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Safe Weight Loss Plan – Check the safety 

What do you need to achieve safe weight loss?

You need a calorie deficit which has to be created through exercise and calorie reduction. This means that more energy will go out than will come in. However, it’s not entirely that simple!

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Problem #1 Appetite increases with activity level (this cancels out energy expended).

Problem #2 The body will attempt to preserve its weight during times of increased activity and reduced calorie intake (this means your body becomes more efficient with energy usage).

Problem #3 Weight scales do not tell you how much of your body weight is muscle, fat or water.

Problem #4 We all know people who eat a lot (eat a lot of “forbidden foods”) yet somehow they don’t seem to gain even a single pound, while others eat very little and have difficulties altering their body composition.

You have to do weight training if you want to build muscle mass and increase your metabolism. You will also have to exercise regularly. The energy expenditure helps develop a negative calorie balance.

Tip #2

Measure your success according to how you feel, how your clothes fit you and how well you perform a sport/activity that you enjoy. Do not gauge your success by what number you see on the weight scale.

Tip #3

Never starve yourself. The body may shut down the metabolism and become extremely efficient in saving/storing fat (fat is nothing but stored energy). Eat meals spaced evenly throughout the day to keep your metabolism going and provide energy for exercise.

Tip #4

Remember that you’re trying to eat fewer calories then needed to maintain your weight. Aim to reduce your total calories by a maximum of 20%. Never go lower than 1500 total daily calories. Reducing the amount of fat greatly helps with achieving a calorie deficit (this is because 1 gram of fat has 9 calories).

Tip #5

Don’t consume “fat-free” foods in excess. Remember that your aim is a calorie deficit! There are no magic or miracle foods. Some foods are better than others but very few food items need to be fully excluded from your diet. You can allow yourself an occasional treat.

Tip #6

Drink a lot of water and make it your main low-calorie fluid source, unless you need nutrients that can only be provided by a glass of milk or juice.

Safe Weight Loss Plan – Be Honest #1

Ask yourself if you really need to lose weight. Acknowledge the fact that losing weight involves certain sacrifices. Thus, determine if it’s really necessary for your health or performance and then make a solid commitment to the goal.

Safe Weight Loss Plan – Be Honest #2

Think about whether or not you can manage to decrease your food intake without your health suffering. Try to reduce calories keeping your health in mind – this means reducing the intake of foods with least nutritional value (i.e. processed foods, sugary drinks and sugar).

Safe Weight Loss Plan – Be Honest #3

Are you really hungry when you eat? Are you just thirsty, bored, stressed?

Safe Weight Loss Plan – Be Honest #4

Are you active and exercising for only 30 minutes and then stuck in a chair or on the sofa for the rest of the day? Consider this before you consider increasing your caloric intake.

Computer & Technology Gaming Guide

Myths Of Managing A Minecraft Server – Check The Myths About The Management

Managing a Minecraft server can be a bit difficult and takes a lot of time just by learning how to manage your server and setting it up. And because it takes a lot of your time, you may no longer have the time to do other activities especially going out as you can no longer monitor the status of your server. You also have to study different commands and syntax so that you can use the Command Line Interface (CLI) where some people may have a hard time learning them.

There is a need to manage the myths related to hypixel store for the hosting of the server. The checking of the pros and cons is essential for the people. You need to learn about them to get the best results. The meeting of the playing online games is possible for the online players.

The good news is that there are programs or sites that help you in managing your Minecraft server. You may no longer have to study the command line interface extensively as most of these programs use the Graphics User Interface (GUI). So instead of issuing commands, you’ll just have to do a bit of clicking for some daily server maintenance. Everything has been made easy for you!

Probably the best server admin tool for Minecraft as it is currently the most used is McMyAdmin. A web based server admin tool which allows you to remotely access and manage your Minecraft server. Developed by CubeCoders Limited based in great Britain and was released November 2010. Currently McMyAdmin is used by over 75,000 Minecraft servers. McMyAdmin is also available for mobile, they released mobile apps for both android and iOS. The mobile app is a separate product from the web McMyAdmin.

McMyAdmin Provides 3 different types of editions for users to choose from.

Personal is a free to use. It is generally for those who want to try out McMyAdmin before buying a Professional Edition. It is restricted to allow only 10 online players including yourself for the server and 3 different user accounts for the control panel.

Professional Edition has no online player limitations and allows more users accounts for the web control panel. Professional edition has a cost of £10 GBP (Around $16 USD / €12 EUR) per-server.

