What Is GO Battle League Rewards? Grab The Complete Detail Here Now!

GO battle league is world-famous gaming or battleground that allows gamer or game enthusiasts to be engaged with other trainers around the globe. The game allows you to learn about battling with trainers against you and earn rewards for yourself and improve the overall rating. 

Many people are still not aware of the game or are unable to grasp it fully. So, we are here providing the complete details regarding the GO battle league rewards that you can get started and attain an abundance of the fun within it. If you are a pro player at different games like pokemon go, battle running, and many others, then continue reading the article as you might find another for the listing. 

How to get started with GO battle league set?

When it comes to participation, then you have to struggle a bit as you are required to unblock a GO battle league set that helps you to access a series of five matches for gameplay. For the first time, you are provided with an unlocked set for free, but for further gameplay, you need to walk by 3km. 

Once the trainer has walked 3kms, the “play now” button appears on the screen that would provide the trainer with a choice to unlock another set with pokecoins. When the walking goal is approached by a trainer, then unlocking cost would deduct gradually, that means you can have better gameplay at a lower price. 

The Pokemon GO battle isn’t too late to join for; you can play with strangers, trainers, and even with your friends. If you play well, then you can move up to higher ranks along with winning prizes. Pokemon GO battle first season was wrapped from March 2020 to May 2020, that was much about fun. It is appropriate for one to play the game due to easy comprehension, even to the new players of the game. The best aspects of the game are winning useful rewards and easy comprehension of the new trainers. 

GO battle league rewards 

It is the pool of rewards that everyone is fascinated with. With each gameplay in five games, you would win rewards due to its battle until you win mechanism. Once you start a new set, then your prior rewards would be reset. If you are new to the game, then you would be provided with choices whether you want to go for the play of free or premium ones. You need to grab particularly bundle as it changes for every individual. Every time you will win the game, you would get access to a reward bundle. 

The finest rewards that you can win in the battleground are rare candies and pokemon encounters.  

pokemon encounters

people should consider for rewards that are available in a battleground. However, it has been changed multiple times that are more exciting than ever. Primarily you need to begin with preseason pool from its first season and then another one. 

Now you need to get started with analysis. 

  • The pool becomes pretty much dense at higher ranks that can sometimes be a problem for trainers. Clearing the encounter pool on the higher ranks can be a good chance of change surely. for the fact, some pro players to obtain rufflet even after dozens and dozens of season 1.
  • Rewards kept on increasing with time as soon as you play all of this. Even you are at rank ten; then players would still be able to encounter the Unova starters. However, this might seem a big deal; however, it is not. 
  • Until unless you don’t use elite TMs, then you cannot encounter their exclusive moves. For evolving, one needs to take down tyranitar for larvitar also rewards from it would more fun. For a newbie who doesn’t really have platn meganium for the great league, a blast burn Charizard for an ultra league or a meteor mash metagross for premier cup can find pokemon with exclusive moves that are incredible. 
  • Niantic developers of the game have actually certain modification in the game that proves that they are up to quality encounters. In quality changes, it includes for removal of meditate and machop from the pool. Trainers with less skill would find it hassling task to defeat Unova starters along with pokemon such as scraggy that are still in the game. 

Another in the listing we have is the rare candies that are the best gameplay without raiding for rural trainers. Rewards are also added to GBL with rare candies, and you can win good rewards very easily with the new update made to the game by developers. 

The final verdict 

In the final verdict, we can surely conclude that the GO battle league is another fun game to being started with for fun. In addition, trainers who are at level 10 or above can particularly participate in this battle only. Overall, GO battle league is an enthralling experience to being started with for fun. 


Pokemon Go Guide: Catch ‘em All

With millions of players playing pokemon go on their mobile phones, it is certainly is one of the most popular Pokemon games of all time. In order to level up as you play the game, you must invest a substantial amount of time and effort. This is where you can click on pokemon go accounts for sale and get pokemon go accounts that already have high level cards and stats saving you a lot of time in the game. 

We are here with some of the most important things that you should be aware of as you start playing Pokemon Go. 

