It is a given fact that sled dog racing is one of the most popular sports in this generation. A number of people nowadays become more and more interested in the sport dog sled racing. Some would also join this sport, looking forward to the fun, the adventure, and the excitement that they are going to experience during the face. This game is surely popular and common among countries located in the Arctic region such as Canada, the United States, and Russia. Indeed, sled dog racing is not only fun but as well as one of a kind!

Sled dog racing is a winter sport and is usually only played during the cold season of winter. This sport involves a team of sled dogs, a dog driver, and of course, a sled. These sled dogs should certainly undergo proper training before the actual race. Besides that, all the information about what your dog can eat is important for all sled dog owners. Sled dog racing also became an exhibition game at the 1932 Winter Olympics which was held in Lake Placid, New York, and at the Olympics in Oslo. Furthermore, the race in this sport is generally categorized by distance as well as by the number of sled dogs. In this sport, you must have good endurance and patience in order for you to have greater chances of succeeding.

The first-ever formal sled dog race was held in the year 1908, wherein the All Alaska Sweepstakes instituted different rules and regulations for this sport. This race had a specific racecourse of 408 miles which is from Nome to Candle and going back. After this event, interest in sled dog racing sprang out from most of the people and some of them had already developed a passion for sled dog racing. And so, for the following year, the number of entries in the All Alaska Race increased. With big help from the media, the popularity of sled dog racing also grew. Numerous sponsorships were as well offered by some businesses to a couple of dog sled drivers. With sled dog racing, you would surely have the time of your life. And so unleash the adventure in you with this sport!

When joining this sport, you must be fully equipped with much knowledge about basic survival skills and some first aid know-how, in order for you to be aware of what to do when problems arise during the race. Additionally, you should be careful during the race since you cannot avoid injuries especially when it comes to your sled dogs. Always also remember that your and your dog’s safety is what matters the most, so you must be alert at all times. Make sure that you are also prepared for every possible thing that may happen during the race. Through this sport, you are able to have a great adventure. This sport is in no doubt great for adventure-seekers! But then again whatever happens, whether you win or lose the most important thing is that you enjoyed it and you had fun while playing this sport! Also, remember that winning is not that important but the experience you will have!

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