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How To Buy Your First LED Grow Light

Maybe it is your first time planting some weeds at home. Well, Marijuana isn’t something that you can brag with your neighbors. It could get you in serious trouble especially since each state has their own laws and regulations with regards to handling these types of plants. So, it wouldn’t be completely strange to want to plant weeds indoor. But before your venture can be successful, shopping for the Best LED Grow Lights Of 2020 is necessary. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how to get started.

Do Some Research About Your Plants

Plants really have a pretty tight relationship with light. If you are unable to provide your plants with the right kind of light, they may not grow as healthily as you may expect. So, take some time to Google your plants and the kind of light as well as the nutrients that they need. But even when you do that, we still advise you to list down the plants that you have so that you can bring it to the seller. He will surely know the kind of lights that will be best.

Determine The Size Of Your Grow Area

Just like everything else in this world, grow lights also come in different shapes and sizes. This is something that you really need to give a thought about. Why? Well, it is because the bigger the light is, the hotter is going to get.

And if it ever becomes too hot in your grow area, you could end up burning your plants instead of helping them grow healthily.

If you just come to the market without any idea of how big or how small your grow area is, you could end up getting lights that provide to little heat to your plants. It would be no use. Your plants would wither away in no time.

Look For Brand Recommendations

Before going to the market, it would be a good idea to start looking into various light brands. Having a specific brand in mind will let you get insight on how the quality of the products that they provide.

List down at least five brand that you are interested in. Once you do, Google them for relevant product reviews. List down the pros and cons. Analyze them carefully. Find out which capabilities and features are important to you. This is just to give you an idea. It would be a pity for you to buy a grow light that actually possesses all the qualities that you don’t need in your grow lights.

Go To The Market

A lot of people prefer to purchase their lights online. While we are not totally against this idea, we don’t really recommend this if it your first time to buy a grow light. We would rather that you go to the location for the experience. Take the lights in your hand. Get a feel of the item that you really want to have in your indoor garden.


What is TMS Therapy?

Perhaps you’ve heard of this revolutionary treatment, or perhaps you are wondering what is TMS therapy and is it a reasonable option for you. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a new solution to treat many different types of diseases and disorders. Dystonia, Parkinson’s disease, tinnitus, migraines, depression, strokes, and hallucinations are all on the list of viable conditions treatable through TMS therapy.

This is not an invasive therapy and has thus far shown some serious promise in treating the symptoms of the diseases and disorders listed. The brain responds to a stimulus that is designed to create activity within the neurons through the introduction of weak electrical currents. Not to be confused with electric shock therapy, this treatment offers only a very slight dose of electrical current. It’s really just enough to get the brain’s neurons to respond. Besides this therapy, you can also try Sonus Complete by consulting your doctor.  You can also read Sonus complete reviews here.

Electromagnetic induction, which is fast and introduces changes within the structure of the magnetic fields, stimulates the brain’s response and therefore “kick starts” the responses that are similar to those found in brains of complete health.

This type of therapy can be used just once for the purposes of studying the reactions within a particular patient’s brain. However, for long term changes, repetitive treatments are necessary.

The introduction of such therapies is slow as there is enough public and medical disapproval of the past abuses associated with electric shock therapy, and by definition, they both sound rather similar. The massive difference between the patient’s point of view is comfort. The dose of electricity that is introduced is minute and causes “minimal discomfort.”

Many patients who have participated in small scale studies have felt no discomfort whatsoever. This differs from the electric shock therapy practices that surge the body with enough electricity to induce spastic muscle contractions. Single treatment patients tend to have less discomfort than those who undergo rTMS, or repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Hearing protection is recommended for anyone undergoing TMS therapy, as there is an associated risk of hearing impairment, especially with repeated therapies. The coil of the TMS unit clicks loudly enough to cause permanent or temporary hearing loss.

In some cases, although rare and considered especially severe, using the TMS system in conjunction with EEG electrodes has proven to cause heating on the scalp. In a few reported cases, this led to burns on the skin.

The FDA has submitted limited approval for the use of TMS therapy in patients with “treatment-resistant depression” as well as for clinical research and compulsory presurgical testing for patients with neurological or psychiatric disorders.


If You’re Starting an Exercise Program, Here’s How to Stay with it and Reap the Rewards

Did you make it a New Year’s resolution, like many of us, to start exercising and have a regular workout routine?

