD products in the market is the CBDistillery Pet Tincture. If you want to know exactly what’s in your dog, then this product is the perfect one for you. This brand is located in Colorado and its main goal is to provide high quality CBD oil at a very affordable rate. Another amazing thing about this brand is that the organic hemp where it comes from is grown outdoors without the use of any herbicides or chemical pesticides to ensure the safety and health of your pet.

Madterra CBD Pet Tincture

If you are looking for a CBD oil that has flavor on it so that your pet will like it a lot, Madterra CBD Pet Tincture is the best product for your dog. This product is a beef and chicken flavored tinctures added to an unflavored oil. It is high quality and high standard as well to make sure that it will deliver effective results to the health of your pet. Just like CBDistillery, this product also comes from non-GMO hemp plants. A coconut oil is also added to the product to add more flavor and nutrients.

NuLeaf Naturals

Another great CBD tincture oil for your dog is NuLeaf Naturals. This is considered to be a full spectrum oil which is believed to be the best quality kind of cbd oils available in the market. It is also derived from non-GMO hemp so no pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are used in growing it. It is fully organic, doesn’t contain any solvents or heat so it is very safe for your pet. This product is also affordable, you can buy this for 0.15 USD per mg only. For more information, you can read here.

Honest Paws

The most considered high quality cbd product through customer reviews and feedbacks is Honest Paws. This product comes in 3 various purity levels or strengths that correspond to the weight groups of your dog. 125 mg strength is for dogs weighing 25 and less ponds, the 250 mg strength is for dogs weighing 25-50 pounds and the 500 mg strength is for over 50 ponds dogs. Please note that experts suggest 1 ml of cbd oil only per day regardless of the weight of the dog. Prices of this product range from 0.16 USD to 0.32 USD per mg.

cbdMD Pet CBD Oil

If you are looking for a CBD product that is very affordable but doesn’t compromise oir sacrifice the quality, cbdMD Pet CBD oil is the best option for you. It is considered to be a broad spectrum oil that can be bought in 4 different concentrations 3000mg, 1500mg, 750mg and 300mg. It’s very budget friendly with its 0.10 USD price per mg or less.  Just like most of the products here, cbdMD Pet CBD oil is also GMO free. This is free from any herbicides, pesticides and chemicals so if safety is your concern, this product is totally good.

Fab CBD Dog Treats

If your looking for a cbd oil product that can be incorporated with crunchy dog treats made without wheat, corn, dairy or soy, then Fab CBD Dog treats is the best one for your dog. It is a healthy snack that doesn’t trigger your pet’s allergy and dietary restriction. You can buy this product in 3 flavors: chicken, peanut butter apple and salmon. This product is really tasty so your dog will definitely love this. It is THC free so it doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties and it can be bought at 0.25 USD per mg.

Guide Pets Skin Care

Dog Allergy Signs And Symptoms

Were you aware that your dog can suffer from the same allergies that humans do? More than twenty percent of all dogs actually do have allergies and most are undetected since pet owners are not familiar with the signs. Some of the more popular allergies are food allergies, dermatitis and airborne allergies.

The most common sign that a dog has allergies is itching. Persistent itching will be seen around the butt area. The second most important sign to look out for with dogs is licking between the pads on the paws. Sure, dogs will lick the pads and between the pads however an allergic dog will lick it until it turns red in color. Some dogs will have such as reaction that the skin will be broken from too much licking. Some of the other minor signs are coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and mucus discharge for skin allergies. Persistent itching all around the body and pigment discoloration will be seen for skin allergies. As for food allergies a pet owner will signs of nausea, lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea (without blood).

Many pet owners see these signs in dogs however try to take home ailments and use on the dog to make it cheaper. These home ailments that have been passed down from other family members or friends, or even the store bought products on the market today are not worth the money. In fact, many dogs will have another allergy to the allergy medications that are even sold in reputable pet stores causing more damage to the pet’s health. Please never purchase medicine or try human medicine on any animal. The best solution if you feel your dog has an allergy is to make an appointment with a veterinarian to find out what is going on with the pet. Since pets can not talk, some pet owners think a pet has allergies however it turns out to be something more serious. Therefore, just save your time and money and seek professional help and get the issues solved fast. Why not look here or at some of the reliable and helpful sources that provide tips, strategies and techniques on how you can properly take good care of your pet. Educating yourself about the health and safety is one of your major responsibilities as a pet owner.

