Everyone is familiar with Botox. You know how these injectables promote youth and keep you beautiful. But just what exactly is Botox – Phoenix or elsewhere? Are there Botox and Fillers for Men out there in the market?

Botox is one of the popular trade names of botulinum toxin – a protein that causes a certain kind of food poisoning called botulism. Botulism is otherwise known as “fatty poison” because it is said to be the result of the infestation of an inappropriate number of bacteria in improperly processed meat products. Now, enough with the yucky stuff!

Botox – Phoenix or in any part of the country – is widely known for its use in several cosmetic procedures. Botox is injected into certain areas in the face – especially those that are most affected by wrinkles.

So how does Botox – Phoenix or elsewhere – work? Botox weakens or paralyzes certain muscles by blocking the action of certain nerves. Specifically, it disrupts the release of a chemical called acetylcholine. This chemical is responsible for making the muscles contract, thereby creating wrinkles.

Medically known as Botulinum Toxin Type A, Botox is a friend to many. Statistics suggest that Botox – Phoenix and throughout the country, is the number one cosmetic procedure – with over $3.8 million worth of treatment in the year 2005. This only shows that to date, Botox has already helped millions of individuals deal with those nagging wrinkles and bothersome facial lines.

Where Did This Fad Come From

So you may wonder, how did such a toxic chemical become something that can avert the signs of aging? How did a so-called bacterium transform itself into something wonderful?

Studies show that Botox was first introduced in the market in the late 1980′s as a way of treating disorders related to the optic muscle. Then, in 2002, it was approved by the Food and Drug Authority for cosmetic use. From then on, it was sought left and right by many glamorous, popular, and middle-class individuals alike for the preservation of their youth.

The Cost

So, how much does Botox – Phoenix and elsewhere – cost? What is the price of ageless beauty, so to speak?

As with any other cosmetic and medical procedure, the cost of Botox injections depends on the extent of the use, the region where you are in, and of course the rate of your doctor.

Remember, Botox injections have to be done in a hospital, by a doctor qualified to handle this procedure. You cannot perform this all by yourself. There are side effects to this injectible and it is best if you are backed up by professional and medical experts when you want to have your face “re-sculpted.”

Normally, the cost for Botox – Phoenix or anywhere else in the country – would range from $125 to $400. This is a PER treatment area. Simply put, if you want more injections and fewer wrinkles, you have to pay more. Don’t worry though, you can talk to your doctor to discuss some payment plans. This way, you don’t have to be financially burdened by such a vain choice.

Indeed, beauty has a price. And if you are really sold out to the idea of keeping your face wrinkle-free and line-free, then you may want to consider getting Botox injections.

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