It’s a lofty goal and well worth attaining, but the failure rate is high since it requires so much of our energy and focus to get into the habit of having a daily exercise routine. As they say, it takes 21 days to build a reliable habit. That’s a lot of getting out and exercising, if you are new to it, with aches and pains, in cold weather you are not used to, and at hours of the day you normally would be home watching tv and being toasty warm.

Or we may start a routine only to get stuck and not progress any more.

This article will help you navigate past all the roadblocks that stand between you and a regular exercise routine.

If you’re new to exercise, one thing that can quickly kill the whole thing is if you get injured, suffer a sprain or a strain right out of the gate. This can put you out of commission for many weeks and then you may not feel inclined to start up again.

Best way to avoid common injuries: warm up before a workout, and stretch. Besides allowing you to avoid injuries, if you stretch ahead of time, it makes the whole workout less painful since you’ve already limbered up and your muscles are ready for the task at hand. You should also educate yourself about injuries and how to treat them properly. Websites like will help you find reliable and helpful information about hip flexors. With this, you can easily address possible causes of injuries.

Another common problem that derails exercise routines is picking something boring to do, like running around a track, or even on a treadmill. It’s true, you see many people at the gym happily content to spend 45 whole minutes on the elliptical trainer, but you have to really ask yourself if this is something you could stick with in the long run, and do you really want to “do boring” for a workout when there are so many fun forms as well, if you search for them.

Maybe what might be better for you is to pick a rocking dance aerobics class that is fast-paced and fun and engaging. There are so many forms of fun exercise around that it’s a shame to pick a boring one, get bored and then drop it because it’s not exciting enough.

Or you can mix up your exercise routine, doing water aerobics on Monday, a dance aerobics class on Tuesday, Boju ball on Wednesday, high-energy line dancing on Friday, etc. You get my point. You want to be able to get lost in the aerobic activity rather than counting miserable minutes until it’s over with..

As well as varying the workouts, it’s best to vary the intensity level and style of the workout too. Make Monday and Wednesday, say, high intensity, producing lots of sweat, while Tuesday and Thursday are quieter, say, swimming laps in the pool, or a quiet (but aerobic) walk in a local park.

Nothing will make you drop working out quicker than overtraining, working out too much before you are ready to handle it. Start slow, perhaps a half hour three times a week and carefully move up from there. It’s critical to get enough rest between workouts, especially as a beginner, or else you will just get so exhausted that you will totally drop the whole working out business and sabotage yourself.

Last, one of the best ways to ensure that you continue to be a lifetime exerciser is the set realistic goals. Be sure the goals you set are attainable within a few weeks (e.g., I will be walking 6 times around the track by the end of a month.) Keep a very visible exercise calendar posted on your walls where you can write in exactly what you’ve done each day: “Jogged 1 mile today,” “Dance class- 45 minutes today,” as well as any notes to yourself about how you’re feeling, what you’re eating, how you’re sleeping. They have found that people who record these minute details stand a better chance of keeping going than those who do not.

If you constantly have your goals, long-term and short-term, written down and systemically achieve them, you’ll learn to trust yourself that you will do exactly what you have said you will do. This in turn will cause you to feel like a million bucks about your reliability, and your self-confidence level and trust in you and achieving what you’ve set out to do. This is priceless.


Having Dental Work Done While Pregnant

According to a poll on Wellsphere’s Dental Health Community, more than 50% of people are sometimes afraid to go to the dentist. This fear can understandably increase when the dental patient-to-be is pregnant. There seems to be a lot to worry about when it comes to going to the dentist while pregnant. Infections, X-rays, and medications are just some of the issues causing expectant moms to worry. This article hopes to provide reassurance and a short guide to getting dental work done while pregnant.

First of all, it is important to remember how important dental health is during pregnancy. It’s imperative that you choose a dentist in Batavia IL as soon as possible. Poor dental hygiene can cause many problems during pregnancy, including low birth weight. You should consider making an appointment with your dentist soon after your pregnancy is confirmed. In addition to making sure you have a healthy smile, this will also give you an opportunity to tell your dentist about your impending arrival. Make sure you do tell your dentist that you are pregnant. This will be important information if you have any problems later on.

