I am one of so many who dare to try their hand at making money online. While I’ve only been at it for 3 or 4 months now, I thought I would share my experiences on being a member of Zazzle. Zazzle is an online website that gives you access to having your own on-line “gallery.” (http://zazzle.com) It is actually tons of fun if you are a photographer, love to draw, or if you can create witty sayings to put on t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. The concept is brilliant! Whatever you create, you can put it onto one of their products. These products vary from mugs to t-shirts to U.S. postage stamps. You can create your own ties, Keds shoes, greeting cards, and baby onesies. The list goes on. It’s quite impressive actually. Did I mention its fun?

Immediately you are the owner of your own gallery. Not only that, you can sell your art for free. Zazzle does not charge for anyone to be a member. You are paid a percentage of what you sell your art for. This percentage is chosen by you and is anywhere from 10 percent up. The more of a percentage you collect, the higher the price of your product is. With this system, Zazzle gives you the opportunity to make money while guaranteeing that they will always make money. It’s up to you to decide what you’re worth and to factor in what people might be willing to pay for your creations. Personally, I started at 10 percent and worked my way up to 20 percent for most of my items. Some of the items are quite pricey. For instance, the Ked’s shoes are approximately 55 to 60 dollars and up! That, to me, is crazy! I think I will go lower my shoes to 10 percent after I write this article. Most other items are quite reasonable. The stamps are my favorite. They are the price of a normal package of stamps plus 10 percent and up. I chose 20 percent. I’m proud of my art, but I want it to be affordable to many. At home, free download Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 facility is provided to the fashion learners. The advantage of the course can be taken in the personal computer or android mobile phone. There will be no missing of classes with the feature of free downloading the classes from online search engines. 

Am I incredibly successful with my Zazzle gallery? I feel I am successful because I enjoy the creative outlet and the comments I get from other artists in the Zazzle community. However, I will admit I have not earned one dime. There, I said it! I still have hope I might sell something. I might even sell more than one something! I’ve learned from other members that in order to be even a little successful you have to network. For instance, go through the website and leave comments for others on their art. It’s fun and is a good way to become a part of the community. Pick out some favorites and join their fan clubs. This will let them know that you appreciate their art while giving them a link to visit your gallery. Most times, people you favorite or leave comments for do visit and may even favorite you as well. If they like you enough they can choose to link you to their gallery, so you will get more exposure. Also, Zazzle has many ideas on how to make more money. They advise you to put a link to your gallery on your web pages and email signatures. They also have something called an associates account where you can promote other’s art and make 10 percent off of it if someone visits them from your link and buys something. Does this sound confusing? I won’t lie and say I have it all figured out. If you don’t, you can consult their tutorials and their forums. Overall, this site is very easy to understand.

My advice to you is to give it a try and see if you enjoy being a member. I can almost guarantee that the creatively inclined will enjoy it, money or no money. It is a thrill to have your own art gallery and look at other’s galleries. I love having my own products up for sale and expressing myself through those products. If you have a moment, check out my gallery, “Pomeranian Dream Clouds” at http://www.zazzle.com/grrlcpc .

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