  • With the latest update of pokemon go, it is now possible for players to trade pokemon they own with their friends. However, there are some guidelines and requirements for the same that you should learn about. 
  • Every month we have a pokemon go community day in which a certain type of pokemon will appear on your map and the chances of appearance of the particular pokemon will also increase. This is why you should keep checking pokemon guiders to learn about such events that will help you with your game significantly. 
  • Just like the Pokemon community day, you should pay attention to the Field research Tasks that are available as you visit different pokestops. Once you are done with a specific number of tasks you will be able to encounter a legendary pokemon. Considering all this, completing field research tasks are quite helpful and handy as you play the game. 
  • As you look for any pokemon you should try to catch shiny pokemon that are quite rare and will showcase your skills to other players as you conquer any gym. These rare shiny pokemon are also quite powerful as well, which is why capturing one is really going to help you in your journey. 
  • Pokemon raids are events where you fight an oversized pokemon boss by joining forces with other players and your friends. These events often get you really great items, pokeballs, and pokemon eggs that are going to help you level up and gain more XP over time. 
  • Once you get familiar with the basic aspects of the game you can start battling gym trainer and once you defeat those players you will be able to leave your pokemon there. This is an effective way through which you can earn coins and gain XP. 
  • This is where you can take help from your friends or help them as they can also place their pokemon once you acquire any gym. 
  • Just like location determines the type of pokemon your encounter, it is also important that you pay attention to the weather out there. The change in the weather is going to affect the type of pokemon you encounter as well. Moreover, there is a healthy chance of encountering powerful pokemon as you move around in different weather conditions. 

  • Lastly, with the latest update there are chances that your pokemon become lucky as you trade them. These lucky pokemon need fewer candies and stardust in order to level up or evolve making it much easier for you to level up your pokemon and make them strong. 

These are the ultimate tips that you need to keep in mind as you start playing pokemon go.


Why Diet &; Nutrition is More Important to the Breastfeeding Mother Than to Baby

Breastfeeding is a wonderful bonding experience between mother and infant. With proper diet and nutrition mothers who breastfeed are providing their infants with optimal vitamin and nutrients.

As a breastfeeding mother, it is important to understand the recommendations for diet and nutrition as, without proper nutrients, not only will your infant not gain the benefits from breastfeeding but you will also lose the physical and emotional benefits associated with the bonding experience.

First, to produce adequate supplies of breast milk to an infant, it is important to consume up to 300 extra milligrams of calcium per day to ensure your infant is not only receiving the nutrients of calcium but also to replenish the depleted levels of calcium that are often associated with breastfeeding.

As most breastfeeding mothers will tell you, the process is exhausting. Not only is the action of breastfeeding an exhaustive experience but the irregularity of caloric intake and use can create an energy depletion in the breast feeding mother. Because a woman’s body uses calories just to produce breast milk, it is important to ensure you are taking in an extra 500 calories per day to maintain adequate energy levels.

This process has to be followed on a regular basis without fail because if there is even a slight mismatch in the energy levels, mother’s health is bound to falter and you just can’t afford that because the child too cannot get healthy milk so to follow this custom keto diet is a must.

While most mothers will produce nutrient milk supplies to the infant, it is the mother who suffers greatly when the diet and nutrition is not adequate. This is to say that if the mother does not eat healthy, the breast milk, in most cases, will produce adequate nutrition for the infant but leave the mother with little to no nutritional value, ultimately leading to fatigue, exhaustion and even depressed immune systems that can lead to illness.

Vitamin C is also crucial to breast milk production. Without proper levels of vitamin C, the quantity of breast milk produced may be significantly less that what is needed by the infant. As a result, the infant’s nutrient supply may have to be supplemented with bottle feeding using a baby formula product.

When planning to have children, it is recommended that a woman works to build her nutritional status before getting pregnant, including a boost in folic acid and the elimination of alcohol, soft cheeses and processed meats within eight weeks before conception. In doing so, your body will begin to prepare for the appropriate vitamin and nutrient stores required for not only pregnancy but also the breast feeding experience following birth.

As with any childbirth experience, the key to optimal health outcomes lies in the education, preparation and planning of the pregnancy, labor, delivery and also the post pregnancy care, including the process of breastfeeding. When planning to have children, or if you are already pregnant, be sure to boost your own nutritional health to ensure your infant is provided adequate breast milk without leaving you feeling exhausted and fatigued in the process.


Creating a Website with HTML Code – A Few Basics for the Absolute Beginner

For those of you who know nothing about HTML I hope that this article can shed some insight as to what it is and a few tricks of the trade that can get you started on your quest of creating a website using HTML code. Creating a website requires a lot. First, one must have the knowledge of HTML and a vivid imagination so you can keep your visitors interested and coming back every now and again. Creating a site with HTML is difficult at first but as long as you know the code and familiarize yourself with it the website can be fun, invigorating, and professional.