Enterprise Edition is the McMyAdmin version that is only sold to Hosting companies, it is not sold to individuals. This quite similar to Professional edition with added features that are useful for large scale management.

Because of its several servers management features which can be remotely accessed and an easy to use interface McMyAdmin has been the favorite of many Minecraft administrators. With all the great features McMyAdmin have, is there really no bad side to it? There are several negative feedbacks and myths about McMyAdmin but are they really true or just some people trying to bring it down?

We have researched about some myths of managing Minecraft servers using McMyAdmin and tested if they are really true.

McMyAdmin is only available for Windows

This is true when it was first released on Nov 2010 but this is no longer the case. As its popularity grew, developers did not stop in improving McMyAdmin and also started expanding to different OS. They created support for Linux system but at first it was not as stable as the Windows version due to several issues that they encountered with Linux.

The Mono framework that is required for it to run on Linux was quite large, sizing over 500MB which was not ideal for just one application. The developers wanted to have a smaller size application.

There were several versions and patches of Mono that resulted in bugs, unstable performances, and several other problems that was encountered by the users.

Updating Mono to newer versions took a lot of time and was not easy.

McMyAdmin’s interface look a lot like the Windows version making it seem that it was still running on Windows and not Linux.

It was hard to perform maintenance, track down bugs and fix them due to the Mono framework being too large with a number of libraries and configurations.

Due to these issues it was though that McMyAdmin was only available for Windows until they developed McMyAdmin 2 which was a version for 64-bit Linux systems using Linux developments tools. It no longer needed the Mono framework and was now a standalone applications which can run on standard Linux libraries.

You do not need McMyAdmin if you are good with Command lines.

Yes, you can manage your server remotely if you are good with command lines but it would take a lot of time, writing scripts over and over again which is very unproductive. With McMyAdmin, you can remotely manage your server and perform several tasks quite easily such as:

Scheduling your server to restart everyday at a given time if there are no online players in the server.

Restarting the server based on the ram it is using.

Safely creating a backup

Changing the type of whitelisting currently being used in the server on a given schedule.

Updating the server which is just a click away and the server safely stops and updates the version.


More Banks And Credit Unions Working With Cannabis Industry

Traditionally banks initially turned their backs on the marijuana industry, fearing a revocation of their charters by the federal government.

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This has inhibited the growth of the industry and made business that much harder to conduct. That’s all changing. More and more banks and credit unions are working with operators inside the industry. They are starting to work with growers, distributors, manufacturers, rec shops and dispensaries. Ancillary businesses are also gaining larger access to banking services. Though some traction has been found, there is still quite a distance to go before cannabusinesses are receiving all the services regular businesses do.

A tiny fraction of financial institutions do business with the industry. This year, even more are set to do so. But the big chain banks will still wait it out on the sidelines until a permanent change comes from Congress. Still, those inside the industry say the warming of some banks is an optimistic sign. Within the next few months, everywhere where it is legal, there will be banks interacting with cannabusinesses. So how are they doing it?

Small financial institutions are partnering with risk management, compliance, payment processing and technology firms in order to interact with players in the industry. MBank is one such institution. Out of Portland, Or. MBank is FDIC-insured for up to $250,000. By partnering with Guardian Data Systems, they are now able to offer services to cannabis-based operators in Washington State, Oregon and Colorado. They have checking accounts, payroll accounts, debit card and bill pay services, online banking and even schedule armored car service. MBank is only allowing 420 accounts for the first year, far less than is needed in those states. First Security Bank of Nevada is now working with about 100 cannabis companies.

CEO John Sullivan says, “I believe that there will be a legitimate banking solution available in just about every state by late summer 2015.” Then there are credit unions. Washington State has O Bee Credit Union and Salal. Colorado has the Fourth Credit Union. Though these are all providing banking services, none are offering lines of credit, yet. Another problem is that there are cannabis-operators opening bank accounts for phony businesses in order to have access to banking. This can be considered money laundering, opening oneself up to federal prosecution. Still, for legitimate operators who avoid this kind of action, the future looks bright.

Advertisement Business Guide

Demystifying – The Three Significant Rules To Get Success In Digital Signage

Your success in digital signage hinges on building a unique and different user experience for the customers. There’s a way one can take all digital signage components and use them to draw audiences when you follow these three tips.

