The Control of Your Life – a Bit on the Law of Attraction

In this life we live there are very many principles that we live by. There are many natural laws that we live by too, and these laws are always at work. These universal laws are always in play, they are always behind the scenes causing the results that we see every day, the thing is that we can and should direct them to do our will.

Let us use an example of our automobile; if you go out and get into your vehicle you will be in either the driver’s position or the passenger position. If you are in the passenger position then you are not in control and will have to wait for someone else to come along to operate the vehicle and you will have to go where they want to go. Even if that other person is feeling generous and will take you where you want to go you are still at the mercy of how and when they direct the vehicle.

People are quite passionate about cars and love to drive it out whenever the occasion calls for it but you can’t do so when someone else is at the driver’s seat which in a way robs you of the sense of freedom as you can’t go where you want to, which incidentally relates to a helpless person and one might read a Manifestation magic review on how to control the actions of others.

Now if you are in the driver’s seat you have the ability to control that car to accomplish your will. It will do as you command, but it will operate like a car, it will only do what it is supposed to do and nothing more or less. For fun let us call this the universal law of car. If you put the car in reverse and press the gas pedal nothing happens until you start the engine. That is part of the universal law of car that you have to start the engine. Once you have started the engine the car will now accept commands and do as you will.

So you put the car in reverse, and press the gas, but it doesn’t move as you have forgotten the other part of the universal law of car, and that is the law of the parking brake. So you release the brake and again you press on the gas with the gear in reverse and the vehicle moves in reverse. As the vehicle moves it will gain speed and will travel in the direction congruent with the other part of the universal law of car, and that is the law of steering. If it is not steered it will follow the direction in accordance with the sub law of tire direction and soon you will hit something.

To avoid hitting something you have to follow the law of steering and braking, once you have successfully moved the vehicle you now need to go somewhere and here the universal law of car shows that you need to use the forward gears to go forward. So you switch to forward gears let off the brake, use the law of steering and press on the gas and now you are going somewhere. The car will respond to the universal law of car, in that acceleration, steering and braking, will combine together with your direction and cause the vehicle to do something in accordance with your will. If you fail to act in the correct manner and direct the vehicle safely, you will crash, go the wrong way, go to the incorrect destination, or go the long way, all in accordance with the law of car. The vehicle will do as directed and will operate in the way that the law of car says it will.

Trying to use the universal law of car in the wrong manner will result in less than desired situations. If you desire to go to the valley to have a picnic then you steer on the given path follow the universal laws of traffic and soon you are in the valley enjoying your destination. However if you try to use the law of car in the wrong manner and try to take the short cut, you will find that the universal law of car shows that cars are not designed to fly and while you may reach your destination at the bottom of the valley you will not be in a position to enjoy your destination, or to use the universal law of car any further.

So it is with these other universal laws that we talk about. These laws will function as designed every time. It is not how these laws will bring things into your life; it is the fact that they will bring things into your life. What they bring depends on you and how you direct them, how you control them, and how you influence them.

As long as you know what the universal laws are and how to use them then you can achieve what you desire. You have to learn the nuts and bolts of these universal laws and how to apply them to your situation.

So you can choose to be a passenger, or you can choose to be a driver, if the passenger then do not complain, be grateful you are going somewhere, if the driver then select a destination and get moving.


Rush on Seven Episodes (R.O.S.E.) Online

R.O.S.E. (Rush on Seven Episodes) Online is developed by Triggersoft and published by Gravity Inc. When it was released it was seen to have been following the footsteps of Ragnarok Online (another MMORPG published by Gravity) and had a big player base and lots of things to look forward to. It’s not that different with the usual online hack and slash RPG. You fight enemies across a vast world and gain experiences and items. You’ll also get to complete quests that will give you extra experience points and even items and equipments. You also get to mingle with other players and chat, trade or hangout with them while in the game. It was real fun and the graphics were really good. It has cute characters and very colorful environments. The sounds are great as well and it has a well-balanced gameplay among the 4 job classes (Hawker, Soldier, Muse, and Dealer). Each of the maps is fairly huge and it would take you a while if you’d just run through the map.

As mentioned, this game is not widely available (commercially) anymore. Philippine ROSE online (pROSE as we call it) was among the last distributors of the game and our colleagues and friends from Europe were migrated to that server. As of this moment, you can still play for free on some servers until the last update. You can visit http://www.roseonlinegame.com (ROSE Online North America) to play for free if you’ve missed it and want to try it out. It isn’t widely available now since the development of the game has stopped and it only reached the 3rd planet among the 7 (only Junon, Luna, and Eldeon are available). The game is supposed to feature 7 planets (hence, the title) namely Junon, Luna, Eldeon, Oro, Skaaj, Karkia, and Hebarn. Currently, the update stopped at Eldeon. It also has a wide array of skills from the first jobs to the advanced classes. It takes quite a while to level up to over 100 but the road to it is fun. But of course, as with most of the hack and slash games, it may get a little boring at times.

There are lots of private servers around but I would suggest you stay with ROSE Online North America. There is an item mall where you can buy items that will help you level up faster such as very useful items and equipments. Aside from that feature, the community is very active and you can join the forums to discuss things about ROSE Online or even anything else under the sun. You also have excellent support from the staff and administrators. Players’ concerns are being addressed as much as they can and they maintain the servers to keep it balanced and as bug-free as possible. There are lots of minor updates and they have lots of events especially during the holidays.

It was really fun while it lasted. The community was great and a lot of people are very helpful. But of course, there is the occasional rude person who picks on weaker characters and steals some monsters and even items. But the overall experience I had was really good. In the picture, I was with one of my dearest friends (Daisy) whom I’ve known for years. We met online and played together most of the time. I’ve met lots of other nice people as well. It’s still not too late though. You can still catch up and experience ROSE Online for yourself. Have fun and enjoy the game!