Creating a Website with HTML Code: The Basics

The first and most important item you need to know about would be the code itself. Everything that is used for the website has a code. Colors, fonts, font size, font types, images, image size, backgrounds and all the other elements that make up a webpage have a specific piece of HTML code. HTML itself has been compared as a separate language and to be truthful in many ways it actually is. There are hundreds of books out there on HTML and even libraries on it. I know this all sounds exhausting and many feel they are not capable of creating a website but I hope through this article I can eliminate some of the confusion and get you a little familiar with HTML and explain how simple it actually can be to have a website of your own.

HTML format is quite complex to begin with despite the simplicity of having your own website but once you understand the basics, it will be like child’s play so always keep the code short and sweet so that it becomes easy to remember it akin to a password and the format should contain a preventivo sito internet as well.

First and foremost, let’s say you haven’t discovered the right web program that would be preferred to use in order to publish your website. No problem! You can easy write out the code on a word document, or text editor by doing the following: create a new folder labeled something that will be recognized as the new website. Then, open a word document and save as a plain text or HTML file, be sure to save it in the folder that has been just created. Trust me, you want to be sure you have a safe place for the new document because after all you don’t want to put in the work of creating a website and have it be lost in the abyss of the computer.

Next, you can begin your page. For the sake of less confusion and for example purposes I will demonstrate how to write a title and a body paragraph. All pages begin with ” . This simply tells the computer that you are writing HTML code. Then hit the enter button (taking you below ”) type in (standing for heading) and below that (as in a title that you intend to name your paragraph). Then add as in the body of the page, the larger open page of the site and type in

as in a paragraph. When finished with your paragraph end it with . This tells the computer you have ended writing the paragraph. With all commands that are ended type it with . For example:

Sports That Families Can Enjoy

If a specific font for your text or color is desired add it in the command. The same goes for backgrounds, images, sound bites, videos, etc.

HTML Lingo

Here is a list of commonly used HTML code that can get you started with your website writing and creating. Of course this is not all of it but a handful can get make it more comfortable to deal with.

  • a-creating links
  • i-italics
  • href-specifying where the URL of the page goes to
  • br-line breaks
  • img-images
  • span-custom character styles
  • *remember your !

As far as colors go, they are all codes mixed with letters and number such as black would be #00000 and dark green would be #002809. You can’t really tell the color by the numbers and letters unless you specifically know the HTML by heart but the numbers and letters translate into the specified color that can make your website more lively and less boring.

Getting a Web Publishing Program

Like I had previously stated, you can start writing the code for the website without having the program, but, in order to publish the site it would be better by purchasing one such as Namo Web Editor. I personally like that program because it allows you to work with HTML, visual editing, and a preview of what your site will look like when it is publicly published all why you are creating the website. Of course there are other programs that can be explored that fit your ideals of good publishing and work best .


So whether you’re creating a website for your church, experimenting on myspace, editing your blog or whatever else you may be doing, HTML is something you have to know a little about. There are many books on the specifics of codes and even websites that can share code. The career opportunities that are available for those who can understand and work with this code are phenomenal. I hope that this article has something to offer to you as far as HTML goes. Have fun and good luck!


Things You Need To Know About Best Mirror Coating

In optical systems, a mirror plays an important role. It is responsible in redirecting light with the purpose of making an optical system more compact. Optical mirror is quite different from household mirror. Basically, optical mirrors are used I applications where a front-surface mirror is needed. This is because the reflective surface is subject to degradation of the environment even though it is normally placed in an environment that is not exposed to harsh conditions.  Hence, providing a durable front-surface mirror, which is clean and stable is one of the essential and crucial part of a mirror technology. 

Metal Mirror Coatings

If you are looking for the most common and yet the simplest form of mirror coating, then metal mirror coatings are certainly the best deal. Technically speaking, what makes a great reflector for the visible spectrum is a 100-nm layer of silver or aluminum. Silver has the ability to reflect about 95 percent of the light across the visible spectrum while aluminum has the ability to reflect 90 percent only. According to experts, silver is considered to be the most reflective visible spectrum. However, Aluminum is usually used in the application of astronomical telescope mirrors, UV applications and others compared to silver. 