During your visit with the veterinarian, please be sure to take as much information as possible to help the veterinarian out with the diagnosis. For example, try to chart when a pet is itching: is it all the time or after a certain activity has been completed. Also, if you are visiting a new veterinarian, take all previous vaccination and history records to the new office. A veterinarian will also ask the quantities of food and what brand name food you are giving to the pet. It is important to take this information along with you; it just takes a moment to write it down before you leave. A lot of pet owners can not remember the name and daily serving that the dog has been given once in the office. Therefore, since veterinary offices are very stressful, it is just easier to take all information along with you for a more efficient visit.

After the problem has been diagnosis, special diets may be suggested or tests may be taken to help assist the veterinarian narrow down the allergy. For minor cases, maybe a small dose of over the counter baby medicine will be requested each day or for more major cases prescription drugs will be provided to cure the issue at hand. It is important though to watch for signs and make an appointment as soon as the issue starts. If an appointment is not available right away, please never use an over the counter medicine or cream that humans or other animals have used. Just slightly wash the area gently with water while waiting for the appointment. Waiting and patience is just the key.


In 2020: The Top 5 Inflatable Floating Docks!

An inflatable dock is designed especially for paddle boats so that a person can easily move forward and backward with the help of a dock. There are lots of designs as well as sizes available in an inflatable floating dock through which you can enjoy boating. If you have your own boat, then you might understand clearly about the use and purpose of a floating dock. Everyone enjoys doing boating and making it smoother as well as easier, and it is important for you to consider a dock through which everything will become easy for you. There are lots of docks available in the market with different materials and prizes. You can buy any of the docks according to your choice and interest because it will help you to float appropriately in the water. While considering a dock, you have also heard about a pier and a wharf. Firstly, I will tell you the difference between the importance of a pier, a dock, and a wharf so that each and every term will become easy for you.

Using a wharf is basically considered for large boats such as commercial shipping as a reason the size of a wharf is designed in such a way that it breaks the water and makes with solid and rigid shape. Whereas when we talk about a pier, then basically it is also large in size but only used for family and houseboats. You can also take an example of a cruise ship because these piers are considered for these boats. Now, you will be going to read about using a dock, which is basically considered for smaller boats such as the paddle boats. Through docks, you will be able to move either in a backward direction or in a forward direction so that it will become convenient for you to considering paddle boats. 

What are fixed docks?

Fixed docks are relatively different from floating docks because, in a fixed dock, the dock is already fixed with your boat, whereas floating docks are separated from the boat. Not only this, but you can’t flow a fixed dock on the water, whereas floating dock can be easily floated on the water. 

Is it beneficial to use a floating dock? How?

Using a floating dock is beneficial because it helps in moving your boat on the water. You can change the position of a floating dock whenever you wanted to do. Unless like fixed docks, these floating docks are different in size as well as in shape. Also, the purpose of using these docks are way different while using the boat. It acts as a permanent dock because it is made with a rigid shape and size, and one can easily use it again and again. Not only this but using a floating dock comes with a rigorous design as well as the installation of this floating dock is easy as compared with other types of the floating dock. You need to keep one thing in mind, which is that using a floating dock is only meant for single boats. You can’t use it in high and big boats or in any commercial ship. If you are interested in buying an inflatable dock then it is important for you to consider all the things appropriately because there are lots of models as well as the material available while buying a floating dock. 

Is it expensive to buy a floating dock?

Basically, buying a floating dock is depends on the material of the dock, and it is not too expensive for you to buy it. As if you have your own boat, then you can buy it, but if you are considering paddle boats o rent, then you can also consider a floating dock on rent. As a reason, it will become beneficial for you to use a floating dock. Despite all the things, it would be better for you if you will go for a modular because it acts similarly to a floating dock. 

What are the different types of floating docks?