The more customer you attract, the better results you’ll see

It is simple, the more and more customers one goes on to attract, the faster and quicker one goes on to achieve the ROI, i.e., return on investment, and begin to profit from the digital retail signage placed in store.

With that said, the question that arises is how does one create the network of digital signage that can go on to keep up with these ever-changing habits of present consumers?

Yes, the appropriate software, hardware, content, etc., are all essential. Still, they’re a medium to end, the tools required to reach the ultimate goal: enhanced brand awareness, added customers, and higher revenue. However, there’s a way one may take all the components of digital signage, use them to attract their audiences. Three chief pieces of advice that can be offered based on learning and experience include:

  • Keeping the network of digital signage cohesive

Due to several digital signage solutions, it is very simple to think that purchasing each kind of technology that is available will meet all the bases and lead to the prompt success of digital signage.

In existence, this method is only a lively method to bankrupt the business. This may appear a little trivial. However, cohesion is essential to enhance the user experience.

  • Expand the digital experience of the customer beyond a brick-and-mortar location

Do not confine the digital signage to the physical location; apparently, customers fancy choice. Instead, grow your network exceeding the stores because once the store shuts for a day, the access to the digital signage will be cut off as well. When you install the unit where it’s accessible 24×7, you are improving the user’s experience, your odds of raising the brand awareness and enhancing the revenue, and many other associated things.

To enhance interactivity and dwelling times, add the element of the touchscreen. Touchscreen opens up a whole new field of audience interaction, and they could be used inside and outdoors to achieve max audience reach.

  • Make use of social media as a part of the digital advertising

The data published via digital information shows that about 71 % of the consumers refer to platforms on social media for buying decisions. Thus, social media and digital signage usage go together; without associating the 2 one stands to miss a large audience. Linking your digital signage promotion with social media builds trust, creates web traffic, and even increases customer volume.

Also, social media support between consumers carries weight the moment it comes to establishing rapport and trust. To know further, you may look over the web and gather more information on the same. Hopefully, this guide will assist you and lead you to success.

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Cite Release Marijuana Citations – Know About Them

Recent changes in Texas Law allows for an Officer in Hays County to issue a Cite and Release Ticket for Possession of Marijuana, rather than taking the person to jail.

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The ticket, rather than arrest, can be confusing for many people. But to make things very clear: whether you’re taken to jail or give a cite and release “ticket to appear,” you have still been arrested for Possession of Marijuana. The punishments for the POM offense are still the exact same, regardless of the officer’s decision to jail or ticket you.

When taken to jail on a Possession of Marijuana offense in Hays County, the person is booked at the jail, meaning they are fingerprinted, The penalties for a marijuana ticket in Texas carry the same penalties for those who have been arrested for possession of marijuana.

The only difference is the booking process, which occurs prior to any court dates.

For instance, on the typical arrest for any offense in Hays County, including marijuana possession and POCS cases, the officer arrests the individual and takes the person into custody. The person is transported to jail, where they undergo the booking process. This involves property identifying the individual, reviewing any warrants, taking fingerprints, and taking a mugshot for the booking photo. The person is then (usually) met by a pretrial services representative, who will screen for bond issues and potential release on a PR bond.

Alternatively, when arrested on a Possession of Marijuana cite and release tickets, the officer has decided to NOT take the person to jail. Instead, a written promise to appear is given to the individual, and they are released. The citation will include appearance information, generally in Justice of the Peace #5. At this scheduled hearing, the individual will undergo the booking process described above; identifying the individual, reviewing any warrants, taking fingerprints, and taking a mugshot for the booking photo. The main difference is that this procedure occurs in the courthouse, rather than in the jail. It can take roughly 1-4 hours total, and once finished, the person is released with paperwork and a court date.

This process is also called a Walk-through.

Hays County TX – Marijuana Tickets – Cite and Release

Again, I cannot stress the seriousness of a cite and release; it is an arrest for Possession of Marijuana. You are still charged with a jail-able misdemeanor — despite merely (at the time) being issued a POM ticket.

There is another serious consequence to cite and release marijuana tickets; if you fail to appear in court on the date specified on your cite and release marijuana ticket, the judge will not only issue a warrant, but the prosecutor’s office WILL file an additional Class A Misdemeanor against you, for Bail Jumping. The Bail Jumping offense is often more serious than the original Possession of Marijuana case, so it’s important to show up at the walk-through, on time.

The Hays County cite and release for Possession of Marijuana tickets can be confusing, and we can review all the important information with you during a Free Phone Consultation.