Other metals like gold and copper are also useful in the IR spectral regions. Generally, shiny metals would suffice situations that have higher durability. 

Aluminum is considered to be stable as a mirror but what quickly tarnishes is silver. 

All-dielectric mirror coatings

Another coatings for mirror are the dielectric mirror coatings. Mirrors can also be created through depositing a stack of alternate high-and-low index dielectric layers on a glass substrate. If you want to create a mirror for a given light wavelength, the thickness of every layer is selected in order for the product of the thickness and the index of refraction of the layer is supported. 

But overall, aluminum and silver are the most common mirror coatings used in different applications. Aluminum has properties that make it one of the most ferrous metals that can be utilized in an array of applications. While aluminum can be weak in its pure form, the process of chemical treating and alloying drastically increase its strength. Aluminum mirrors are commonly used in applications such as optics, aerospace, defense and medicine. 

On the other hand, silver mirror coatings are considered ti be low cost substitute for aluminum. It has properties that provide advantage in heat absorption, tensile strength, conductivity and corrosion resistance. This is the reason why silver is also considered as an excellent metal to use for plating and a good alternative for gold plating. For more information, you can visit to learn more about optical mirror coating. Knowing the best optical mirror coating will certainly help you to use the right materials and component. So whatever application you are working on, whether it is medicine, optics, aeronautics and others, choosing and using the right mirror coating will help you be successful on it.


Top 6 Things To Keep In Mind As You Aspire To Be A Fire Fighter

If you aspire to be a firefighter it is really important that you keep in mind the fact that it is going to be really difficult. Being a firefighter is not about the fire fighting gear or wearing the best wildland firefighting boots. There are tons of things that you should keep in mind as you start with the process of becoming a firefighter. In this article, we are going to take a look at the most important things that you need to keep in mind as you begin your journey.

  • In order to prepare yourself as a firefighter, it is really important that you pass the EMT exam. As most of the firefighting departments are looking for candidates that have some medical experience with them so that it would save them some time with the training process.  Moreover, as a firefighter, this knowledge is really vital and essential for any firefighter to work efficiently.  This is why if you are interested in becoming a firefighter you should learn more about EMT as soon as possible.

  • It is also important that you volunteer to community services as firefighting departments are interested in choosing candidates that are motivated and are interesting in working for their community. If possible, you can also volunteer for programs that will improve your skills and knowledge as a future firefighter. This is where you will find the American Red Cross a really credible source.
  • This organization is always looking for volunteers and CPR instructors. This way not only you do community service but you also learn and gain more experience in this field.
  • If you are serious about becoming a firefighter it is recommended that you take fire technology classes so that you can learn more about the firefighting duties, injury factors, and factors that are responsible for a line of duty deaths.
  • This is not essential, but these classes are going to improve your knowledge and experience with firefighting significantly. Moreover, this will show your commitment and dedication to this field.
  • As you apply as a candidate, it is really important that you maintain a clean track record. Along with your resume, the firefighting departments are going to take a look at the previous records, for instance, your accidents, anger management issues, arrests, traffic tickets, etc.

  • All these will significantly affect your position during the interview.
  • Now that you are ready with the basics, you should begin by learning more about the firefighting hiring process and the different stages it has. For that, you can get in touch with your local fire authorities as the selection process changes with regions.
  • It is important that you get yourself familiarize with this process so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Thereafter, you can start with the firefighting tests that are available online. This way you will be able to hone your skills and gain more experience quickly. There are various online websites that are offering you free online tests as well. Besides that, you can also participate in the firefighting tests that are organized by different departments as well.

These are the most important things that you need to keep in mind as you aspire on becoming a firefighter.


Caring for an Elderly Parent

Taking care of an elderly parent has it joys as well as challenges, especially if they have Alzheimer’s or some other physically or mentally debilitating condition. If your mother or father is still in their right state of mind and can get around independently then everything should be okay. However, if they have something like Alzheimer’s then things can be very demanding but with the help of bath aids for disabled, it gets a little easy for you to manage you to take care of your elderly parent.

The pain of their memory of you coming and going is very hard to live with as well as the constant asking some of the same questions over and over again after you had just answered that same question just a few seconds earlier.