Now, in the lower section, you will be going to read about the different types of floating docks so that it will become easy for you to buy the most suitable and appropriate one for paddle boating. Consider all the information wisely, which is mentioned in the lower section for you, such as:

  • Plastic floating docks:

this floating dock is made with plastic, which is highly stable as well as durable. It is made with a wooden dock, and you can easily afford it. The biggest benefit of buying this type of dock is that it will not rust because it is made with plastic. 

  • Aluminum floating docks:

the docks which are made with aluminum material is highly durable as well as lightweight as compared with another type of floating docks. The property of using aluminum is that it is resistant to corrosion.

  • Wood floating docks:

this floating dock is made with wood, and it will flow in water in a natural way, which is smooth as well as stabilized. 

The five best inflatable floating docks:

  • Driftsun Inflatable Floating Mesa Dock
  • Bestway Inflatable Sun Deck
  • Solstice Inflatable Floating Dock
  • Aqua Marina Inflatable Floating Dock 
  • Driftsun Asana Inflatable Floating Dock

Lastly, all the five best inflammable floating docks, as well as the type of different floating docks, are listed on the upper section for you so that it will become beneficial for you to go through every single term appropriately. 



Kartoffelpuffer – Fun to Say, Easy to Make

You may know them as latkes or potato pancakes, but I just LOVE the word kartoffelpuffer! It was when we were in Germany that I learned that the potato pancakes I had come to love in Philadelphia’s German restaurants were called kartoffelpuffer. Kartoffel is the potato part of the word, but puffer has a variety of meanings as a stand alone word – none of which seems to relate to food. That was a surprise to me! But, when you put them together, they loosely translate to potato pancake or potato fritter.

When we would have them in the Philadelphia area, they were always served with apple butter and sour cream. Now, I adore apple butter and I like sour cream with Mexican food and on baked potatoes, but the two things together was something new to me. Needless to say, I found I loved it! (Do I love too much?) The combination of the Air Fryer + Toaster Oven will meet all the requirements of the person. The cooking of the favorite food will be done through the person. Different and unique dishes can be tried for changing the taste of the tongue. All the basic information should be available with the person for purchasing the best brand. 

One of the things I loved at the German Christmas markets was the street vendors. Thousands of street vendors. Arts, crafts, toys, collectibles, pottery, clothing and food – everywhere you walked in the market. But, then I discovered the Kartoffel stands. I was surprised to learn that French fries in Germany are called the same name they are in Paris: Pommes Frites (pronounced pohm freet). But, despite that seemingly out of place nomenclature, there in their ever loving glory were kartoffelpuffer served with apple sauce and sour cream. Oh….my….God!! I had to go grab Tom and show him. We both bought ourselves a kartoffelpuffer, fresh and hot, to enjoy as we walked along (actually, I stood to eat mine because they really were hot and it was easier to finish standing still).

Anyway, I have been craving these things for a while now. I found that if I have shredded potatoes on hand, they are SO easy to make that I can throw them together in a couple of minutes. Shredded potatoes, onions (I used onion powder, but minced or diced onions are more authentic), scrambled eggs, salt and pepper and you’ve got yourself the makings of kartoffelpuffer. Some recipes call for a bit of flour which helps bind it all together, but I didn’t put any in what I made and they came out great! I did put a bit of pumpkin pie spice in (it called for nutmeg), but that’s totally optional.

I’ve used shredded fresh potatoes and this time I used shredded frozen hash browns. I wasn’t expecting my daughter to want any because I asked her if she wanted potato pancakes and she shot me down immediately. But, then she came and looked in the pan and asked me what they were. She decided then she would have one and make a sandwich out of it with the bacon and toast she already had.

Now, that’s an idea I hadn’t considered, so I’m sharing it with you as an option. Make your breakfast sandwiches out of a potato pancake with bacon or ham or a slice of Canadian bacon. They’d be perfect for breakfast on the run!!

Dental care Guide Health Treatments

Trust And Dentistry

May I get you anything? Are you doing okay? Do you need anything to drink? How do you feel? Did I hurt you? I’m sorry that hurts. Let me give you a few minutes to relax and get comfortable. Do you want to watch a movie or television? What type of music would you like?

No, this is not a snapshot from a 1960’s airline training video or a chapter in a parenting manual. It’s the nature of conversation that I was privileged to encounter during my recent dental adventures at two of Denver, CO’s finest dental professionals.