If you do find that you are having dental problems, call your dentist and OBGYN and let them know. It is important to keep all your doctors on the same page. Your OBGYN will likely fax a list of acceptable medications and procedures to your dentist, and he or she will take a look at the problem to see if it is something that can wait till after delivery or something that needs to be taken care of right away. A bacterial infection will need to be taken care of right away, but lesser problems may be able to wait. Your dentist may need to do an x-ray. This seems frightening, but with your OBGYN’s permission this process can be safe. It is important that your stomach is thoroughly shielded (several protective aprons) during this process.

The second trimester is the best time to have dental work done. This is because many of the vital organs have already been formed, but you are not too uncomfortable to lie in a dental chair for several hours.

If you do have to have dental work done, it may be possible for the dentist to begin so quickly that you do not need to have antibiotics. If you do need antibiotics, do not despair. Just consult your OBGYN. Many of these medicines are safe, and they are certainly much safer than a bad bacteria infection.

Many people fear dental work because it is a painful process. It is usually safe to have local anesthetic while you are pregnant. Your pain can put stress on the baby, and it is not a crime to want to be reasonably comfortable. After your procedure, there are some pain killers that are safe during pregnancy. At the very least, take some Tylenol. (NOT Ibuprofen) If you need something stronger, there are safe medicines available. Just make sure you are taking a safe dose.

I make these suggestions to you because I had an emergency root canal during my second trimester. My dentist was very careful with doing x-rays and prescribed Hydrocodone to me-with my OBGYN’s permission. Take care of yourself, and do not focus on the horror stories. You have to take care of yourself to take care of your baby.


How to Accept Tinnitus and Feel Good About It

Tinnitus is the perceived sensation of ringing in the ears. It is often heard as a low roar, a clicking, musical notes, or a high-pitched whining. Tinnitus affects over 50 million people in the United States and millions worldwide. The causes of tinnitus range from heredity to ototoxic drugs to exposure to loud noise. Nearly everyone will, at some point in their lives, experience tinnitus, and others will have it chronically. There is no cure for tinnitus and there are few methods for relieving it such as Sonus complete that is designed in order to prevent common symptoms of tinnitus. So how do you accept your tinnitus into your daily life?

If you have been reading articles written about tinnitus on the internet, you may be feeling a bit dreary about the situation. Many articles explain in great detail about the causes of tinnitus, but few include any advice on what can be done about the sound. It should be noted most, if not all, of the online ads for medicines that “cure” or “stop” the ringing in the ear cannot support their claims.

Tinnitus is a complex disorder and has many causes, therefore no single ‘magic bullet’ can stop it. Most of the herbs and homeopathic remedies recommended for tinnitus may increase blood flow to the brain. This may offer some relief to people dealing with tinnitus from the onset of circulatory difficulties. If your tinnitus is due to acoustic trauma (damaging exposure to loud sounds) then natural supplements may not improve the condition of your tinnitus.

It can be annoying to hear a sound that no one else is aware of. The people in your life may not understand what you are going through and this can add to the frustration. Perhaps your tinnitus is preventing you from sleeping well at night. Whatever the situation, you will need to learn to accept this condition, or else it will control you. If you believe that you are suffering from it, then you will suffer. If you think that the quality of your life is being impacted by tinnitus, then you are right. Don’t think this way, change your mindset. Allow tinnitus to only be a reminder of how delicate the human body is, but do not allow it to control you.

I have had tinnitus in both ears for over 5 years now from exposure to loud noises during percussion ensemble practice. I am 21 years old and am attending a university with high hopes of becoming a high school biology teacher. I am excited about life and the last thing I need is for tinnitus to dominate my life. I have too much to be excited about, I have so much to be thankful for.

Instead of trying to ignore the sound, I listen to it on occasion. Many people will suggest using white noise (radio, water trickling, fan, etc.) to mask the sounds of tinnitus. This may help you. For me, when it is quiet, I consider the sound of my tinnitus to be my own form of silence. Whether or not you will be able to live a full and merry life with this condition will depend on the way you accept tinnitus. If you pity yourself for having this condition when everyone else seems to be fine, then you will become unhappy. If you think that tinnitus is the cause of your problems, then you will become bitter about the noise. Do not attach negative emotions with tinnitus because it’s something you cannot change.