If you are single and trying to take care of your parent alone then the challenges are twice as hard for you if they have Alzheimer’s that is. If they are in a good state of mind then you have, someone there with you to talk to and to keep your company. One the other hand, a couple with children has each other to lean on, and that in itself can cause a problem. The stress of taking care of an aging parent can add stress to the marriage if said parent again has Alzheimer’s. Having said that, a parent that is in a good mental state can teach the children about their heritage, who their great-grandparents and so on, and so forth.

Having your mom or dad live with you can also cause problems between you and your spouse in the fact that, say for example you are disciplining your child and your parent does not like what you are doing, they may interject their feelings, and that will cause problems between you and them as well as you and your spouse.

You really need to think long and hard before taking on the challenge of caring for your loved one. Also, you need to think long and hard before placing them in a nursing home. In a nursing home, they can be abused physically, mentally, and or sexually. That is not to say all nursing homes are like this nevertheless a good many of them are. If you do make the decision to place your parent in a nursing home, in order for them not to be mistreated someone needs to visit them quite regularly. Visit every day if possible, if not at the very least every few days and at different times of the day. That way if there are any employees at the nursing home who is mistreating patients your loved one will not be one of their victims. Because they will not know when someone may pop in it see your loved one.

If you do suspect abuse, report it. Report it to all who will listen, the nursing staff, the police as well as other family members. The more people visit the safer your loved one will be. In return, you may be helping someone else’s family member in the process of being mistreated by some cold-hearted person, who likes to prey on the weak and helpless.


Staying Healthy Overseas

Safety overseas is a major preoccupation with American travelers. Being sick in a strange land can cause anxiety. I can offer some advice for what used to be the most worrisome part of travel back in the “good old days”-diarrhea.

Some, perhaps most, U.S. travelers would be surprised to learn that foreigners who come to the U.S. often experience stomach disorders.

Water is often blamed as the likely culprit. Obviosuly, water is the easiest conduit for the introduction of unfamiliar microbes into our systems. But my travels have lead me to conclude that other factors contribute to the incidence of dietary tract disorders.

Before a trip to Egypt, I sought the advice of three doctors, the health unit at a university, the county disease control hot line, and Banana Republic. I read several travel books that had various recommendations and cautions. I glanced at the Internet and decided I’d still be reading long past my return from my vacation. Sometimes we can have too much information.

Here’s what I did on my trip. I offer it because it worked. First, I took two chewable� anti-diarrhea tablets morning, noon, and evening before each meal. I reduced this to four tablets a day after a week. As one doctor told me, “That’s enough to constipate a horse.”

I avoided all tap water, ice, salads, and uncooked fruit and vegetables. I didn’t drink the tap water primarily because a local told me that it was heavily chlorinated and didn’t taste too good. I even brushed my teeth with bottled water.

I drank a pint of water each hour, rested as much as possible, avoided excessive alcohol and exposure to the sun, and I didn’t overeat. These last precautions are crucial to staying healthy in an unfamiliar hot climate; perhaps more important than avoiding the water.

The average tourist will become tired and susceptible to fatigue-induced minor stomach problems. It is easy to dehydrate in a hot climate, especially when you drink alcohol. People on vacation tend to push themselves and overdo everything including drinking and eating large quantities of unfamiliar foods.

So, on the average trip, you have got someone who is dehydrated, tired, drunk, stuffed on spicy food, and on a timetable nine hours ahead or behind the body’s biological clock. No wonder the stomach is unset! I’m getting queasy just thinking about it.

Here’s my formula for reducing the likelihood of serious stomach disorders.

1. Drink only bottled water.
2. Try to drink one pint of water per hour.
3. Have only one alcoholic drink per day.
4. Rest when you are tired, no matter the schedule.
5. Wear a hat in the sun.
6. Avoid salads, fresh vegetables, and fruit you can’t peel.
7. Avoid ice.
8. Eat in moderation.
9. Take two chewable anti-diarrhea tablets three times a day before each meal. Reduce this after a week or earlier if you’re feeling fine.
10. Don’t worry.

The last bit of advice may be the most important. You get sick at home and there’s no way you can totally avoid the possibility of illness while traveling. If you do get sick, accept it. Don’t panic. In a couple of days, it’ll pass. But if you follow my advice, chances are you’ll have a safe and healthy vacation. If not, you may end up with an adventure like I had in a small Italian hill town trying to explain my infected toe to a pharmacist who spoke no English and I had a Rick Steve’s Italian phrase book in my hands while balancing one foot on the counter. But that’s another story.


