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4 Easy Ways To Ramp Up Wi-Fi Signal At Home

Imagine yourself in the middle of a long awaited video call with your special someone on a special day. You two are having some of the best moments of your life and suddenly your home Wi-Fi signal goes poof! Oh, boy. What a nuisance!

Now, there could be myriad reasons behind a poor Wi-Fi signal. The good news is there are also multiple ways to ramp up the strength of your home Wi-Fi. The post below offers a brief on the simple tips to boost up the Wi-Fi signal across your home.

Keep it away from disturbances

The placement of your Wi-Fi router largely dominates the signal strength of the Wi-Fi connection. In other words, there are certain disrupters of Wi-Fi signal and you are going to experience shaky connection if you place the router close to those. Metal is a big disrupter here so you should not place the router close to metal objects. Other materials that can cause disturbances here are wood, plastic, glass, cardboard and foam.

Wi-Fi signal can also be affected by electromagnetic waves. So, you should not place the router in close proximity to appliances which release electromagnetic waves. These include kitchen appliances, fluorescent lightbulbs, electric razors and circuit breakers.

Update your Wi-Fi router

A malware-infested router could do much to harm the strength of broadband signal at home. When a malware attacks your router, it steals bandwidth and then spreads itself right across the whole network to many other devices. The immediate result will be faint Wi-Fi speed and signal. On the other hand, if you update the router at regular intervals you will be able to keep these unwanted invasions at bay and also enjoy great broadband signal. Thus, if the router is acting weird lately, check out for malware attack and make sure to update it regularly.

Invest in a Wi-Fi booster

A Wi-Fi booster would be a great help to improve the Wi-Fi signal across your home. A booster device such as superboostwifi amplifies the signal strength of your existing router and fixes the speed issues. Most importantly, an external booster offers broadband coverage across a greater area compared to what was possible through your original router. Wi-Fi boosters are usually a breeze to install and operate.

Just reboot

Last but not the least, if the Wi-Fi is not working, just switch it off. Wait for some time and then switch it on again. As per the IT experts, sometimes a mere reboot can do a lot to improve a poor Wi-Fi signal. A reboot process clears up the memory of the router and helps it to install the updates. It will take around 10 minutes for the router to install updates. So, after you switch off the router, wait up for say 11-12 minutes before you switch it on.

Finally, beware of Wi-Fi leeches. These are unwanted people in close proximity sneaking into your home Wi-Fi for free internet. The best way to prevent it is to protect the internet connection with a strong and overtly complex password. Please don’t share the password with random people around.


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Flash Drive- Tricks of Trade that Boggle the Mind

Sometimes it becomes difficult to think about what to write about because you run short of words when trying to choose a topic as there are way too many out there but there are some that never lose their sheen even after repeated discussions.

One such topic is about technology and invention and these two words alone are enough to trigger a debate among experts in the field as they all have varied opinions on the different subjects present in it.

Let us take the example of USB, an invention that took the entire 90s generation by storm when it came into the market and reached a level that even its makers had never thought about in their wildest dreams.


USB was invented around two decades back in the early 90s when Ajay Bhatt, a renowned software expert working for Intel suggested an idea for a universal cord that would connect easily with multiple devices which was met with hilarity and skepticism.

But it did not deter him the very least, quite the contrary, as he was firm in his belief that it could become a reality if things worked out well and so he gathered a team of dedicated engineers who resolved to provide a helping hand to him.

Finally, after several months of toil, their hard work bore fruit and soon, USB flash drive device became a massive success that eventually made its way to every country across the globe and today it has become a common device of little significance though very useful.

Using the Device

Therefore, it becomes important to mention some important tricks that Flash Drive can be put to use and they are as follows:

  1. Tandem- They are basically missile keys that can form a stripe set through different drives which is useful to secure and protect data with the help of hard disks
  2. Dead Drop-  It is a network through which you can share files and documents with other sources without the risk of it getting stolen or mishandled
  3. One can lock and unlock their computer easily where the secure files can lie safe without getting deleted with the help of Predator app that turns the USB Flash drive into a unique control device. Once you have to leave your PC, simply unplug the USB and the computer will be automatically locked similar to a password but just make sure that it is encrypted
  4. Infiniti Kloud, a flash drive in the modern era, has many facilities that can be capitalized upon with ease as saving files becomes easier and RAM can get a boost through the Ready Boost app
  5. You can connect to wireless network at a quicker pacer where even the internet speed is high and you don’t need to worry about the system crashing down

All in all, USB flash drive is an excellent outcome that has the digital medium a safe and secure place where you can work out many aspects in the software field.