Having experienced the impersonal and somehow institutional dental exercises at some of the dental farms, the revelation that true and human dentistry still flourishes in my city is a welcome one. You have either seen or visited one of these dental clinics and for fear of unfair generalization, they are often lacking in the personal and home town flavor associated with “my dentist.”

I am certain that many of the professionals who dwell there do so because private practices (malpractice insurance included) are prohibitively expensive and frequently impractical. And certainly it is to be assumed that many caring and highly educated dentists practice in these clinics. In other words, there is no insult intended or implied.

But there is occasion to identify two (comparatively young) dental artisans who were presented a pair of my homegrown chewing devices that were in serious need of care and compassion. Thankfully, I did not need to look far for that level of talent combined with gentle clinical skills characteristic of a pediatrician or neurosurgeon. It is important to choose the best and right dentist for you like dental veneers lancaster. Your teeth are one of the important assets in your face. It helps you to eat well, smile comfortably and utter words accurately. Thus, choose a dentist that can give you the bets dentistry services.

In both cases, I was welcomed to the dental chair with a degree of solicitousness that amazed and delighted me. With deliberate analysis having been completed, serious attention was paid to the economy of procedures to be delivered and the ultimate priority of delivering the best and finest care to my teeth. Equal to that, however, was the respect with which I was treated. Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of receiving medical or dental care as if we were as capable of understanding and sensitivity as punching bags. But that was not to be the approach in these encounters.

My entire treatment procedure was carefully and deliberately articulated by both dentists. Approval was requested, understanding was verified and questions were specifically and intelligently answered. Perhaps the response that I receive is in some way associated with the respect that I dispense? This is likely the case in terms of the questions asked but surely not so in terms of the kind, concerned treatment.

And what is the lesson to be learned? We as patients are fortunate to stumble upon justifiable trust in dentistry as in any other profession requiring advanced studies and dedicated professionalism. Trust to these two dentists is (apparently) the value of each patient, his or her needs and the responsibility that is implicit to a patient sitting in his chair.

If the trust that I have in my professional dental team is predicated on more than the degrees posted in their lobbies, rightfully so. As a consumer, I earnestly hope that these are prototypes rather than exceptions and that we have reason to hope for the future of exceptional professional services that encompass human care rather than deleting or subordinating it.

Gaming Guide

Why Shenmue Wasn’t As Popular As Grand Theft Auto

Before Grand Theft Auto III lit the world on fire in 2001, a similar type of game were already available from the year before. Sega’s Shenmue features an open world full of activities such as fighting, playing the arcade, and earning collectible figurines. Instead of the term Sandbox, “FREE” (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment) was used to describe the open- world gameplay.

At that time, Shenmue was the most expensive videogame project ever. Although it managed to sell over a million copies, it was nowhere near Grand Theft Auto III level; not to mention that Sega never made back the amount of money they invested into the project.

So why wasn’t the Shenmue series as financially successful as Grand Theft Auto? Let’s take a look at a couple of factors.

The Setting

Shenmue is set in Japan while Shenmue II is set in Hong Kong. While they have some fans, these areas don’t have as much mainstream appeal as the American cities in Grand Theft Auto. This is why Jackie Chan’s English movies are set in America. Add to the fact that the events in the game take place in the 1980s. That decade was not the most popular of eras to choose from. If the setting didn’t invoke any exotic or nostalgic feelings inside you, than chances are you will feel disconnected with the game’s story and characters.

Lack of Violence

The ability to go on a killing rampage was one of the main selling points to the Grand Theft Auto series. You can’t do that in the Shenmue series. You can only fight in story situations and battle arenas. While the fighting system is deep, martial arts aren’t as appealing as blasting someone with a shotgun (at least not in gun-loving America).

Slow Pace

You spend most of your time in Shenmue asking questions to random people. Not exactly an idea of fun. Shenmue is a story-heavy adventure game first and foremost rather than a free-roaming one. Unless you are really engrossed to the story, you will probably lose patience.

Playstation 2

The Shenmue series went against the mighty Playstation 2 not once but twice. The first Shenmue was released on the Sega Dreamcast in 2000. The next year, the Dreamcast was discontinued and Sega went into third-party development. Shenmue II was released in 2002 for the Xbox thanks to an exclusive deal between Sega and Microsoft. The new audience didn’t embrace the sequel and, as a result, sales were poor.