Stay in Shape This Summer and Save Money

When I was growing up my sisters and I used to swim competitively. Every summer we would swim for the Elks Club against other local swim teams and little did I know that I would later enjoy it just as much as I did when I was a kid. As I got older and settled into a desk job, the weight started creeping on. I knew I had to start exercising, so I joined a gym. A few years ago, I moved to be closer to my job and found an apartment with some great amenities. It has a workout room with a treadmill, a weight lifting machine, stationary bike and a stair stepper.

The apartment complex also has two pools which I thought was great. So, I started going down to the pool before work to get in a good swim workout and sometimes in the evening. I thought, well, why I am paying for a gym membership, when during the summer I can just swim and save myself some money.

So last year, I was thinking of some ways to save money and that’s when it hit me. I could stop my gym membership that was around $45 a month for about 4 months and just utilize the fitness room and the pool at my apartment. I saved about $180.00, not bad huh? We all know that with the economy the way it is, I think we are all looking for a few ways to save a little money here and there and this is a great way. Now if you don’t live in an apartment complex or have a pool in your backyard, it might be a little tough. Maybe you have a friend or know someone that has a pool or lives in an apartment and you could go workout with them. Let them know they could save a little money too and you might just move right on up on their friend’s list.

We all know swimming is a great exercise and it burns tons of calories. What more could you want, when you are either trying to lose weight or stay in shape? One important fact that Bucknell University states is the resistance water offers you versus working out on land. The water offers 12%-14% more resistance than when you exercise on land. Even if you don’t like to swimming laps, you can walk laps in the water or tread water, both burn a lot of calories. With that being said, swimming is great for everyone, from the elderly, to the obese, to the athlete and everyone in between. I love it so much that sometimes I forget I am actually exercising and let me tell you from experience, you will never be consistent if you hate what you are doing. So this summer, maybe try to cut your expenses and go for a swim. You can whittle your waist while you save some money!


Starting a Website with a Turnkey Script, Is it the Best Solution?

One thing I’m always contemplating when beginning a new website project is whether a turnkey script is the best solution in starting out. I mean, the fact that there are so many other website’s out there operating off of the same exact script kind of deters me a bit. But starting a turnkey site can have its benefits though.

Let’s face it, we all don’t have thousands of dollars to shed out for a custom website script. We all know this and face this each and every day, especially the small business owners. So what do we have to rely on until enough income is generated to have such a custom script made? Turnkey scripts is the answer.  

What exactly is a turnkey script? Its nothing more then a website script designed to operate on auto-pilot for the most part. Or at least this is what I was taught the definition of it was. No matter how you look at it, its just software that you can setup and be on your way.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever wanted to start up an auction site so you can make a little bit of additional income? Surely you couldn’t compete with eBay and I don’t say this to discourage you. But no matter the cause, in my opinion, there is one script out there that is the elite amongst other auction software. Its called PHP Pro Bid and although it runs around $215.00USD for a license (as of the writing of this article) – it is feature packed.

Now I won’t go into details about it because I don’t want to turn this into a promotional article. But none-the-less, with the many features it has, it is an absolute “set it and forget it” software.

But if its one piece of input I can apply to this article before going any further, I wouldn’t suggest using a turnkey script should you start gaining credibility. That is why I’m going to make the suggestion here that when you start profiting and your serious about taking your “turnkey site” big, use some of those funds to pay for a custom script.

It’ll cost a bit but in the end, you’ll have a much more stable system to rely on in the form of a custom script.

But back to the original topic. The main question is why start off with a turnkey script? Simply because it allows you the ability to see whether you can be successful or not without investing thousands into a custom script that won’t be used. Some people use turnkey scripts to simply setup a website and make a small monthly profit from it.

That’s good and all but no matter what the case need be, some work is required. Don’t let others fool you with saying that a turnkey script is a FULLY set it and forget it script. Every website should have some kind of work needed to be done to it or some kind of operations management.

So the bottom line comes down to whether I believe a turnkey script is really worth it? The answer to that is whatever you respond. I cannot give you a definite answer as in the end, its totally what you believe. If you are working on a budget to begin a new project that you feel will be huge in the future, then maybe a turnkey script for you.

But alternatively, if you have a few thousand dollars to spend on a custom script, then this is your best course of action. No matter what you do, your business is your business. Your opinion is the only one that counts and therefore you should ask yourself the question with the above facts in mind.