Tinnitus is probably the most harmless condition a person can acquire. I have read about so many people who accuse tinnitus of being an “agonizing” disease that ruins your quality of life and peace-of-mind. First of all, tinnitus is not a disease at all. It is biofeedback from slightly damaged cilia inside the cochlear. Do your scars cause you to lose the quality of your life? No, and you see them every day. Tinnitus is something that you will always be aware of, but it does not actually cause physical pain.

I truly believe that the best cure for tinnitus is one of acceptance. This cure can be achieved through a persistently strong determination to lead a healthy and positive life. I sincerely wish you the best of luck!


Losing Weight- Easy Does It with Simple Steps

Everyone wants to look good and be the center of the attention so as to earn praise and compliments from all sides which serves as a motivation for them to work hard to achieve their ends.

It is a human tendency where they idolize someone in their younger days and yearn to become like them in the future until they are mature enough to understand that they have to carve out their own identity in this world.

There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be special as long as it is within the boundaries of moral grounds which shows that you are a person with high morals and dignity that wouldn’t compromise your ideals to get success.

Flab Issue

In the old times, having a lean body was the perfect example of a cool and handsome personality because there wasn’t the six pack craze, chiseled and sculptured frame with bulging muscles of today because nobody was quite into it as they didn’t have the time or opportunity.

Another reason that can be cited here is that there was no necessity to undergo such rigorous exercises in the past because for one there were no top class fitness centers and trainers while old school folks used to wrestle to keep themselves fit.

But even then, there were many lazy bums for whom fitness and health were the last things on their mind and therefore had no qualms of gobbling up whatever food that came under their nose.

As a result, they would become extremely fat that would create health issues for them that sometimes would have disastrous consequences without any respite which was a sorry state of affairs.

The problem is that times haven’t changed much since then as you can find numerous people with flab issues from both young and older folks as they are gluttonous in nature and their love for junk food surpasses all limitations.


Body fat has been a long standing problem since time immemorial and most individuals don’t have it in themselves to take the plunge and get rid of those extra kilos because they don’t want to give up their indulgent lifestyle.

It is not as simple to lose weight is it is in gaining it because it has been engraved in the human psyche that they would live life on their own terms without anyone having to dictate terms to them.

Luckily, there are some simple solutions that can come in handy to lose weight and we are going to list out some of them.

They are as follows:

  • Reduce your appetite- Agreed, it is quite difficult to resist the temptation of forgoing your favorite delicacies but reduce it slowly where you can start with sweets so that the sugar level is brought down
  • Eat green vegetables alongwith proteins and carbohydrates but first go through idealica opiniones online on healthy food to decide what all to consume
  • Hit the gym everyday and exercise on a regular basis by lifting weight and undergoing cardio with equal time for both

The Control of Your Life – a Bit on the Law of Attraction

In this life we live there are very many principles that we live by. There are many natural laws that we live by too, and these laws are always at work. These universal laws are always in play, they are always behind the scenes causing the results that we see every day, the thing is that we can and should direct them to do our will.

Let us use an example of our automobile; if you go out and get into your vehicle you will be in either the driver’s position or the passenger position. If you are in the passenger position then you are not in control and will have to wait for someone else to come along to operate the vehicle and you will have to go where they want to go. Even if that other person is feeling generous and will take you where you want to go you are still at the mercy of how and when they direct the vehicle.

People are quite passionate about cars and love to drive it out whenever the occasion calls for it but you can’t do so when someone else is at the driver’s seat which in a way robs you of the sense of freedom as you can’t go where you want to, which incidentally relates to a helpless person and one might read a Manifestation magic review on how to control the actions of others.

Now if you are in the driver’s seat you have the ability to control that car to accomplish your will. It will do as you command, but it will operate like a car, it will only do what it is supposed to do and nothing more or less. For fun let us call this the universal law of car. If you put the car in reverse and press the gas pedal nothing happens until you start the engine. That is part of the universal law of car that you have to start the engine. Once you have started the engine the car will now accept commands and do as you will.

So you put the car in reverse, and press the gas, but it doesn’t move as you have forgotten the other part of the universal law of car, and that is the law of the parking brake. So you release the brake and again you press on the gas with the gear in reverse and the vehicle moves in reverse. As the vehicle moves it will gain speed and will travel in the direction congruent with the other part of the universal law of car, and that is the law of steering. If it is not steered it will follow the direction in accordance with the sub law of tire direction and soon you will hit something.

