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No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Card

If you are looking for an interest free credit card, one that provides transfer options of balances from other credit cards with higher interest rates but you also want a card without fees, then a no balance transfer fee credit card is the perfect choice. A credit card such as this is designed so you can enjoy the low interest rate throughout what is called an introductory period. Although the low interest during this period is a promotional strategy that benefits the company, it also benefits consumers.

There are no balance transfer services provided with the choosing of the Best Credit Repair to have the desired results. The availability of the best items is possible with transferring of the money possible. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible for the people. 

In most cases, a no balance transfer fee credit card targets two groups of people – new cardholders and people with excellent credit. After all, today more than ever before, banks and credit card companies are in tough competition for business. Therefore, the better and more flexible products and services they provide the greater chance people will transfer balances from another company’s card to the new card while also saving significant money.

Numerous studies have been conducted to determine whether these companies actually make money with a no balance transfer fee credit card and the results show that 88% of them do. While most credit card companies are upfront about the amenities of the cards they offer to include fees, it is imperative you do your own homework so the right card for your needs is chosen.

You definitely need to read the fine print since information about fees is easy to hide. Even reputable companies can be a little sneaky when it comes to fees. It is estimated that 25% of credit card companies charge transfer fees so you need to understand this prior to choosing the card and know wording to look for as you go through the information. We all know that reading the fine print for terms of a no balance transfer fee credit card is no fun but it is necessary.

Typically, the purpose in choosing a no balance transfer fee credit card is to reduce debt and fast. With a card such as this, more of the money you pay monthly toward the balance would actually go toward the principle balance and not the interest. Even though the average fee for transferring money is 4%, if the balance being transferred is high, this could quickly add up. Therefore, a no balance transfer fee credit card would allow you to complete a smooth transaction without spending a dime.