In addition, unlike GTA where you can use some form of cheats like gta mods ps4, Shenmue game is fully a hard work one. You really have to work your butt off just to make it to the next level or stage of the game.

Perhaps the results would have been different if the games were on the Playstation 2. The fact is that Sega lost a lot of potential customers by choosing not to put the game on the ultra-popular Playstation 2.

Thanks to these factors, the Shenmue series were discontinued after the second game. While Grand Theft Auto is seen as a cash cow, Shenmue was a financial flop.

Unfortunately, the story was never finished since the series was planned for at least three games. Despite the constant begging from fans and the financial success of Sega’s Yakuza series (which was pretty similar to the Shenmue games), Sega is showing no desire to make another Shenmue game.

Business Guide Money online marketing

How To Sell On Half.Com is a way many people are making كيفية الربح من الانترت. Here is how to sell on

What do I Sell?

Selling Books on

The most important thing to sell on is to find some books to sell. It is best the book you want to sell on is popular because it will sell faster. However, you don’t want books that are so popular there are lots available. If supply is greater than demand, it will drive the price down.

Some people choose to sell books that are out of print or not as popular. This means there is a lower supply of these books, however, the buyer is fewer and farther between. For less popular books, you may need to let them sit in a basement, storage shed or warehouse for months before they will sell. Therefore, it is important you keep them mold and must free. So store your books somewhere dry and do not store them with old musty books because your newer books may begin to smell musty. Musty books are often returned.

Selling DVD’s on

DVD’s are popular sellers on as well. Remember as I mentioned with books – popular is best. However, if an item is too popular, the supply may be greater than the demand which will drive the price down.


Games, Music, and Textbooks

Almost any media item which is available within the database is available for resale on Therefore, it is important to remember that video games, music, and textbooks are also hot sellers on

Where do I find items to sell?

Look at local book stores in their clearance sections or at local garage sales. You can also buy books in lots on eBay or let your friends and family members know you are taking donations in old DVDs, books, and music.

Some people offer to buy books for a few cents per book in order to get inventory to sell online. Many people who do not want to go to the trouble of listing the items themselves may take you up on this offer.

You can also offer to buy used textbooks from local college students at higher prices than the college is offering. This may be easy to do because the colleges don’t often offer much money. Be sure to do your research if you do this to ensure the item will sell. The best way to do this is to check “Completed Listings” on eBay. This will give you an idea if there is a market for the textbook in this economy. Then check to find out what the books are selling for so you know about how much money you can offer to purchase the item for.

What price should I sell the Item for?

I recommend selling the item for less than the other items posted for the specific book or DVD no matter what the condition of the item is in. This will ensure you get a buy quicker and reduce storage fees.

How do I start selling on

You will start by creating an account on either eBay or (both eBay and use the same account). Then start selling. If you don’t already have an eBay account, you will want to set one up and buy a few items on eBay or so you can receive some positive feedback. After you have positive feedback, you will have positive ratings on your account and it will be easier to sell. You may also have to sell a few items for really low prices in order to get a buyer to trust you enough to buy from you. Then request feedback. As your positive feedback grows, more people will trust and buy from you.

What are the fees for selling on

There are no initial fees for selling on Instead, you will be charged a percentage of the sale. Everything is detailed in the agreement statement on

When will I be paid? pays monthly. I do not know whether they have a payout of something like $25 before they pay. However, this is a fairly easy amount to make on

Is legitimate?

Yes, is legitimate and I have been paid as a seller on

Is it easy to sell on

Yes, it is extremely easy to sell on

How many books would I need to sell on in order to make a sustainable income?

I am not certain of this because I have never decided to do full time, but I would imaging you would need to have around 1000 popular items (or more) listed at any given time. Perhaps someone will leave a comment to answer this question.

Is this a realistic way to make money while I am laid off?

I would say, “Yes.” If you put your heart into making this business work, it is definitely a way to make a liveable income. Albeit, the income is unlikely to be lucrative especially when you consider the work that will go into packing and mailing books, but it is definitely a form of sustainable income.