To avoid hitting something you have to follow the law of steering and braking, once you have successfully moved the vehicle you now need to go somewhere and here the universal law of car shows that you need to use the forward gears to go forward. So you switch to forward gears let off the brake, use the law of steering and press on the gas and now you are going somewhere. The car will respond to the universal law of car, in that acceleration, steering and braking, will combine together with your direction and cause the vehicle to do something in accordance with your will. If you fail to act in the correct manner and direct the vehicle safely, you will crash, go the wrong way, go to the incorrect destination, or go the long way, all in accordance with the law of car. The vehicle will do as directed and will operate in the way that the law of car says it will.

Trying to use the universal law of car in the wrong manner will result in less than desired situations. If you desire to go to the valley to have a picnic then you steer on the given path follow the universal laws of traffic and soon you are in the valley enjoying your destination. However if you try to use the law of car in the wrong manner and try to take the short cut, you will find that the universal law of car shows that cars are not designed to fly and while you may reach your destination at the bottom of the valley you will not be in a position to enjoy your destination, or to use the universal law of car any further.

So it is with these other universal laws that we talk about. These laws will function as designed every time. It is not how these laws will bring things into your life; it is the fact that they will bring things into your life. What they bring depends on you and how you direct them, how you control them, and how you influence them.

As long as you know what the universal laws are and how to use them then you can achieve what you desire. You have to learn the nuts and bolts of these universal laws and how to apply them to your situation.

So you can choose to be a passenger, or you can choose to be a driver, if the passenger then do not complain, be grateful you are going somewhere, if the driver then select a destination and get moving.


Cbd Oil: Does it really work?

Over the years, CBD or cannabidiol has been gaining popularity across the globes because of its wide variety of health benefits supported by research and studies. This substance contains cannabinoids that provide several health benefits. Some of the popular health benefits are relaxation and pain relief. But the question now is, how does CBD oil work? Answering this question and understanding how CBD works exactly will give us an idea how effective this substance is and why so many people are getting crazy about it. To further understand CBD, this article will go through some facts how CBD oil works. If you want to learn more about CBD and check some of the reputable products, you can visit

Generally, all products with CBD don’t have mind altering effects. This is one of the misconceptions of people about CBD. Unlike THC in marijuana, CBD doesn’t make people high. Hence, it is very safe to use. However, there are some rpoducts of CBD that have a legal limit. Those products are usually the ones that also contain THC. When it comes to dietary supplements, it is required to have the right dosage intake in order to promote safety. Moreover, the consumption method for CBD will determine the time it takes for CBD to take effect in our body. 

Now, to go into details how exactly CBD works, let us understand first endocannabinoid system. CBD mainly works with this system in our body. This is responsible in regulating vital bodily acts and functions with WBC in order to manifest its several and various health benefits. Our endocannabinoid system is a network of neurotransmitters that are located through the body. It is made of CB2 and CB1 receptors that are activated by the chemicals known as cannabinoids. These chemicals have are also responsible in inducing various biological actions that affect our vital bodily functions like pain, sleep and digestion. Cannabidiol also influences our system in 2 ways. First, it produces health benefiuts like exogenous cannabinoid. Second, it prevents the endogenous cannabinoid breakdown in our body. As a results, health benefits are generated and manifested in our body. Furthermore, there are also research and studies claiming that CBD also contains anti-inflammatory properties. This is the reason why CBD can also fight bacteria in our body. When it comes to cosmetics, CBD is also used to treat acne and pimples. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can remove and fight bacteria in our skin that produces acne or pimple.

The time for CBD to take effect depends on several factors. These factors include consumer’s health, method of consumption, consumer’s lifestyle and others. While there are several studies supporting the health benefits of CBD, thee time for the substance to take effect is not yet fully specified. But some experts suggest and claim that a person may experience the effects in 15-20 minutes using CBD oil. But with CBD tinctures, it usually takes 20-30 minutes. Lastly, CBD capsules might take an hour after consumption. 

Fashion and style Guide

Haircut- The Perfect Way To Look Macho

There is a world famous saying that goes like this ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, which is true in fact but the younger generation always aspires for physical beauty on the outside whereas the more mature ones opine that behavior determines your true personality or ‘inner beauty’.

