The Braun Series Men’s Shaver under 5 560 gives you the power to really control your shaving experience. It has a comfortable setting. This setting allows you to take charge of how much you would like it to turn or pivot. This braun rasierer won’t waste any time in giving you a close shave because its blade will lift and cut the hair without you experiencing any tugging so that you won’t have any skin irritation. The shaver head also follows the contours of your face for that comfortable feeling and closer shave. Long hairs and stubble are not a problem to its twin foils that are ready to shave them off. The handle of this shaver will allow you to have a comfortable ergonomically.

Braun Series Men’s Shaver Review:

Less than 10 individuals reviewed this electric shaver. This received an average customer rating of. Here is the breakdown of how the customers gave their scores: 22% scored 5 while 33% gave it a 4. 22% gave it scores 3 and 1.

One of the customers already had used other shavers by Braun and noted that this shaver was the best he ever had so far because it gave him a close shave. He liked this shaver because it was quiet compared to the others that he previously owned. On top of that, he found that the charger was put into the cord. The light indicators were a feature that he also liked. Another reviewer noted that this provided him the closest shave he has had in 40 years or so. He noted that the handle fits nicely into his small hands and he liked its casing and design. Also, cleaning the unit was easy. This is a simple razor that will be able to last a long time noted one reviewer. He reported that it was compact and could again be easily cleaned since the hair can be shaken out; the twin foil system is a good feature because it means that the razor could also be cleansed while out traveling. One customer felt that this was a bit expensive, but after using the shaver, he noted that it is actually worth its price. He noted that it shaves faster and is lighter compared to other shavers he’s used in the past. Ingrown hairs for him is something of the past now.

Several of the reviewers thought that this electric shaver was actually a little bit expensive. Others complained that the charger could not fit into its travel bag which only held the shaver. This was a wrong idea according to one customer who purchased an older version before that could hold both charger and unit. As for shaving, one had a painful shaving experience as it pulled his hair and gave him nicks. Also, he found that sometimes it missed hairs as well.

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