There will be numerous arguments regarding this theory and will go on forever with no definitive conclusion being reached because it is such a sensitive topic that needs to have experienced people into discussions because it might hurt the sentiments of many due to obvious reasons.

Fortunately for people obsessed with their looks, there are many options for them to try out right from and one article is not enough to mention everything but for now we will look at the most common and simple way.

Cutting Edge

In the old times, there was no Botox or facial massage or any other form of surgery that required you to go under the knife as there was no advanced technology back then so haircut was the only way to give yourself a new look.

To have a unique hairstyle is what youngsters want and the easiest way to do it is to follow their favorite Hollywood star or sportsperson and emulate their hairstyle and act like them.

Hairstyle has a long history of nearly 50000 years but that was limited to combing and Braiding and did not have the modern day cutting as what became famous but it was only the beginning.

Present day hairstylists can cut hair based on their experience and follow the instructions of their customers as they are advised to severe their locks in this way or that way and barbers gain this cutting edge technique after several years of practice as it cannot be learned in one day.

Present Era

Both men and women enthusiastically frequent barber shops and salons to give themselves a new look but because males have short hair and females have long hair, the saloon is divided into two separate sections.

These days, many girls also prefer short hair so as to give themselves a modern and rebellious look as they are quite tomboyish in nature and believe that this will give them the rugged and aggressive personality of boys.

As mentioned above, haircutting and styling is not something that can be learned in one day so it is better to learn the technique from experts and social media has made it a much easier through platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Important Tips:

  • Hair cut style requires you to spend many hours in the saloon so you need to know if you are ready to chop off your hair and the tools that are required for the job are quiet sharp
  • Always look up online if you want a good hairstylist at your disposal or the best saloon in your vicinity
  • Do listen to the hairstylist and listen to his/her points on how much hair to cut and never interfere with their decision as they are more experienced
Guide Home improvement

Installing Vinyl Rain Gutters: A DIY Guide

If installed improperly, vinyl gutters can be a sagging, gaping mess across the side of your home. When done correctly, they are a lower cost, lower maintenance alternative to metal gutters, and will last you many happy years. If you’re not sure whether to use vinyl gutters, it may be of service to you to read this.

To begin, you will need the perimeter measurements of your roof. If you imagine trying to keep the tape measure wedged at one corner while you rush to the other end, you can see already that this job really requires 2 people to be done properly. Two ladders would be even better, but are not essential. If you only have one ladder, the best way to get an accurate measurement is to affix* the tabbed end of the measuring tape to the end of a pole long enough for the person without a ladder to reach up to the corner of the roof. The installation will vary, depending on what kind of roof you have. Only those sides of your roof that slope downward need have gutters. This tutorial assumes a roof with 2 angled sides. *Duct or strapping tape will work nicely for this.

You should be able to pick up most of the materials (and additional pointers) at any home improvement store, and many hardware stores as well. You’re going to need the gutters themselves, including as many corner pieces as your roof requires, mounting hangers (enough to place them at least every 2 feet), and some rust-resistant screws. You will also need connectors. You will need 2 downspouts,4 elbows, and 2 drop outlets, filters to keep leaves out and 2 rain catches of some kind*. You’ll need your impact drill and a saw. The Impact Driver Guide is also there to help you choose the best drill according to your needs. Additionally, you will want chalk, and at least one level. A chalk line is highly recommended as well. *Consider eco-friendly rain barrels for this

Once you have your materials, cut any gutter pieces as necessary to have the right lengths to match the dimensions of your roof*. Now you need to make more measurements, making chalk marks just under the roof, at the distance recommended by the maker of your gutter. To function properly, gutters must be angled slightly downward toward the downspout end, about 1/16th of an inch per foot. So if your gutter maker recommends starting at ½” down from the roof, and your roof is 20′ on one side, the mark at the other end should be 1 ¾” down from the top. Use the chalk line to connect these marks. *Remember to allow extra length for the connection itself and to allow for expanding/contracting vinyl.


Install hangers, corners, and the drop outlets first, aligning the top of each piece with the chalk line. When all accessories are affixed, beginning snapping gutters into place and join them with connectors. Next, install the elbows for the downspout, and the downspout itself. Install the filter. Repeat on the opposite side. Once your rain catch is installed, you are done!